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  1. I built a replica of this car a couple of years ago. I got the paint colors straight from Dave Kindigit, they are Cadillac White Diamond Pearl and Oldsmobile Cashmere Beige available from Scalefinishes. I dropped the model of at their shop in Salt Lake City in the summer of 2018. Have fun building, it's one nice looking car and I'm a Ford guy.
  2. Hi Buddy, I haven't been checking out the forum lately, but found your thread...you've been a busy boy this past year! I love all your builds and looking forward to seeing them at NNL WEST in January.
  3. I also received a refund, no explanation. emailed them, got a quick response. They will be down for the next two - three weeks due to family issues. Hopefully things work out and they are back in business soon.
  4. Hi Kurt love your "LOVE ME WALL" over the bench. And my back hurts just looking at your "chair"! Just came across this thread and enjoy what you're doing with it...although there has never been a door on a model I want opened! If the kit comes with opening doors I glue-'em shut! Hope to see the finished model at Desert Scale Classic in April. c'ya Curt
  5. Herb can be reached at "herb.deeks@gmail.com"
  6. Cannot say that it was, never saw it before. My inspiration came from staring at both of these 1/16th scale models in my closet and figuring out what I could with them!
  7. You take a 1/16th scale Minicraft 1931 Model A roadster and combine with a 1/16th scale MPC Cobra 427 You might end up with something like this: thanx for lookin'...
  8. any 12-bolt will do, I found one at Speed City Resin. It says it's a 14-bolt, but it only has 12.
  9. Any kits out there or resin dude have a 1/25th scale Chevrolet Truck 12-bolt posi-traction rearend?
  10. Nash's only victory was at Charlotte Speedway in 1951 and was driven by Curtis Turner. This is another model I've built of the cars Curtis Turner raced throughout his career. I started with a 3D printed body from Jahn3D. The Revell 1950 Oldsmobile chassis, running gear, interior, wheels and tires slide underneath the 3D printed Nash Ambassador. This model is on it's way to the Curtis Turner wing at the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, Virginia. thanx for lookin'...
  11. Thanx Danno, the model will be in Virginia when I see you at Desert Scale Classic in April.
  12. I used this stuff...sands easily. be careful not to put it on too thick, it will fill panel lines, etc. It just brushes on and self levels.
  13. I have been building a collection of race cars that Curtis Turner drove throughout his career. All of these are being donated to the Virginia Museum of Transportation. They have a wing set aside for Curtis Turner who grew up close to Roanoke, Virginia. After contacting and meeting his daughter Sue, she stated the 1950 Nash Ambassador her dad and Bill France drove in the Mexican Road Race of 1950 was the "Holy Grail" she was looking for. In May of 1950 Bill France and Curtis Turner raced a 1950 Nash 4 door Ambassador in the Carrera Panamericana. Also known as The Mexican Road Race of 1950. They started as the 126th entry and finished in 47th place, despite dropping out on the day before the finish due to a broken radiator. Finding a 1950 Nash 4 door Ambassador in 1/25th scale did present a problem, until 3D printing. I ran across Jens-Uwe Jahn of Jahn3D rapid prototyping (rapidpro@jahn3d.de) at the N Scale Railroaders convention in Salt Lake City last year. He says he can make American Models in any scale! So I challenged him to print me up a 1950 Nash Ambassador 4 door in 1/25th scale. And he did. The 3D printing on the larger scales are still a little rough and It did take a lot of work to get the body smooth. I used most of the parts except the body from the excellent 1950 Oldsmobile by Revell. With just a little trimming of the chassis the Olds chassis slid in place and the wheelbase matched up just fine. Hers's how it turned out. Curtis Turner played a big role in helping Bill France get NASCAR up and running, even though Bill France banned Turner from NASCAR in 1961 for trying to unionize the drivers! Thanx for looking.
  14. Saturday September 14, 2019 Hollister Elk's Lodge 9am - 3pm
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