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  1. Thank you Flyno that’s great, very plausible. Apologies if I came over as chippy. Yes, can’t see any such gear on the trailer itself so it makes sense, especially if driven by the PTO. There’s a pipe leading from the top trailer to the top of the tractor tank with what might be a moisture filter to stop contamination of the JP4? Great, I’ll figure something out on that basis. Thanks🏆
  2. Thanks. Sure thing, I agree that is what it looks like. Also on the little tractor that our sailor friend is driving, as I say it’s a colourised photo - ie the yellow, blue etc that you see are tints that have been added to a black and white pic. The lightness on the right side is a reflection in the glossy paint of the tanker, which would in reality have had all sorts of colour components in it, but as it’s a colourised pic and just a block colour it doesn’t show any of the subtleties of the reflection it’s just ‘lighter’. Ok, many thanks for your input, I don’t really want to enter into a peeing contest about this, just wondered if any of you guys had seen anything the gear behind the cab before. Much appreciated, gents, thank you
  3. Thanks Gentlemen, your comments and welcome are very much appreciated. Mopar D yes I think that’s plausible, although I think the photograph is a colourised black and white pic, and the colourist has missed the wheels (they may well have been orange-yellow I think) hence the foamy appearance! Thanks again, I’ll keep you posted with progress 👍
  4. Hi Folks, new here and wondered if I could draw on your big rig expertise a little if I may? So I really wanted one of these for my 1/48 FJ-3 Fury diorama (desperately) it’s just Sooo cool. I’ve taken the Atlantis re-pops of the old Revell Chevy stake truck and the Fruehauf trailer from the White fueler and smushed them together as follows… Mods have included removing and remounting the front fender as a separate entity, mirrors, shortening the chassis a bit, taking the skirt off the trailer, etc.- there’s a way to go yet. The headlights are going to be nose studs from a jewellery store with the facets sanded off and polished. The mirrors are made from laminate. Atlantis’s new glazing parts are superb for the Chevy, hats off to them. The wheels for the Stake Truck were a little agricultural for the paved airfields where this truck would have plied its trade , so I turned the White truck tyres to 9” high road tyres on the lathe then turned the 22.5” rims from Defmodel’s resin set for the Tamiya GMC army truck. I think they really beef up the tractor. Is it an ‘57 8400 do you think? It’s lovely hard plastic- polishes up beautifully. So used to the softish modern grey stuff! Ah yes - expertise please, if you could? Top photograph (the only one in existence as far as I can tell) you can see immediately behind the cab there’s a tank and a load of hydraulic or air lines. Anyone seen a setup like this before? Gas for the tractor unit? Exhaust baffle system? Compressed air? Pump unit for the trailer? Any answers will be gratefully received as it’ll need scratchbuilding. Thanks for looking, I’ll keep you posted on progress cheerio, Matt
  5. Hi folks. I’m kitbashing the Atlantis 1/48 Chevy stake truck and Fruehauf trailer into one of these, it’s going ok, they are exquisite kits. This is the only picture I’ve found of this rig on the whole of Google. I’m not a truck expert by any means, can anyone tell me what all the gear is behind the cab? Looks like a pretty heavy duty pressure vessel to me, lots of pipework around it? Any help gratefully received, pictures of a similar setup even better Cheers, Matt
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