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  1. 1931 Ford Model A Sedan Rat Rod based on Revell kit #85-2169. Chopped, Channeled, Z'ed the frame, top opened, V8 flathead with Ardun heads, Oliver Tractor grill, Replicas & Miniatures #DD-23 Custom Headers, #FH-60 Generator, #FH-62 Starter, P-147 Halibrand 5 Slot wheels and tires added to the mix. Plumbed and wired engine, brake lines added, scratch built seats w/rope seatbelts, headlights, fuel tank and "pink booby/D-cup" shift knob. Painted Testors Prowler Purple then with Flat clear and about 4 coats of Rustall brushed on. Decals are from Slixx. thanx for lookin'...
  2. Thank you Steve, just ordered one of each from Model Car World.
  3. Hi Art, just likeJohn I've been trolling the forum again and happily came across this thread...excellent work buddy! Makes me want to pull that 1/20 Ferrari 126C out of the cupboard. c'ya
  4. Very Nice Bernard...I like the chrome wheels on the car. ya gotta watch out for Raul, he's a sneaky guy...but ya know that already! keep on building buddy c'ya
  5. Hello I'm building a collection of cars Curtis Turner drove in the 50's and 60's. Cannot find a 1/25th or 1/24th scale model of a 1953 or 1954 Oldsmobile. Was there ever any produced? I was hoping not to have to go the 3D printed route, but my friend at "rapidpro" Jens3D is working on printing them up. Just Fishing... Thanx
  6. thanx Hee-hee...Curt's a good name to have. not a lot of us out there. after looking at the pix, I gotta go back and clean up the trim around the windscreen!
  7. Yes you have! You and Mrs Nemanic behaving yourselves?
  8. I was wondering just what they were for as well, but they were there.
  9. No I didn't write the article on the 2J in Mike's magazine. Used it as reference. If you need parts Gerry Chevalier for a small fee can send them to you.
  10. One would think so, but all of the reference photos I ran across show the steering wheel mounted upside down...
  11. I first encountered Greg Salzillo and Dave Fords "Nashole" at the 2018 Street Festival in Hollister, California. I took a bunch of photos of the car, thinking it would be fun to build a model of the car. My buddy Steve found a resin cast model of a Nash Metropolitan from Altered States. He picked one up for me and we did a little trading. Using photos and information from an article on the car in "Rat Rod" Magazine I started to work on the model. I scratch-built the chassis based on info from the article. Chopped the top, found a small block chevy, 350 turbo tranny, chevy truck rear end, tunnel ram injector and carbs. The dice did present a challenge, but I was able to build them. The interior was scratch-built. Wheels and tires were pulled from my vast supply of wheels and tires. The hood was separated and hinged. Painted the body in primer red, applied rubber cement on areas for the rusting effect to show through. Painted it Nash Frosted White and Berkshire Green from Scalefinishes. I rubbed off the paint to bring the rusty areas up. The real "Nashole" is not a shiny car, so I tried to duplicate the semi-gloss effect. Thanx for lookin'...
  12. Curtis Turner won 11 races in the 1957 NASCAR Convertible Division. He drove a Supercharged 1957 Ford Fairlane Convertible owned by Pete DePaolo. This is a model of the car he drove. I used the body from the AMT Fairlane w/hardtop removed. All the other bits are from the Revell Fireball Roberts 1957 Ford. Paint is from Scalefinishes, Wimbledon White and Coral Sand. Decals are from Slot Car Fever, but the number decals were much too large. I scanned and reduced to the correct size and printed my own set. I created a buck for making the tonneau cover. I soaked a paper towel in thinned down white glue and laid over the buck. After it was dry, I trimmed and painted it flat white. Thanx for lookin'...
  13. Here's a couple of photos of the model to emphasize the size...
  14. This is a 1/24th model of the Chaparral 2J Kit #873 produced by Mini Exotics. I bought the model at the Saturday night auction at the last GSL. Jim Keller had donated the kit to the auction. I had both him and Gerry Chevalier (Mr. Mini Exotics) sign the box. Upon opening the box I discovered quite a few parts were missing. Contacted Gerry and he still had parts for the 2J. Told him what I needed and he shipped them to me. Painted the body ModelMaster's Classic White and Krylon's Dull Aluminum. Only detail added was the skirts, dash wires and moulding around the turbine vanes. Thanx for lookin'...
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