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  1. I love it, looks very clean.
  2. Thanks, guys! Alan, I used this can of testers.
  3. Thanks, I hope I can too. Best thing I can do now is save up!
  4. Thank you all for the kind comments. No, although I would like to own one some day. I'm not even at the age to get my license yet, although I am close. I would guess that I'm one of the youngest people on this forum.
  5. This kit went together nicely. Built box stock except for the license plate and the taillights. License plate is from the amt 61 impala, taillights are the 'bullet taillights' from the amt 56 victoria. there was an error posting the rest of the pictures, but at least there's these 2.
  6. Steve, I really liked this build from the start. Especially the color. Turned out great!
  7. Great ones so far, and I sure have some saved that would get me banned instantly.
  8. Memes for any topic are allowed. Of course, please try to keep them on the clean side.
  9. I'm currently building my first diorama and I used the backside of shingles for my road.
  10. Did the sprue look like this? This is from my alternomad kit.
  11. Thanks for posting here, each project looks like a fun one!
  12. I'll start. Amt 61 impala with wheels and tires from the Badman kit. I'm not going this route with the model, I just thought it looked cool.
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