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  1. Welcome from the western end of the Bluegrass.
  2. I saw 4mula1 on the license plate of the most awesome F40 I have ever seen. I still remember how that little beast smelled. I was at the 2005 USGP in Indy. The car was from Michigan, so it was a driver. Far from perfect, but awesome! That was also the race very few cars ran in. It was terrible. The tire fiasco.
  3. We have a family outing scheduled or I would be there. Rats...
  4. I like the way it takes up almost that whole Workmate top. Nice work!
  5. I got aggravated with my Vette, so I made a 69 Z28 out of the parts. I'll have to dig it out of the case in a day or so. It did pretty well at a few shows.
  6. I've used touch n flow applicators before. They work great.
  7. I am terribly uninspired with my 58 Impala build.
  8. Doing some research for my 1/12 Grumpy build, I noticed how long his traction bars are.
  9. I'm building this original kit for a friend that has an aviation background. Putting the finishing touches on it. He plans to display it with some other collectables in his man cave. It is an out of the norm build for me, and was kind of refreshing. Touching all those boltheads with Molotow was challenging. Hope he enjoys it!
  10. I'll be watching too. My son just handed me one of those kits.
  11. Absolutely! Been to the Sports Nationals many times and camped in my van. I still miss it to this day. Had a 72 Chevy dark metallic blue short wheel base. Had a dang ball In it. Lol
  12. I think that grimy engine is accurate. Mine never saw anything but rain water. I didn't want to take the chance of blowing all that grime on my seats and carpet. Nice project!
  13. Beautiful job! Rusty was my driver because it ticked off all the Earnhardt fans around here. Lol
  14. Great start! I high fived Phil at the USGP at Indy years ago... What a legend.
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