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  1. It was a cool build. I'd have to remove everything on the bottom shelf to get it out. It won a few awards in its day. The tender is full of wood I split.
  2. By the looks of the headers on the reference pic, I need to do away with the upswept header ends. I'll get those done and post some new pics. Been finishing up camping for the year, and haven't been in the model shop much.
  3. You bet there was no "time out" chair. Sitting was the last thing on your mind. An occasional model, or tube of bb's was earned. We had a huge garden we tended, and came before any messing around. I can say now, I'm sure glad I grew up when I did. My boys sure are well rounded, hard working young men. They still come to visit us often, so I guess we weren't too hard on them.
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