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  1. They are all 1/25th scale. Based on the AMT/MPC Watson Roadster kit. The guy I built them for sent me a bunch of Vacuum formed bodies for the different versions.
  2. thanx Paul, give your dad a hug from me...😎
  3. I used the recently issued kit from Revell
  4. Got mine finished, John has been working on his bike and should be posting soon... My first take on the exhaust: I didn't really like it, so I went this way: Here are some photos of the finished bike: thanx for lookin'...
  5. I was just cruising Italeris website and came across the Alfa. I had built their FIAT 806 before, beautiful kits! Was happy to view your build of the Alfa...you nailed it!!! Very, Very Nice...what's next?
  6. Gosh that was a long time ago. I think I used Tamiya's TS-49 Bright Red. The wheel covers are from one of the Indy Car kits AMT put out way back then.
  7. Got the engine plumbed, wired, oil pump and carb installed. Forgot to take photos of engine before installing it in the frame. The pulleys are aluminum which I turned on a lathe. Now it's time to build the exhaust... The fuel tank, rear fender and frame are painted Tamiya TS-55 Dark Blue. Thanks for lookin'...😎
  8. John has joined the fun... Here is an update on my bike... Frame has been primed ready for some color. Little bit of alclad work on some pieces of the puzzle Frame painted and stuff already hanging on it Some goodies from RB Motion...time to get going on the motor. Thanx for lookin'...
  9. The engine is printed from a stl. file and can be 3D printed any size one wants. when one knows the size of the engine in 1/25th scale it can be printed as such. I don't have a 3D printer nor do I ever want one, but my buddy Steve has a couple of them. I will ask if he can 3D print one in 1/25th scale just for giggles...😎
  10. Thanx Chris John' starting on his bike...now if he can just get photo-bucket to cooperate!
  11. Got some more work done...added handle bars and hand controls to the Revell front forks. Mocked up with wheels/tires on frame. I'm going with the larger front wheel/tire. Carved a gas tank from balsa wood, will be making a rubber mold and resin casting it later. Made a seat using the kit seat and milliput. Then covered it with some really thin suede leather. John should be showing up soon with his build... thanx for lookin'...
  12. Yes they are. I promised Sue (his daughter) I would build at least one model of a car he drove for each year. Almost done with the NASCAR years, got a '53 and '54 Olds to build. Then I will start on the USAC Cars.
  13. Another model of a Curtis Turner race car he drove. This is the 1961 Ford Starliner he drove for the Wood Brothers at Daytona Speedway on February 12, 1961. He started 2nd, finished 3rd. Paint is Ford Montecarlo Red from Scalefinishes. Decals are from Steve. Okay how to make a 1961 Ford Hardtop into a Ford Starliner. First you cut off the top of a 1960 Ford Starliner. Then you cut off the top of the 1961 Ford Hardtop and glue the top from the 1960 Starliner in place. Then when done it will look like this: thanx for lookin'...
  14. Another Curtis Turner model destined for his museum in Roanoke, Virginia. The 1960 Ford Starliner he drove for Holman Moody at Daytona Speedway February 13, 1960. He started 8th, and won the race Paint is Ford Colonial White and Sky Mist Blue from Scalefinishes. Decals are from Steve. thanx for lookin'...
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