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  1. Very smart. The 308 looks great in that blue.
  2. Nice looking build, great colour and modifications too.
  3. Background: Summer seemed a good time to make another open-top car, the seemingly forgotten (both in real life and in kit form) Toyota MR-S aka Toyota MR2 Spider. For the colour scheme, I've chosen upmarket elegance rather than sports-custom as the theme for the build. Based a lot on a pic I saw online from a motor show. Pros: Easy to assemble and the proportions look like an MR-S. Cleanly moulded with little cleanup necessary. Wipers actually conform the the curve of the screen (many kits do not) and everything - including the seats - is solidly mounted. Mostly very nice interior - the main detail is focussed here, fortunately for an open-top car. Cons: The moulding of the top of the dashboard is a bit rough. Windscreen doesn't fit perfectly at the top. Overall the model is quite simple. Verdict: Cheap, cheerful and fun to build with no stress and a nice result. Build notes: Painted in Hycote Audi Dakota Grey with Mr Hobby gloss. The interior is Tamiya AS-22 Dark Earth and semi-gloss black. Wheels changed to Fujimi Speedline COMPE-2 17 inch. To the boxed kit I added a front lip, rear wing, seatbelts and retainers, carpets, front fog lights and a small bottle in the cup-holder between the seats. Also the front and rear Toyota emblems are Tamiya chrome-y parts, not Fujimi decals.
  4. Very nice, great job & detailing.
  5. Very clean build. Back to the '80s...
  6. Cool. Nice body+wheel colour combo.
  7. Thanks to everyone for the comments - probably the most commented-upon car/build I've posted.
  8. Background: I am of that generation where the 328 GTS is the answer to the question "What does a Ferrari look like?". That and it's similarity to to the 308 (Magnum's car), the 512 BB , 365 BB and the 288 GTO makes you wonder if Ferrari could've got stuck in the same groove as Porsche - making every car look basically the same. Fortunately not. I regard the 328 GTS as the ultimate development of the classic Ferrari shape. It's a beautiful car, a work of art. Pros: Great proportions, clean mouldings and little cleanup required. A full engine is included and the interior is nicely detailed as well. Also comes with a Photo-Etched fret for some of the more detailed parts and badges. The plated wheels look very good. Cons: Parts of it are fiddly to put together, especially the front and rear suspension and the exhaust system, the latter of which is a small 3D puzzle to get the parts into place. The instructions are only so-so, certain parts are not easy to follow and the assembly order isn't always logical. Some of the engine parts would have been easier to assemble if not plated. No Italian number plates included, only German ones which seems odd. The passenger side wiper does not conform to the shape of the windscreen at all, as it's entirely straight. Verdict: Very good. Builds into a beautiful model of the 328GTS. Build notes: I've added seatbelts and retainers, carpeting, plus quite a bit of extra detail to the engine bay by way of hoses, pipes and most noticeably, the oil filter on top. I also changed the rear number plate and swapped the useless passenger windscreen wiper for one from a Daihatsu Move CS kit. The side Ferrari shields are also aftermarket additions. Undercoated with Tamiya pink primer and painted in Tamiya TS-8 Italian red, with a TS-46 Light sand interior.
  9. Very nice and looks a lot better with those (probably Nissan Skyline?) wheels than the boring boxed wheels. Great colour too.
  10. Great result from a very old kit. I wish someone would do a new kit of this car.
  11. Background: I decided to model something that'd remind me of being on holiday in Asia and also - this HiAce is the second oldest kit in my stash, having been there some 9 years. This model of the HiAce, the H200 - is pretty ubiquitous all over Asia - especially Japan, Thailand and Malaysia amongst others. It is to Asia what the Ford Transit was to the UK during the 70s/80s - Everywhere for everything. This one is inspired by a Japan Rail version I saw online, but I've made this one with the custom parts rather than some bog-standard steel-wheels-and-black-plastic-bumper version of the HiAce. Pros: Very well moulded, little cleanup required and nearly everything fits together well. Nice decals, although no number plates. Entire chassis and interior is great. Cons: "Fits together" is not the same as "joins together". As is typical with many other Aoshima kits I've built, the overlapping areas they give you to glue parts together are often very small. For example the chrome lights, front bumper and body have a lot of pieces of plasticard overlapping and reinforcing the joints on the inside. And as will be obvious from the photos, the rear hatchback cover does not fit very well at all. I think Aoshima were more interested in the opening feature (a gimmick to my mind) than how well the door sat when closed. Also the entire body sides were a little bowed - since corrected during the build. Verdict: It's OK. Very well done in parts and not so in others. I have built better Aoshima kits. The fit of the back door is disappointing. Build notes: Built over the course of 3 weeks in June/July 2022. Tamiya Pearl White, Racing Green and Gloss Aluminium, with custom decals, including the number plates which are the year of my birth. I've also changed the wheels as the boxed versions were much too bling.
  12. Great looking build. Yellow suits it.
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