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  1. AMT 63 Nova Wagon "454SS" Not so curbside kit..... Used an AMT Nova SS chassis and ALL related parts underneath, Revell ChevelleSS 454 engine and related parts. Stuff in the interior came from multiple sellers here locally and online. Color is Mission Models Iridescent Pearl Teal shot over Splash Paints Sparkle Silver Base. Primer was Tamiya White. Mr. Hobby 2k UV Cut Clear is the final coat cut with 5k, 8k, 10k, and 12k wet sandpaper....then machine buffed and polished. Thanks to @Hondamaticfor the cool ideas for the build....this car really has a story to tell if you stare at it long enough. Thanks for looking.....
  2. Like the title says, I'm not having any luck finding 6x9 speaker boxes in the 1/24-1/25 scale. All I've been able to find are speaker grilles. Kind want them in boxes and throw them in the back seat or something....
  3. Yes, like Hondamatic said, I used an AMT 66 Nova SS chassis, and all related parts. That's why the undercarriage is so detailed. Motor is from Revell 70 Chevelle SS454.
  4. Still need to hunt down a few more parts...like you can see there's no brake booster/reservoir. Install side view mirror, and waiting for more decal paper to come so I can print a few small decals that I want on this build. Lots of thanks to @Hondamatic
  5. Thank you....I'm having a lot of fun building this one.
  6. Thanks, I wish I had the Big Block Flags though.....I have a 454 Chevrolet Big Block dropped in it (Revell 1970 Chevelle SS 454)
  7. Almost done....lots of little things still left to do. But she's oh so close..... #454BBC #TonawandaEngine
  8. Still have to clean off all the compound and wax in the panel lines and sharp corners, but the bright work/photo etched parts are finally on.
  9. Still Slowly working on this build.... Starting the bright work.....
  10. Mr. Hobby 2k UV Cut Clear Coat (4 coats) Going to let this dry for a few days before I cut and polish....thanks to @Hondamaticfor the tech support shiny...... 20210901_151119.mp4
  11. I'm really liking the start of this build. Great color combination. 👍
  12. Fresh out of the spray booth. Not sanded yet, no clear....naked paint. Tamiya fine white primer, splash paint sparkle silver base, mission models iridescent pearl teal, Tamiya white. 20210830_152304.mp4
  13. Random pics through the build....
  14. Interior tub is just about done....
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