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  1. curt raitz added a topic in NASCAR   

    Butch Miller's Raybestos Ford F-150
    This is a model that has been staring at me from my cupboard for the past 8 - 10 years. I've tried selling at the NNL West, but it just wouldn't go away.
    Finally I gave up and decided to build it. 
    Not a very bad kit, went together rarely well.
    The blue paint is Red Bull Racing Blue from Scalefinishes, red and yellow are Tamiya spray paints decanted and air brushed. White is Humbrol from a rattle can.

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  2. curt raitz added a post in a topic Carl Casper`s : Phonebooth: "On the Workbench" 7-11-16   

    How do you keep from glueing your fingers to the beading???
  3. curt raitz added a post in a topic Carl Casper`s : Phonebooth: "On the Workbench" 7-11-16   

    Geeez, One month later and 4 pages of comments I see you have a new thread going!
    I'm kinda sharp, heh?
    Looks like you're having fun with this one.
    It's a good thing most of us car modelers are old guys who remember what a "Phonebooth" was!
    Just love your prowess with plastic dude and the "elbows" from Plastruc are great...need to get some!
    catch ya later, bro
  4. curt raitz added a post in a topic Masking over decals   

    Yikes...that is really scary! Even under a clearcoat the decal will more than likely lift when removing the masking tape! 
    You can try using the liquid mask from Microset.
    I've also photocopied the decal and created a mask for the area to be covered by the decal.
    Good Luck
  5. curt raitz added a post in a topic '32 Ford High-Bolster Roadster - 8-23 Update   

    Hey Buddy
    nice job, looking forward to another one of your builds
  6. curt raitz added a post in a topic Al Gaby's Golden Rod - Model Car Museum Clone   

    Easy...They are included in an old Aurora Parts Pack
  7. curt raitz added a topic in Under Glass   

    Al Gaby's Golden Rod - Model Car Museum Clone
    At the past GSL-XXV International Scale Vehicle Championship Mark Gustavson was enlisting aid from the modelers present. His request to us was to build a "clone" of a model car which should have been in the International Car Builders Museum.
    I told him I'd be interested building one for the museum. In due time I received a list of 156 models he was looking to have cloned. Almost all of the cars were customs and up to now customs were not something I built.
    After searching through the list I decided on Al Gaby's Golden Rod featured in the May 1964 Car Model Magazine. I was able to locate and purchase a copy of the magazine. Al's Golden Rod graced the cover of the magazine and was followed by a 7 page article. The article was very informative and described the multiple parts used to build this model.  
    I was able to acquire all the parts I needed either online, through modeling friends and from the museum.
    The building of this model went much smoother than every thing leading up to actually building the model. I quickly discovered it's not as easy to build a "clone" of model car than it is building a replica of a real car. The only problem I encountered was the hinge for the drivers door broke during the final assembly causing the door to fall off. I glued the door in an open position to help highlight the interior.  
    I am looking forward to contributing this model to the International Model Car Builders Museum next April at GSL-XXVI...hopefully they like it!

    I have posted a link to my fotki site with photos of the build, thanx
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  8. curt raitz added a post in a topic Scalefinishes: Compatiable Clearcoat   

    I have painted a lot of models with Scalefinishes paint.
    My choice of a clear-coat is both Tamiya's TS-13 Clear and Model Masters Ultra Gloss Clearcoat.
    I have not had an issue with either one
    I always "mist" it on the first couple of coats, then hit it moderately heavy on succeeding coats.
    I've used both in rattle cans and decanted for the airbrush.
  9. curt raitz added a post in a topic TV show / Movie Catch-phrases   

    It's Twuue!, It's Twuue!

  10. curt raitz added a post in a topic Which Model Gave You a Whoopin'?   

    The Revell 1/12 Vincent Black Shadow...
    A kit I always wanted to build, picked one up from a friend.
    It musta been one of the 1st produced, because the plastic was extremely brittle and kept breaking and nothing fit!
    Actually threw it in the trash, did not want to be tempted to play with it again!

  11. curt raitz added a post in a topic Porsche Indy car   

    IndyCals has decals for this car.
    good luck
  12. curt raitz added a post in a topic '57 Ford "Psycotic Reaction" Wagon   

    and per Gallagher...buildings should be called "Builts" 
  13. curt raitz added a post in a topic Adventures in soldering:The GT40 project Carb Day Pics 6/26   

    I just stumbled onto this thread.
    Having seen the GT40 at both the GSL last year and DSC in April, it was quite enlightening to see the building of the car on the forum.
    I enjoyed meeting you in Arizona (DSC) and am looking forward to watching the progress of this exceptional model.
    You are truly a "Craftsman" and have inspired me to mess with brass in future builds.
    C'ya down the road, sir!
  14. curt raitz added a post in a topic Dekon Monza   

    Thanks for the kudos Vince, but I had never heard of the Dekon Monza until this morning.
    I watched a lot of Monzas race in the Trans Am Series, but don't recall the Dekon, but that was a long-long time ago!
    Someone else did the master for them.
    Looks like a nice kit.
  15. curt raitz added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Los Banos Model Car Show and Swap Meet
    If you're hanging around Northern California on June 18th, come on by the 3rd Annual Los Banos Model Car Show and Swap Meet.
    The guys and Gals of The Los Banos Model Car Club put on a really nice low-key show and feed you as well (donations accepted).
    Saturday June 18, 2016 9am - 3pm
    College Greens Building. 1815 Scripps Dr. Los Banos, CA 93635
    Best Competition (any race car)
    Best Truck (any truck)
    Best Hot Rod ('25 - '34)
    Best of Show
    Best Low Riders
    Customs (40 - '64)
    People's Choice
    Junior Awards 1st - 5th
    Hope to see you there 
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