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  1. Well..I'm retiring at the end of the year...will have some time on my hands for a bit..and while they may be expensive..your only going to be building 1 kit in a year..so there is that.
  2. Wow..looks great!! That up close shot looks totaly real! The weathering is right on.
  3. I'm a big fan of weathering. I prefer a used look..to sometimes a downright abused look..it all depends..do you want a museum look..or a raced and put away dirty look. This weekend at the Greenwich concourse I saw a perfect Mercedes gullwing...and next to it an unrestored one with chipped and cracked paint, beat up interior..it was a racecar. I liked it better..Hell I would drive that one while being terrified to drive the museum one. Up to you. Military models always look better with lots of weathering, cars and bikes too.
  4. Amazing how you can machine such small parts...coming out Awesome!
  5. At a car show saw a guy who built a brand new 1969 Jag XKE and put Weber carbs on it..took him a year to sort it out..all 12 of them LOL..
  6. One of my favorite induction styles..that and the straight up ones.
  7. The tubes came in for the barrels..11 mm and 14 mm..cut cement together with epoxy..then i'll add some putty to blend them together..drill the holes paint..and hopefully they will look ok
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