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  1. curt raitz added a post in a topic 1959 Curtis Turner Thunderbird   

    Thanx for all of the positive comments...
    I will be in the Virginia/DC area this weekend and will be visiting the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke. They have a dedicated wing in the museum just for Curtis Turner. I will be meeting his daughter Sue to drop off this model and the 1956 Ford convertible.
    They both will be put on display and all future Curtis Turner built models will be sent to the museum.
    Presently I'm working on both the convertible and followed by the sedan he raced in 1958.

  2. curt raitz added a post in a topic 1965 Pontiac Bonneville Foosified!   

    The more I kept looking at this model...the less I liked it.
    The Black Trim just was not working. So I re-chromed it with BareMetal Foil.
    I definitely don't mind looking at it now!

    Thanx for looking' 
  3. curt raitz added a post in a topic Curtis Turner's 1956 Ford - NASCAR   

    Sorry 'bout taking so long to get back.
    White is ModelMasters 2-part Lacquer Classic White
    Purple is "Regency Purple" from Scalefinishes.
  4. curt raitz added a post in a topic Bitchn'Rides '50 Phantom Fleetside   

    I dropped of this model at Kindigit Design in April while attending the GSL.
    The model was featured on "Bitchin' Rides" last night (Season 4-Episode 7).
  5. curt raitz added a post in a topic Dick Thompson 1962 Corvette   

    Very nice model, love those old race cars! 
    and you're right, those Molotow pens need a lil' practice!
  6. curt raitz added a topic in NASCAR   

    1959 Curtis Turner Thunderbird
    In my continued quest to build a bunch of race cars Curtis Turner drove...here is a model of his 1959 Ford Thunderbird.
    He drove this car in the NASCAR Grand National Series for owner Doc White, competing in 9 races, winning 2.
    Unable to find a 1/25 scale model of this car, I did find a beat up "Wheat's Nostalgia" promotional model on eBay for under $20.00.
    I cleaned up the body, removing the under-hood pins, cut the hood out and re-chromed the bumpers with Alclad.
    Used the chassis, engine and wheels from the Revell Ford Convertible kit.
    The windscreen and rear window were unusable, so vacuum formed a set from the originals.
    Scratch built the interior, adding a roll cage and a resin cast seat from the Revell 1958 Thunderbird Convertible.
    Paint is Humbrol White and decals are from "Slot Car Fever".

    Thanx for looking'...
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  7. curt raitz added a post in a topic Winning Ford GT's   

    I love them all, it is fantastic to see you've been busy!!!
    I just finished the #98 car a few months back.
    And I do remember Henry taking it to Enzo way back then, yes I am an old guy!
  8. curt raitz added a post in a topic Post your crazy IMSA cars...   

    I've got a couple...

    Here's a phantom Mustang I built as if IMSA was around in the 60's:

  9. curt raitz added a topic in Under Glass   

    1965 Pontiac Bonneville Foosified!
    Okay here we go...my buddy Raul Perez gave me an AMT 1965 Pontiac Bonneville on which he had customized the body.
    My plan was to finish building it for the upcoming West Coast Customs in Santa Maria in May.
    Luckily, Revell came out with Foose Custom Cadillac Eldorado. Bingo...I have a modern chassis and powerplant for the Bonneville.
    The wheel base was really close, didn't require any modifications, just had to add about 5/8" to the rear pan.
    Used the interior of the Cadillac, extending the rear deck and adding about 1/8" on both sides.
    Used the wheels and tires from the Cadillac.
    Paint is ModelMasters 2-Part Lacquer #28130 "Royal Blue Pearl".
    Here are a couple photos off the Cadillac chassis and interior.

    Here's the finished Bonneville, dang this is a big boat!

    Thanx for looking'...
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  10. curt raitz added a topic in All the Rest   

    Honda RC166 - GP Racer
    Bought this kit when it first came out a few years back.
    Thought it was about time to build it...what a surprise!
    This is probably the best motorcycle plastic model kit ever produced! What a joy it was to build.
    I built it just straight out of the box, didn't use any of the aftermarket detail-up sets Tamiya offers.
    I was surprised on how small this bike is compared to other 1/12 scale bikes I have built.
    But, then again it is only a 250 cc engine with 6 cylinders. The diameter of the cylinders must be the size of Quarter!

    Thanx for looking'...
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  11. curt raitz added a post in a topic 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Passo Corto (SWB)   

    Here ya go buddy...got your next Ferrari build for ya 

    got one in my cupboard courtesy of Mr. Perez
  12. curt raitz added a post in a topic 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Passo Corto (SWB)   

    molto bello Bernard! 
  13. curt raitz added a post in a topic 1947 Labatt's Beer Truck   

    Very, Very Nice Art  
    I've been tempted by a few HO kits, but need to get a new set of "magnifiers" first!
  14. curt raitz added a post in a topic Maserati Birdcage Tipo 61 (Chassis # 2467)   

    Looks like they are from "Aardvarks" (Andy Martin).
    Great resin kits, but no longer obtainable! 
    A dentist friend in Albuquerque had me build bunch of'em... 
  15. curt raitz added a post in a topic Revell Foose '48 Cadillac de-Foosed   

    Hey Mike...wrong scale, this model isn't 1/32nd
    I like it...
    I picked up the "Foose Caddie", ya need an extra body? I'm going to use everything else under a 1965 Pontiac Bonneville.
    I need to build a custom for the model car contest at the California Custom Car Show in Santa Maria next May.
    c'ya in April.