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  1. An acura/Honda integra sedan. There's plenty of integra coupe models out there, but the sedan is more rare and more cool in my opinion.
  2. Thanks guys! Ron, I wish it was an rc chassis, now that would be cool. The original body for it was a truck that sort of resembled an 11th gen ford truck. It was all plastic, and pretty faded from years of being in the sand box.
  3. This corvette has lived a rough life. I got it when I was a kid at a yard sale. It wasn't in great shape, even back then. A few years after, I wasn't paying attention and stepped on it. The passenger door broke off. I've glued the door back on multiple times. A couple years ago, I got the idea to make it into a dirt racer. I Dremeled the air dam off and went to the mud. A few minutes in, the rear right wheel broke off. Fast forward to today, as a teenager with nothing to do, I put a cheap monster truck frame under it. Thanks for looking. I'll answer any questions you have.
  4. "Do I need to call your parents?" Asked the teacher.
  5. Shovel, yes, it is a very handy garden utensil.
  6. As far as I know, every car has at least 2 pedals. the instructions might be misworded.
  7. I love it, looks very clean.
  8. Thanks, guys! Alan, I used this can of testers.
  9. Thanks, I hope I can too. Best thing I can do now is save up!
  10. Thank you all for the kind comments. No, although I would like to own one some day. I'm not even at the age to get my license yet, although I am close. I would guess that I'm one of the youngest people on this forum.
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