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  1. As I enjoy yours my friend. Thanks Thanks Bob Thanks David, much appreciated. Thanks JD Thanks Rich, I take a lot of inspiration from you guys, every day there is something new to look at and drool over.😎
  2. Great job on the impala, beautiful interior and engine bay.
  3. Thanks James Thanks Doyle Thanks Chris Thanks David, appreciated. Thank you Gerald.
  4. Wow Thomas, this is one hell of a nice replica. you should take a forced perspective showing both cars the same size, it would be hard to tell which is which.
  5. Awesome Charger, great detailing, although I agree with you that the flakes look a little on the big side, I remember when the metal flake was in fashion back in the 70's, I remember seeing some cars with really prominent flakes and they were bigger than what we would normally see. So yours is not too off the mark. The outside photos look really nice and the metal flake effect looks better.
  6. I love the wet look paint on that Vette, the jag looks pretty cool too.
  7. Always nice to see a different take on a kit. I like what you did to this one. Pretty much what was common to see back then in my little town.
  8. Hi Zenon, I have the whole glass tree, I also have the chrome tree but the grille is the GMC . let me know if you still want the parts.
  9. A beautiful build, it looks really good in black, That engine bay looks darn good.
  10. Another beautiful build of vintage kit. It's always a pleasure to see your builds Rich. Personally, I prefer a background for my photos but it's a personal preference and, as it's your model, it's your choice to display as you see fit. A few well taken photos in different angles and views when we can see the model in focus and crisp details is always nice to look at. Why not try a mix of photos with the box and some with a background ? In the end, it's your model, your choice, I will enjoy looking at your models whatever the background maybe. Please , keep them coming.
  11. Really cool looking vette. This generation is my favorite. Great job, it looks fabulous.
  12. Thank you guys for your kind comments. cheers,
  13. not only is this a fantastic display of your talent, it's also an inspiration to better oneself, at least it is for me. I wish I could be as skillful as you. I'm glad you posted it. Congrats on a well deserved prize.
  14. Really awesome build, love that engine details and the black steelies.
  15. Thanks Lee Thanks David Thank you Mike. Thanks Gary. Thanks John. Thanks Robert, That's what I like from the Revell kits, they include the badges and scripts, makes our life much easier. Thanks John, washes are a great and easy way of adding realism to any model, it brings out the details by adding shadow-like effects. Thanks Samuel. Thanks Chaz Thanks Tom Thanks Ray. Thanks Jim Thanks David, Appreciated.
  16. Nothing fancy, built out of the box. A fun to build kit, no fit issues, goes together very well and it gives a nice rendition of the impala. Paint is Tamiya pearl blue. I have a bunch of newly build kits but I haven't taken pictures yet. As always , thanks for looking.
  17. Great job on the Corvair, always liked that car even when it had all the bad press, which was totally underserved IMHO.
  18. great build of a great kit from rev-monogram. You did it justice. I build 2 of those and they are so fun to put together. I like them all but ,like others, I tend to find the blue one really eye catching, in fact they all look pretty cool and building Projects with your Dad is the dream of many modelers. 😎
  19. Great weathering technique, I remember seeing those when I was young, and later on as an adult in junkyards , the look is amazing.
  20. great rendition of the RR. I like the color and the decal work.
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