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  1. That’s a great looking car. Awesome job on the repair too.
  2. Looking good! That’s blue is really nice. Love the wheels
  3. Thanks! I felt like the super bright orange was making my engines look too toyish on my earlier builds so I started doing a couple of things to help tone it down a bit. I prime the assembled block and trans with tamiya gray then spray the whole thing in either silver leaf or gloss aluminum depending on the engine (this one was gloss aluminum). Then I mask it off and spray the block in plain old TS-12 orange. I brush some silver on the edges that need cleaning up and then it’s a light coat of clear (I used TS-79 semi on this one to pull some shine out). When it’s all dry, I weather the whole thing with some light metallic acrylics and tamiya black and brown panel washes. So much happier with how they come out now.
  4. Must have missed this one. Great job - love that color. Such a great kit.
  5. Thank you sir. Yeah it’s pretty close but the real car a has sort of translucent turquoise look to it, which was tough to achieve with a clunky spray can. That said, the TS paint was amazing and looks really nice in person…will definitely use it again.
  6. Just finished my ‘65 Impala. It’s an older kit that fought me on every turn - I was due for a struggle and I got one. Fitment issues and warping were the biggest hurdles but we worked it out 😉 I tried messing around with the paint technique on this one - I went two light coats of tamiya pearl light green over silver leaf followed by some heavy coats of TS-13 clear in an attempt to recreate the look of the 1:1 (the bottom one in this pic). It turned out ok, all things considered, but an airbrush would have really been the better method - I could have mixed a little light blue in there for a more even turquoise finish. Oh well, I’ll get one someday… Only mods were to the front and rear dashes, and the engine bay, otherwise its straight out of the box. Have a nice weekend everybody 🤙🏽🤙🏽
  7. wow - all three look amazing. that firebird is a beauty. i have another one of those in my stash and may copy you on the color. what kind of paint did you use?
  8. That is really great looking. What paint did you use for the body?
  9. wow that thing is awesome. i really fell in love with this car while making the model. everything about it is just so dang cool.
  10. looking good! love that color
  11. thanks man! appreciate it. i had a lot of free time last week lol
  12. ahh man...good to know. i was planning on t-topping one of them, so i guess i'll just keep the saw out a little longer. thanks!
  13. what's the deal with the rear window? i have a couple of these in the pipeline looking good tom!
  14. that would look great! but i'm probably going to switch the wheels out soon anyway...i'm looking for a set to match the ones in the photo up top. fireball has a charger set that, with a little tweaking, could get me pretty darn close.
  15. thanks! primed then sprayed with tamiya linoleum deck brown. then took some crinkled plastic wrap and dabbed it in some semi gloss black lacquer and applied it bit by bit over the brown - swirling with a pointed cotton swab in between applications. then a very light spray of clear red and light spray of clear orange to get the desired darkness level. then a couple coats of semi gloss clear. letting the paint dry completely between each step is the key.
  16. Some bonus tweak footage 😎 Tunes…
  17. Finally got this one wrapped up on Friday. I modeled it after the firebird I want to own someday (bottom of this pic). Can’t tell you how much I loved this kit. It’s basically everything the current Revell 69 Camaro WISHES it could be. The wheels were its only minor weakness - so I replaced them with a set from my mustang 😎 Gonna get some proper Pontiac wheels on it someday. Made a few tweaks - vinyl top, hood vents, exhaust tips, cut up the dash and added an 8-track player with some tunes, detailed the engine a bit, the aforementioned wheels, etc. - but it’s mostly right out of the box. I really hope Revell reissues this one. I want to do it again in a few different styles, and they’re getting pricey on EBay. Tamiya champagne gold, clear, and matte black rattle cans for the bod and top 🤙🏽
  18. thanks my dudes 🤙🏽
  19. love that kit..think it’s time to do another one. great looking car and awesome pics!
  20. Really really nice build. Doing a similar color combo now on a 68 firebird…super sharp 🤙🏽
  21. Thanks - they’re in the photo etch kit from model car garage. I also used them for the side scripts and the one on the trunk. What kit is your model? I’m looking everywhere for that hood but have only found resin copies - unfortunately they were too full of air bubbles to be of any use.
  22. been watching your builds on youtube for a few months now, and each one is exceptional. good stuff.
  23. Ooh that’s the dream. Saw a purple one on the Brooklyn bridge on Friday…that will be me someday!!
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