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  1. speechless. that thing is absolutely unreal. great job dude.
  2. Thanks dude - it’s tough to tell in the pics (and I should have mentioned it up top) but this was actually a black cherry red color and it was even more brutal than a usual black paint job. It shows eeeeeeeverything. It picks up fingerprints just by someone looking at it lol
  3. Looks great. I have one of these in the stash but I’ve been too scared to start it. You did an excellent job done 👏 👏
  4. Great job. Love the white w the red. I need to do another cobra - may borrow this color scheme 🤙🏽🤙🏽
  5. Thanks fellas - super happy with the paint. I was experimenting with tamiya cans and it worked out well. Gonna try it again on a future build with clear blue instead of clear red 🤙🏽
  6. Just finished the ‘65 Corvette by Revell (I did a quick WIP thread to show some of the upgrades and paint process). This kit had a very low part count and lacked quite a bit in the detail department, so I made some changes/additions. Scratch built a few bits like the tail lights and interior detail, and hit the parts box for things like the side mirrors, door handles, tires, and engine bits. Also used a photo etch set from model car garage for the emblems, steering wheel, etc. The only fitment issue was with the radiator, and the wheels/ride height, otherwise it was a piece of cake. It’s my first proper corvette and I can’t wait to do another 🤙🏽
  7. Foiled, fitted, and covered in fingerprints 🤦🏻‍♂️ This one needs a polish, some finishing touches and she’s a wrap. Will post finished product in under glass. Next time I’ll do a proper WIP - got a 356 on deck oh boyyy FullSizeRender.MOV
  8. Got the engine sorted…didn’t go too crazy on it, but got it wired and grimed up. I thought the tail lights that came with the kit were a little too big and toyish looking so I made some replacements. I had to sand out the holes on the body a little for fitment, then cut some aluminum tubing to size, sanded them and then polished them with some wenol. Then I stuck the red tail lights to some evergreen rods and wiggled them into place. Once I install them, I’ll set them in some epoxy and snip the excess plastic rod so the chassis can fit. It’s my favorite part of the car so I want it looking good. Gonna do essentially the same thing for the rear exhaust pipes.
  9. Thanks fellas…got a lot more done today. Will update soon
  10. Added some photo etch emblems and painted them before hitting the whole thing with ts-13 clear. Here are some shots under LED lights so you can see the pearl. It’s not 100% what I was going for but it’s pretty darn close. Next up is some foil and a polish… FullSizeRender.MOV
  11. Thanks - the interior is still a bit of a mess but I’ll get it looking sharp (I hope haha) That’s a beaut. I actually had no idea this was a tv car - was wondering who the heck that guy on the box was 😂 I usually do factory colors only, but felt like getting weird. Figured a $10 kit would be a good one to do it on. This is the paint job I’m going for…I like how it looks black until the light hits it a certain way
  12. The body needed a lot of work. Tons of flash and brutal mold lines, especially around the windows. I opened the side vents, removed the door handles, then sanded the whole thing out. I also dechromed the side panels and attached them to the body. Going to foil them later on. prime time… primer + gloss black primer + gloss black + pearl clear primer + gloss black + pearl clear + clear red primer + gloss black + pearl clear + pearl red + tamiya smoke
  13. For the body color, I wanted to replicate a dark metallic red/black I saw on an Eagle etype speedster. Took some trial and error but think I got pretty close. I did a test run on an old hood…started with metallic black, then clear red, then smoke (all tamiya cans). It came out looking a little too maroon/brown and the metallics weren’t really doing their thing... Next I tried a gloss black base under clear pearl. I did one half of the hood with clear blue to see if I’d like it and the other with clear red. Then hit the whole thing in smoke and clear coated. The hood is a mess, but this is basically just a spoon test. I liked this method much better. Will probably do a car in blue down the road, but it’s gonna be red for this vette.
  14. Hey guys - I never did a WIP thread before, so I figured I’d do a quickie on my current project. I found this kit on eBay for like 10 bucks and decided it would be good practice for the new ‘67 I just just picked up. This kit was comically under-detailed and has quite a few inaccuracies, some of which I addressed and others I just rolled with (ie. there were no decals, body scripts, wipers, chrome bumpers etc, and I’m pretty sure the door panels are from a ‘67). That said, I love a ‘65 vette and wanted to see what I could do with this one. Oh, and the dude on the cover is amazing… The main purpose of this build was to test out a paint technique I hope to use down the road on other builds…specifically an E-type I want to convert to the custom Eagle version at some point (will explain down below). I’m fairly far along in this build, and should have started the thread earlier…consider this a Netflix binge version of a WIP lol. I do still have quite a bit to do though, so if there are any glaring errors/omissions which are not too late to address, I’m all ears. Have a great weekend 🤙🏽 Interior: First I had to fiddle with the interior. I sanded off the door panel “details” and added some armrests. Also added an armrest to the center console. I tried making the sound bar I’ve seen in a bunch of the 1:1 cars but didn’t realize there are supposed to be three speakers on each side of the bar until after I put it together. I probably wouldn’t have been able to fit them all anyway so I just tweaked it and stuck to 4. I used styrene, aluminum tubing and pipe screens for the speaker covers. I also added some styrene strips to the seats for trim. I foiled the dash after priming and removed the paint around the dials after painting them matte black. The rest got hit with semigloss black and clear coat. For the gauge hands, I used some stretched styrene, sprayed red, and cut to size. Then used some uv resin over the gauge faces. I wanted to try out some detail master push knobs for the center console, but only had room for two, as the scaling was off. Not ideal, but I liked the look of them (and I’d already drilled the holes 🤦🏻‍♂️) so I decided to just keep them in place. After painting it, I used some 28 gauge wire as trim around the dash on each side of the console. I ended up buying a PE set for the body scripts, but also used it for the steering wheel. For the center emblem, I cut and polished some aluminum tubing and placed it around the Chevy emblem after spraying it black and rubbing out the high points. It took a bit of sanding to get it to fit inside the tubing but we got there. Then I added some resin on top. The stick shift was a tailoring pin dipped in bob smith glue a few times followed by some Molotow paint. The center console is foil under paint as well. I used 28 gauge wire for the trim around the door panels and made the window cranks and door knobs out of some aluminum rods and bent tailoring pins. Then added some pedals (which are tough to see) and carpeting. Still needs a clean up but it’s coming along.
  15. that is a beaut!
  16. these are the types of builds that make me push myself to get better. so, so good.
  17. Dude - really, really nice job. I bought the amt 300C kit a few months ago along with a can of pearl light red for it (great minds!). Awesome to see what the finished product will look like. Beautiful model.
  18. beautiful. really nice job
  19. Great job with a reeeeally tough kit. I need to try that open side window look. Very cool.
  20. Very nice. I’m starting this kit soon and now you got me thinking about adding the vinyl top. Great color as well. Solid job.
  21. The front is my one sore spot on the build. I think the biggest issue is the size of the wheels/tires. If they were a bit larger like on the 1:1, the height would be ok. I’ll def be upgrading them at some point soon.
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