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  1. It looks great! I concur, use the old foil. The wrinkles should pull out as you lift it off. Hopefully it sticks ok, my theory on the wrinkles is that that are cause from the glue shrinking with age.
  2. Well I have all the foiling done. I did not do the wheel well chrome trim. There is no mold line for a cutting guild and I don't want to mess the body up as it's turning out to be my best effort with foil so far.
  3. I think its looking good. I hate foil but it's still the best option in my opinion. I don't find these chrome paint pens any better than the "chrome" paint Testers brought out back in the mid 80's
  4. Great stuff, What do you use for polish?
  5. Actually my bad, its a body line.
  6. Thanks, Note to self, for someone who struggles with foil I should pick my subjects a little wiser. Man there is a lot of chrome on a 66' Wildcat but so far so good. I have all the windows done and will do the body sides next. An interesting observation, the chrome molding on the rear quarters has an up turn to the bumper. The real one does not have this. It's straight.
  7. Thanks all The paint is Tamiya lacquer TS-17 gloss aluminum then cleared.
  8. I started this earlier in the week. Its a very basic old school AMT kit. I'm going with Silver on Crimson.
  9. All done, I had a lot of issues with the Testers rattle can clear gloss. I won't use it ever again. It lifted on the trunk when I did the foil work but I am leaving it. I just airbrushed my 66 Buick Wildcat with Model Master clear and it worked great.
  10. Yup, when I get to it. I just started an AMT 66' Wildcat but will start the Impala next..
  11. Neat, I just bought the same kit last week.
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