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  1. Our local HL is picked over bad. I did find some supplies.
  2. Brought home the Bronco half cab, Sandman buggy, and trailer kit, along with some more Tamiya paints and super glue to finish my 1/16 Minicraft Coke truck project I started in the ice age.
  3. Found some pics of a few models from the show days. Man, where does time go?
  4. Teaser alert until I can get better lighting...
  5. He won't be able to handle the glue vapors if he's that sensitive to smells and chemicals. He'll be a snap modeler, if any at all.
  6. He also forgot to see how tacky the paint is between coats by touching with finger right in the middle of the roof.
  7. You'll love the big scale. You can really pick out and detail the heck out of parts.
  8. I am waiting for the pics of the dry, or saggy, dust riddled, orange peely mess he's going to make with the first job much like all of us have done. Spray or get off the pot.
  9. Watch the guys painting real cars on TV. They watch the paint roll off the stirring stick till they are happy with the blend, and spray. It ain't rocket science.
  10. Someone said how would country folk survive in a desolate area. City folk don't care.
  11. Who cares about the ones that don't live buried in a big city. Country folk are expendable.
  12. Instead of a curse word jar, soon there will be a passing gas jar when they outlaw that.
  13. At the campground, after the sun goes down, we laugh because even there, camping and relaxing, everyone's face is lit up by their phones as we pass by. I enjoy leaving my phone in the truck as soon as we get set up. It funny how not so many years ago, we got along just fine without the confounded things.
  14. Thanks for the pics of the very nice builds. Looks like a great meet.
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