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  1. curt raitz added a post in a topic '57 Ford "Psycotic Reaction" Wagon   

    I actually went to high school with a couple of the guys from The Count Five...
    Which gives you an idea of how old I be!
  2. curt raitz added a topic in Under Glass   

    '57 Ford "Psycotic Reaction" Wagon
    Getting ready to head out to the West Coast Customs Kar Show in Santa Maria, CA this weekend. I decided to build a little custom for the Model Kar Show Don Grahamn puts on there.
    I had the Monogram (recently issued) '57 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon kit w/o engine (used it for a '54 Lincoln). Replaced the missing engine with one of the small block Ford's found in the Revell '32 Ford kits. Went with a dual carb set up, side exhaust is scratch built using aluminum tubing. White Wall Tires are from one of AMT's Part's Pack and Chrome Wheel covers are from a very old Aurora Parts Pack. I used the "Quad headlights" from the AMT 1950 Ford Convertible to add a little customization to the model. I also lowered the suspension. "Psycotic Reaction" decal is from Slixx Decals.
    Paint is Scalefinishes Wimbledon White and Candy Yellow, all covered with numerous coats of ModelMaster Ultra Clear Gloss.

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  3. curt raitz added a post in a topic 41 Plymouth   

    Not bad for a 30 year hiatus from model building!
    Looking forward to seeing what ya got next...
  4. curt raitz added a post in a topic Robin's '65 Corvette Roadster   

    Thank you, Sir
    Yep, the panel lines are a little on the "harsh-side"...they appear worse in the photos than on the model.
    She liked the model a lot, so there we go. 
  5. curt raitz added a post in a topic Robin's '65 Corvette Roadster   

    I bet ya one of those would be a little pricey...I did not find one on while searching the world wide web...
    have fun...
  6. curt raitz added a topic in Under Glass   

    Robin's '65 Corvette Roadster
    I was contacted by this fellow whom I had built a model of his '69 Chevelle SS a few years ago. His wife Robin has a '65 Corvette Roadster and inquired if I could build a model of her car. I told him there never was a scale model of the '65 Corvette Roadster produced, but I could probably do it using the a number of the model car kits of the '63 - '67 Corvettes. He sent me pictures of her car and I noticed she had '66 wheel covers and the older style 327 valve covers, so the search started.
    I already had a '67 Corvette Roadster kit and a '63 Corvette kit to use. My buddy Steve had a '65 Corvette Coupe body I could use. I found the valve covers in the '65 Chenille Superwagon kit. The '66 wheel covers were a different story, I could not find them anywhere! Modelhaus to the rescue, not only did they have the wheels but the white striped tires as well.
    I grafted the side vents from the '65 Corvette Coupe onto the '67 Roadster body, modified  the hood from the '63 Corvette and used the the chassis and suspension from the '67 Corvette.
    Paint is Chevrolet XX Goldwood Yellow from Scalefinishes.
    The most enjoyable part of building this model is the fact I owned a same colored  '65 Corvette roadster...wish i still had it!
    Well all said and done here is Robin's '65 Corvette.

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  7. curt raitz added a post in a topic embossing-powder, replacing flocking?   

    I like embossing powder 
    I use white, after it dries, paint the color and then I shoot it with "Dullcote" to knock-down the "sheen".
    The results are very realistic for auto carpet.
  8. curt raitz added a post in a topic Lou Sell Eagle   

    Very nice build so far, I almost did that car instead of Tony's ride. 
  9. curt raitz added a post in a topic Trans Am Racing Series Kits   

    Still 10%...? 
  10. curt raitz added a post in a topic Trans Am Racing Series Kits   

    Pattos is a little tricky, but they have a kazillion decals.
    If you're looking for decals for George Follmers 1970 Mustang, click on "M" for mustang and scroll down until you find decals for Mustangs (Mstang). 
    I found them under Mstang - Boss Trans Am Factory Cars
    I imagine you can do simuliar searches for Camaro, Challengers, Cuda's, Dodge, etc.
    I have ordered a number of decals from them, they are fast (usually under 2 weeks delivery) for being an Australian company.
    Also Mike Quarterman's long since gone magazine "Motor Racing Replica News" did a number of articles on building a few Trans Am racers.
    I have a pdf.file for every issue on a CD (with permission from Mike) I sell them for $15/$18 International each, shipping included.
    If interested in a copy, just message me.
  11. curt raitz added a post in a topic NNL WEST 2017 - "777" Theme   

  12. curt raitz added a post in a topic NNL WEST 2017 - "777" Theme   

    I thought there was a couple of mustangs for those years.
    just didn't come across them on my quick search on the web.
  13. curt raitz added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 5/23/2016   

    VaaRooooooooooooooooooom - VaaRooooooooooooooooooooooooom!!! 
  14. curt raitz added a topic in General   

    NNL WEST 2017 - "777" Theme
    The main theme for next years NNL West (January 28th) is "777"  - any model of a car built in the year ending with a "7", i.e. 1907, 1917, 1927, 1937, 1947, 1957, 1967, etc...
    I was able to locate model cars in most of the years listed with the exception of 1907, 1917, 1997 and 2007.
    Does anyone know if any model cars exist covering these years?
    Just want to see what options are out there.
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