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  1. curt raitz added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    Yes, same for me. I was able to load photos from Fotki until yesterday. Now I can't unless I use the method AZTom uses.
  2. curt raitz added a post in a topic Bitchn'Rides '50 Phantom Fleetside   

    Thanx for the positive comments so far...
    I'm gonna try and update the build, hopefully the photos will load this time!
    I was afraid I would need to get the wheels 3-D printed. But by pure accident I found a set of wheels in a kit that are almost exact replicas of the Billet Specialties Legacy wheels used on this truck.

    I picked up this kit on ebay for a future diorama project. I wasn't keen on the custom wheels until I looked at them really close. Dang, it looks like they used the Billet Specialties Legacy wheels as a pattern for these. And another bonus - they spec out to be 19" and 20" in 1/25 scale.

    Photo of the wheels/tires showing contrast between the finished wheels/tires and unfinished:

    Sometimes..."even a blind squirrel will find the nut"
    Back to the bench 
    I don't know about this new version, now all of my text decides to underline itself...and I can't change it????
  3. curt raitz added a post in a topic Bitchn'Rides '50 Phantom Fleetside   

    So what happened?
    Do I change my settings in fotki or on the forum. I really like the "Share" button in fotki and the "attach photo" button in the old version.
    worked beautifully!!!
  4. curt raitz added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    Thank you, that's too bad...I have the same problem with the itty-bitty default font!
  5. curt raitz added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    a couple of issues
    1. I finally figured out how to load photos from Fotki, it was working fine until today. The file shows up on the post, but the image will not open as it has always done in the past.
    2. Can I change the default font/size in the reply box? I like this one. 
    other than these two issues, I'm liking it so far
  6. curt raitz added a post in a topic Bitchn'Rides '50 Phantom Fleetside   

    Ah yes the paint...
    Kudos to Jameston from ScaleFinishes! I had the pleasure of meeting him at the GSLXV in April. I discussed with him of my idea of building the Phantom Fleetside. He resides in Salt Lake City and took the time to visit Kingdig-iT Designs to get information on the Fleetside. He was able to identify the paint they used and he made up a "Phantom Fleetside" batch of paint. 
    Red is Audi 4Y4Y Salsa Red; White is Chrysler PWG Cool White,rrdtwktrrwksddsxgwkgsrskgfgd,vi/fwqtkwgdbxrtqgrtqkxsqbddwtwt/3/1265603/13748826/DSCN1253-vi.jpg
    For some reason I'm no longer able to load photos from fotki, was working fine a couple days ago - what happened?
    the file is there, but no image...

    Didn't least I thought it didn't until I saved the post - wella! photo showed up
  7. curt raitz added a post in a topic Bitchn'Rides '50 Phantom Fleetside   

    More progress photos...
    I used the LS3 engine/transmission from the Camaro kit. I was not able to find a scale Magnuson rear-drive supercharger for this engine.
    So, I built my own. I made a mold of it and resin cast a bunch of 'em - so if any of you need a Magnuson rear drive supercharger...

    Engine coming together:

    Also did the same with the valve covers:

    Well,I got caught up in the moment and finished the engine, made decals for the "Fleetside" on the valve covers.

    Thanx for lookin' more to come...
  8. curt raitz added a post in a topic Bitchn'Rides '50 Phantom Fleetside   

    Just enjoyed 3 days on the workbench working on the model.
    I was able to finish the interior, chassis and engine.

    I couldn't find decent coil-over shocks in the parts bin, so decided to build my own. Used aluminum tubing, rod and wire.

    Built the springs by wrapping wire over a screw:

    All the pieces for a few coil-over springs:

    IFS found in the parts bin, no idea what kit they came in...

    The modified Ford 9-inch rear end is from the Revell '32 Ford kit:

    All the chassis and suspension parts painted and ready for assembly:

    More to come...
    Dave Kindig was quite pleased when the belt-lines actually matched between the suburban and chevy cab.
    Running Board Brackets...bulky - yes...I did consider modifying, but left alone - afraid to mess up the brackets for the running boards. 
  9. curt raitz added a post in a topic Bitchn'Rides '50 Phantom Fleetside   

    First, I need to build the Art Morrison chassis.
    Found a photo of an Art Morrison chassis for early Chevy trucks:

    Using the stock chassis as a guide, I modified the AMT '50 Chevy chassis to replicate a Morrison chassis:

    While looking for an IFS and rear end for the build, I moved to fabricating the interior.
    First were the seats, my friend Steve found a couple that were close. I built one up using miliput to get the shape just right. I then made a mold of it and resin cast them:

    Next were the door panels and center console/armrest:

    I then modified the dash to match:

    Body modifications included filing in all the vents and modifying the rear quarter windows. The rear quarter windows are shorter than stock and raised from the belt line:

    I resin cast the stock rear quarter windows from the AMT Chevy kit:

    I then glued the resin cast windows in place, then filed and sanded the opening to get the desired result:

    After cutting the front/top from the resin Chevy panel truck, found a couple of inner bed wheel coverings from a discarded trailer kit in the parts bin and mated up to the AMT Chevy cab. I will be joining the resin bed to the cab along the door line.

    More to come...
    thanx for lookin'
  10. curt raitz added a post in a topic New format   

    Ok I figured it out...
  11. curt raitz added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    I figured it out...
  12. curt raitz added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Bitchn'Rides '50 Phantom Fleetside
    Having owned a 1955 Chevrolet 1st Series pick up, I was blown away when I saw this truck being built by Kindig-it Design on the Velocity Network TV show "Bitchin'Rides".
    A 1950 Chevrolet Phantom Fleetside Pick'em Up Truck.

    I became very interested in building a model of this truck. I contacted Kindig-it Design about my desire to build a replica of this vehicle.
    They have been very supportive by providing a number of photographs and information on the build. Dave Kindig, himself wants me to keep him updated on the build as it progresses. I plan on taking the completed model to Salt Lake City for the 2017 GSL and also take it by Kindig-it Designs for a looky-loo.
    The Phantom Fleetside has a GM LS3 6.2L V-8 engine with a Magnuson rear-drive supercharger. A Tremec T56 magnum 6 speed manual transmission. K&N air cleaner. A Ford 9-inch rear end. The chassis and suspension are from Art Morrison. Wheels are 19x8 front and 20x10 rear from Billet Specialties Legacy II G with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.
    The base model is the excellent AMT '50 Chevy Stepside:

    I found a resin 1950 Chevy Panel truck from Star Models:

    I found a nice engine/transmission in the following kit:

    I made a mold of and resin casted the disc brakes from this kit also:

    Now on to building an Art Morrison chassis and finding a Magnuson supercharger, Legacy II G wheels, etc.
    thanx for looking'...
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  13. curt raitz added a topic in Under Glass   

    Tyrrell 002 - Cevert's '72 German GP ride
    This is a 1/20th scale model of F. Cevert's Tyrrell 002 he raced at the German Grand Prix in 1972.
    The model is manufactured by Ebbro and it was built by me...
    Here's the real car:

    Here's the model:

    Oh yah, the Ebbro kits are fantastic.
    Thanx for lookin' 
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  14. curt raitz added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    How does one load a photo in a topic?
    I used to load photos from my Fotki site w/o problems...I miss the magic button
    I'm running everything on a MacBook Air
  15. curt raitz added a post in a topic New format   

    I tried to enter a new topic, but can't load photos from Fotki!
    I miss the "little magic button" from the old version
    The "Drag files here" doesn't work or am I missing sumthin'
    plus...I need the "Preview Post" back, if not things could look ugly...