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  1. '69 Camaro LZ-1

    I just kept grinding away with the dremel, and it is really fragile. I did have to do a little re-inforcing along the way.
  2. '69 Camaro LZ-1

    The 1969 Camaro ZL-1, one of the first "Muscle Cars". Built from Revell's excellent kit #85-4056. This kit dang near fell together on it's own. Modifications included opening the front grill, AMT Goodyear "Polyglas GT" big 'n' little tires, Model Car Garage Detail Set MCG-2068, plug wires and fuel lines. Paint is Model Master No.28108 Hugger Orange covered with multiple coats of No.28319 Ultra Gloss Clearcoat. Thanx for looking...
  3. Here's my 2nd KinDigit Design build of one of their cars. This one is the '55 Nomad. The majority of the build was building the interior. Seats are from the AMT 2004 Pontiac GTO, headrest removed and resin cast. Used Plastic Wood to form the interior. Wheels are from Revell's '57 Chevy Bel Air Easy-Kit. Modified to duplicate the wheels used on the Nomad. They were then resin-cast and turned on the lathe to open the back of the wheels. The bumpers were turned over. Paint is Scalefinishes Cadillac White Diamond Pearl and Oldsmobile Cashmere Beige. The model is on it's way to KinDigit Designs shop in Salt Lake City... Thanx for lookin'...
  4. This is a model of my friend Joe Hernandez's full scale 1955 1st Series Chevy Pick Up. I was able to find a '54 Chevy Pick Up Cab resin conversion from Star Models. Started with the AMT '50 Chevrolet Pick Up kit. I had to modify the rails on the bed by slicing along the bottom of the rails and fold them over to get them flat. The conversion did not come with "glass". In 1954 Chevrolet went with a one piece windscreen, eliminating the center post. I stuffed the front windshield on the cab with Light Weight Stone Clay. This clay dries as hard as stone when exposed to the air. After it dried, I sanded it to form a buck for vacuum forming. This worked really well and I was able to vacuum form a correct windshield for the cab. Chevrolet also moved the license plate to the center on the bed and the rear bumper has a cutout so you can see the plate. Joe's truck has a Mustang II front suspension (Revell's 1937 Ford Convertible) and a Camaro rear axle (AMT '67 Camaro). He also has a Turbo 350 transmission (BNL Resins) mated to the 6 cylinder engine. As always playing with a resin conversion results in modifications as you progress through the build. Homey Joe and his truck: The model: Thanx for lookin'...
  5. We had to move the Hollister NNL back one week, to Saturday September 22, 2018. The Elks Club canceled the "Big Car Show" for this year, but assured us it will happen in September 2019. They assumed the model car show wouldn't happen as well, but we have reserved the Lodge for the 22nd. Please help get the word out on the date change, thanx
  6. Photo-etch spoke wheels

    No problem, doing my part to keep Herb Deeks in business.
  7. Photo-etch spoke wheels

    Herb Deeks still sells the photo-etched spoke kits. Saw him at the NNL West in Santa Clara, the IPMS in San Jose and the SoCal NNL in Chatsworth. He had plenty of them for sale!
  8. Mustang II IFS?

    Thanx Guyz I just happen to have the "Vicky" in my cupboard. I had not opened the box and looked at the kit.
  9. Mustang II IFS?

    Hello, I know this subject has been addressed before on the forum, but upon searching I did not find any. I'm looking for a Mustang II IFS in 1/25th scale. I know Perry's Resin had one, but they don't sell them anymore. I'm looking for a kit tor an aftermarket retailer that may have one. I'm building a model of a buddy's 1955 Chevy 1st Series pickup with a Mustang II IFS and Camaro rear end. Got the rear end, need the IFS. thanx
  10. Yep, Mr. Perez and myself will be attending. Raul even thinks he will have a car built by then!
  11. Porsche Indy Car

    Scalefinishes carries a Quaker State Green, and being as though the Indy Porsche was sponsored by Quaker State it should work.
  12. Scalefinishes

    For Scalefinishes paint, the primer I use depends on wether I'm working with resin or plastic. I use Duplicolor primer on resin, I've found that Tamiya's primer does not adhere to resin very well. Nothing as enjoyable as removing masking tape from a multiple paint job and having the paint/primer peal right off the resin body. And yes I do clean the resin body and lightly scruff it up before spraying the primer. On plastic I use Tamiya's primers, both the gray and white. I have not had any problems with Scalefinishes paint (both the enamel and base coat) on any of these primers. I use ModelMasters UltraGloss Clearcoat and/or Tamiya TS-13 Clear over Scalefinishes paint without problems with either. Can't tell you how automotive paints react with his paint, don't use them and probably never will.
  13. Raul Perez, Gilroy California built the Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 5 car you saw.
  14. Motor Racing Models magazine on disc

    Yes I still have CD's of MRRN magazine. PM me for information, etc.