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  1. soon if anyone is interested i will be producing this truck in 3d and in 1/35th scale only we are currently conducting a test print of all parts in order to determine quality and cost stay tuned enjoy and happy modelling
  2. the wheels and tires are borrowed from an m25/26 dragon wagon and converted into IH wheels and tires to fit the Clarcks axles , then made copies of each and also made copies of the initial dragon wheels tires in order not to fall short on parts cheers budy
  3. update model painted and ready for weathering stage enjoy and happy modelling
  4. i am glad you all like it i doubt anyone will do this in 1/35 but it would be great is they did
  5. i am glad you all like it here is an update in current progress all this is still in dry fitting mode, nothing is yet permanently attached enjoy and happy modelling
  6. Lebanon 1989 here is a brief history of this truck and trailer by the end of the 50s, the US ARMY had new requirements for its HET a tender was prepared in that respect several truck making companies applied but only 2 were capable to present their product at the time kenworth and International Harvester 1. kenworth presented 2 trucks kw-853 and kw-853-d with a Cummins engine know as XM-523 and XM-523-E1 2. international harvester presented only one truck IH-8066 with DT-817 turbo charged engine known as XM-523-E2 the IH-8066 is direct descendent of the Canadian payhauler 65, a direct derivative from a design perspective a new chassis was built to hold the longer wheels base and to dock-in the engine and cabin and 5th wheel station and winch super structure clacks axles were fitted a 60 tons winch was fitted at the rear side of the cabin for trailer pulling and vehicle recovery while front loading it onto the trailer 146 units were produced by 1962 for the total price of 6.5 million usd most trucks were sent to Germany to be used by the 377th transportation company from 1965 until 1974 in 1974 the trucks were decommissioned and replaced by the mighty M-911 the military designation was XM523E2 the trailer was a design by FRUEHAUF know as XM-524-E2 they presented 2 types one was a 3 axles the second was a 2 axles it was a 55 tons trailer the army chose the 2 axle for better road and off road maneuverability these trucks and trailer were later on sold to several nations including Libya, Lebanon, Malta, and other remained in Germany 3 of these truck found their way to lebanon during the civil wars thru a medium from Belgium all 3 units were then sent to Israel after the war i have found several units in different places, such UAE , NETHERLANDS i have been tracking these for a few years and hopefully soon, just maybe i will be able to make an entire publication about this BEAUTFUL ANF FORGOTTEN HET many call it the FORGOTTEN HET coz it was a transitional vehicle between m25/m26 and m123 and the m911 i truly like this truck and history behind it i hope you enjoy it cheers to one and all
  7. here are the plans and drawings i started with enjoy
  8. here is a set of images as reference for this truck IH-8066 (XM523E2) enjoy
  9. this week update on current project enjoy and happy modelling
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