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  1. That's a real beauty Steven. Natural light is always better to photograph car models, it puts them in their real environment, and your model is so beautiful not just the color but the build and details are awesome. Like their real counterparts these models are almost gone, Please keep posting these.
  2. Thanks Bob Thank you Harry.I don't remember have trouble with the bumpers, maybe because right now I am struggling finishing the 1/24 ICM admiral saloon. Beautiful kit but the body parts are a nightmare to get them to fit.The AMG gt seems like it builds itself in comparison. Thanks Emre, it must have been a blast, I'm jealous. Thanks Chris Merci Pat Thanks Rich, As the weather is warming up here, soon I'll be able to take some outside pictures. Nothing like natural light to make a model pop. Thanks Jim, I find that Tamiya spray lacquer paints are really forgiving, they give a nice smooth finish. I usually go with 2 mist coats and 2 or 3 wet coats. Thanks David, I tried to reproduce the beautiful box art of the RoG version.
  3. A straightforward kit, nothing added, nothing removed. Builds up really well. Paint is Tamiya spray chrome yellow. It's good to have a nice fitting kit from time to time. The difference of shade in the photos is due to me playing with the camera settings. Personally , I prefer the darker ones. thanks for looking.
  4. A beautiful pair for sure, like them both.I am glad I grew up around these, Boy that was fun.
  5. Nice job on the vette. It looks great in that color.
  6. Wow Greg, you nailed the box art perfectly. This is a beautiful kit and you did it justice.👍
  7. Awesome build. That yellow is glowing, perfect for it.
  8. Always nice to see the odd ball model, Nice job on it too.
  9. Awesome mustang, you certainly nailed it.
  10. Nice and clean Pontiac. The color is perfect for it.
  11. A well done build of a not so good fitting kit, but you did a hell of a job on it. Great paint job by the way.
  12. Beautiful build and top notch photography.
  13. Nice looking concept. definitely not your typical Fiat. Great job on it.
  14. Turned out pretty good. Nice color.
  15. Nice color contrast. Well done. Gotta love the fat fenders.
  16. Great looking truck and great idea to switch to pepsi, great job on the details and decals.
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