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  1. I'll start. Amt 61 impala with wheels and tires from the Badman kit. I'm not going this route with the model, I just thought it looked cool.
  2. Looking nice so far! Hopefully the foil stays on.
  3. Looks good! I like the color.
  4. Thanks! In my opinion the eclipses look best in purple.
  5. I agree. Ford took a good car name and completely ruined it. The Mach-E is not a real mustang by any stretch of the imagination.
  6. Thanks! I agree on the clear hood.
  7. I bought this kit as a built-up at an antique store. I believe it is the Revell Fast and Furious kit. The model was originally green with a white interior. I wanted to go a different route. I pulled the roof scoop off and painted it purple using an old can of Boyd spray paint. The rims are the custom rims from the Revell 1970 Hemi Cuda. I forgot to take any pictures of the car when I bought it. Thanks for looking!
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