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  1. Norman, if you prefer...I sell the wheels direct. I have 4 sizes, 1/25th scale: .710", .740" and .790" diameters and 1.10" diameter for 1/16th scale. If you are interested, message me.
  2. NNL WEST 2019

    Looking forward to seeing you there
  3. Modelhaus 1950 Nash Ambassador

    Thank You, but I picked up a 3D printed body of a 1950 4 door Ambassador and 1951 2door Nash from Jahn3D.
  4. I need to get out more...missed this one too. I really like it! Looking forward to seeing it in January. Probably be seeing some nice wire wheels on this thing, heh?
  5. TruWire motorcycle style wire wheels

    Yes I will Scott, currently building up my inventory
  6. TruWire motorcycle style wire wheels

    I did use the .005" wire initially, but they looked just too small. Similar to using spark plug wires in-scale, they appear to be too small.
  7. TruWires - Wire Wheels

    As a modeler, I was frustrated on how poorly the front wire wheels for dragsters were made. I came up with "miniscurtraitzing" quite a few years ago, just played off my name and it's been around for sometime. I presently offer the wheels in four sizes, one in 1/16th scale and three in 1/25th scale. The 1/16th scale wheel is 1.1" in diameter. The three 1/25th scale wheels are .790", .740" and .710" in diameter.At first I just offered the rims, but there was sufficient interest in adding tires as well. I include O-Rings as tires which can be used if you don't have the ones from the kit. If you're nice to Norm from Replicas & Miniatures, you can order his motorcycle tires separately from him. His Dunlop 3.25x19 tires fit the TruWires-79 wheels, the Goodyear 3.25x18 and Bridgestone 3.00x18 tires fit the TruWires-74 wheel. For an additional $5.00 per set I offer a choice of colored wire spokes. My wheels come packaged as such: Shipping in US is $3.50. On multiple orders I do not charge shipping on each set. I will mail up to 6 sets in a padded envelope for $3.50. International orders, please contact me about shipping costs to your country. If you are interested in acquiring a set, please message me on the forum or contact me at ceraitz@gmail.com. Please note PayPal is my preferred form of payment, but if that's not an option let me know and we'll work out something.
  8. TRaK Autorama '49 Ford Coupe Street Rod - 12-26 - Done!

    Hey Buddy, just stumbled on this thread. I really like what you're doing with it keep on building...
  9. TruWire motorcycle style wire wheels

    I'm using .010" wire for the spokes.
  10. Hey Dude...I like it. You have already captured the look of the real trike. Your model might turn out better! I really like the front wheel
  11. Hey Bro, good job on the can...you listen well Grasshopper!
  12. wire wheels???

    Norm at Replicas & Miniatures sells a set of motorcycle wheels/tires in 1/25th scale. I was able to special order just the tires from him awhile back. The Dunlops fit the .790" wheel and the Goodyears fit the .740" wheels. The slot car drag racing guys use a #13 O-Ring 7/8 x 11/16 x 3/32 on the .740" wheel. The #15 O-Ring 1 x 3/4x 1/8 fits the .740" wheel. I have not tested an O-Ring on the .790" wheel. Following Bernards advice, I will make wheels with a smaller diameter.
  13. 39/41 Wagon Rod

    After I was looking at the photos of the build, I came to the same conclusion. I will get the underside "dirtied up" before NNL West, thanx
  14. Definitely a model for all the "Rivet Counters" out there!!! Looking Good Johnnie Boy!
  15. 39/41 Wagon Rod

    Upcoming NNL West Theme: "Wagons and Wings" Here is what I came up with. Took the body from the '39 Wagon Rod and dropped it on a '41 Chevy Truck chassis, thus replacing the UGLY front end of the Wagon Rod. Dropped a small block in it, lowered the ride height, added whitewalls, part box wheels and "ratted" it up bit. Thanx for lookin'