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  1. Good Job Steve, was great seeing you at the "Spirit of Speed 7" show in Pomona. I'll be sending the Mustng and a 1966 Ford Curtis raced to the museum later this week.
  2. Stevie, you finally bit the bullet and joined the forum. Curtis Turners Falcon came out really nice. I hope to get that Mustang you started finished as soon I wrap up the Lynx2 car for Mark.
  3. Wholadoodles! What a piece of art. Mark you are an inspiration to all of us that build models. Your attention to detail and fabrication is beyond astounding. I am looking forward to hopefully seeing this model at GSL.
  4. Ted will take care of you. He has all my wheels in stock. I used to sell them on ebay, but got tired of dealing with their BS. I did have to raise the cost a little, My machine costs have tripled. I try to hit most of the model car shows on the west coast. enjoy
  5. Found Ya, you can run, but ya can't hide!!! Also forwarded the website to Teresi...he's going through "Trophy Withdrawal"
  6. On the way home from the last GSL in 2019, I challenged my buddy John Teresi to a radial engine motorcycle build-off. Not too bright on my part, I'm not even being close to being as good as John. But what the heck, it's only a model and it will make me kick my game up. We got our inspiration from a couple of bikes that exist in the real world. Our buddy Steve Allemand, 3D printed us both a couple of 1/12th scale 7 cylinder radial engines and a bunch of extra parts as well. So the journey began. You can find the builds on the WIP forum. Here are photos of the completed bikes. John's Bike: Curt's Bike: Here they are together on a base as presented at the IPMS Contest in Las Vegas. Their next appearance will be at the SoCal Model Show October 3rd and NNL West January 22, 2022. Thanx for lookin'
  7. Fantastic John, these photos are really really nice of our bikes! It was FUN!! I'll work on posting a thread in Under-Glass for the bikes.
  8. Dan, they will be there!! First unveiling will be at the IMPS Nationals in Las Vegas next month. C'ya
  9. Again you nailed the "AlClad" finish. Engine is fantastic. Time to get that base built Excellent work Buddy!
  10. Thanx Guys it was fun building it then seeing the real car in the NHRA Museum a few years back. My buddy Steve has the artwork for this car.He should be able to print up a set of decals for you. Contact info for Steve is: allemand64@aim.com good luck
  11. If memory serves me well, I scratch built that part with styrene rod and or tubing.
  12. Hopefully we'll see you in Phoenix next April...
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