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  1. Looks awesome! Love that kit, and the K&K livery.
  2. Big Willie Robinson campaigned one for a good many years.
  3. That's what I remember as well. Concrete filled heads and blocks.
  4. I'll do it! Let me know what's happening that way...
  5. I didn't have any dang leftovers. The family tore it up.
  6. Welcome back from up I 24 in Ky. I took a 20 year break myself, but it looks like you are off and running!
  7. Also, the left front tire has no tread, only ribs.
  8. Thanks Zippi. I should have thinned the hood down where the bullets were. It did win the theme award at a big show for best dirt track entry. I think the chassis was from a Falcon dirt track kit. Dirt racing was huge here a few years ago because the local track was purchaced by Ken Schrader, Dale Jr, and Tony Stewart. It has since folded.
  9. Diiging up an old thread. I have the original clear body issue. Of course Mom had to dust, and she knocked more than dust off of it. Busted the roof when it hit the floor. I rebuilt it and only the passenger side is clear now. I'll have to try and dig it out of my display case if anyone is interested in seeing it.
  10. I had to look over the whole thread. Everything looks fantastic! Kudos to you!
  11. Our local HL is picked over bad. I did find some supplies.
  12. Brought home the Bronco half cab, Sandman buggy, and trailer kit, along with some more Tamiya paints and super glue to finish my 1/16 Minicraft Coke truck project I started in the ice age.
  13. Found some pics of a few models from the show days. Man, where does time go?
  14. Teaser alert until I can get better lighting...
  15. He won't be able to handle the glue vapors if he's that sensitive to smells and chemicals. He'll be a snap modeler, if any at all.
  16. He also forgot to see how tacky the paint is between coats by touching with finger right in the middle of the roof.
  17. You'll love the big scale. You can really pick out and detail the heck out of parts.
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