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  1. Dude - really, really nice job. I bought the amt 300C kit a few months ago along with a can of pearl light red for it (great minds!). Awesome to see what the finished product will look like. Beautiful model.
  2. beautiful. really nice job
  3. Great job with a reeeeally tough kit. I need to try that open side window look. Very cool.
  4. Very nice. I’m starting this kit soon and now you got me thinking about adding the vinyl top. Great color as well. Solid job.
  5. The front is my one sore spot on the build. I think the biggest issue is the size of the wheels/tires. If they were a bit larger like on the 1:1, the height would be ok. I’ll def be upgrading them at some point soon.
  6. with your help…thanks dude!
  7. Thanks man - I definitely recommend grabbing one if you’re on the fence. Just know going in that you’re gonna need to do quite a bit of sanding, especially on the door panels and tonneau cover. I’d also suggest getting the photo etch set, since the body scripts and tbird emblems are annoyingly shallow - my original plan was to do foil under paint but it wouldn’t have looked half as good. The ‘62 bird is such a great looking car, it’s worth the kits minor headaches.
  8. very nice - thanks again for your tips on the t-bird fitment situation btw. really saved my butt!
  9. thanks guys - i'm super happy with this one
  10. Finally got the AMT ‘62 Thunderbird wrapped up. It’s a very detailed kit but had tons of fitment issues which needed to be addressed - probably not a build I would have been able to handle a year ago. Thankfully, those issues were well documented in this forum so I was ready for it 💪🏽 The paint is all tamiya lacquer cans - racing white under gloss clear for the exterior and clear red over gloss aluminum for the interior (the seats were then cleared with matte and the rest with semigloss). The body trim is BMF, which worked shockingly well (finally!). Scratched a bunch of interior detail like the steering wheel cap/levers, dash/door/console trim, and gauge bezels and used the model car garage photo etch set for the scripts. Also gave the engine bay a slight overhaul. The gauge bezels really make the dash pop and it was super easy to do with some aluminum tubing and styrene sheets…I’ll add some pics down down below. Fun kit all around, but requires patience and caaaalm nerves!
  11. really nice job! great color too. i'm building this one now as well. so far it's going really well, but you're the third person i've seen mention fitment issues. anything specific i should prepare myself for before putting her together?
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