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  1. That is one awesome car but the color is what strikes me as fantastic, the reflections play nice with the angles making different shades. It reminds me of those crazy colors they had on Hot wheels cars when I was young. Beautiful .
  2. I will join the chorus here, the finish is super nice and I love the color. It just looks right.
  3. Looks pretty good from where I sit Bob. BMF will go bad after a while. It either stop sticking or starts cracking all over. Despite that, you did a great job that blue really pops and that 409 sure looks amazing. I like the interior too. Thumbs up Zippi, keep 'em coming.
  4. I always liked those monogram kits despite some of them having more or less inaccuracies. I build a lot of them in the 80's. They really fun to build. This one is straight from the box, nothing special or after market. thanks for looking
  5. A quick build of a kit that I had in my stash for a long time. Nothing added. The engine was missing parts so I left the hood shut. Painted in Tamiya French blue. The wooden parts are wooden deck tan with brown wash streaks to simulate grain.
  6. Great build Brian, the engine weathering is beautiful and very realistic. The outside photos really brings this beauty to life. Thanks for sharing
  7. Great job Pat, you might just push me to try my hand at it. I like those old trucks and cars.
  8. Great build and color choice Greg . I love those fat fenders of that period. The dark green is perfect for it. You are right , that a great kit . Having a nice background adds up to realism.
  9. That's a beautiful combo Pat. The colors are spot on and the background give it life. Excellent build and photography.
  10. Nice looking little rodder. I like the red you chose. The heated effect on the exhaust pipe is really nice.
  11. Really beautiful job. It reminds me of " the car " which was build from a Lincoln IIRC. It feels like the front wheels are in a different time zone 😀 Big thumbs up.
  12. You did a super job Scott, considering that this kit is definitely not the best out there but your rendition is really good. I build that kit and it's not even half good as yours.The parcels are a nice touch. It really looks the part.
  13. Beautiful mustang, I like the blue / gray treatment.
  14. Perfectly done. This thing look mighty real.I like the heated look on the exhaust pipes.
  15. Really nice ride. nice custom treatment. I like what you did on the chassis and inner fenders.
  16. thank you all for the kind words, Steve, The tarp is just facial tissue, the thicker the better, slowly saturated with diluted acrylic paint and mod podge with an eye dropper. As it gets wet you can damage it as you like. When dry I apply washes and dry brushing as needed. Lee, I bought it like 8 years ago it was on sale at UDISCO in Montreal. They have close shop since then. Here in Montreal a typical Italeri 1/24 kit sells for 40 CAD. I haven't seen it in a while though.
  17. My kind of build. Really good weathering. Little details that tell a story. Perfect The beauty of decay.
  18. Now that's the kind of build that inspire me. Everything is right. This is a really beautiful model Steve. Keep them coming.
  19. happy grumpy


    Every time I see a yellow taxi I automatically think of New-York. I am building right now a yellow cab taxi out of the supernatural kit. Waiting for the wheels from Fireball modelworks. I like the simple set up with minimal details but enough to get the story. Great work Tony. That's a nice looking ford in that yellow livery.
  20. I have a soft spot for rusting vehicles, you did a nice diorama with it, great work and idea.
  21. Nice and clean. I like the monochrome look and color. Perfect color for that era. Great build
  22. My favorite type of car, the unsung heroes, daily driver workhorse, plain jane. There is a lot of work in this labor of love. Great details and color choice. i really like the way you depicted it, nicely maintained with an accurately depicted weathered chassis. Well done.
  23. Beautiful GTX. The white interior contrasts well with the blue. The engine bay looks so real. I like the engine wiring, the cables are scaled correctly. Great work on the details.
  24. My first resin conversion, lil' red wagon as a donor and the body from Jimmy Flintstone. This van reminds me of the villain's vehicle in Batman in the 60's. I always liked that weird look . aside for taking extra steps for painting, it builds up quite nicely. The color is TS 41 coral blue. Thanks for looking
  25. A beautiful kit from Revell. I wish they would offer a sedan version but hey one can hope. the paint is Ts 48 gunship gray which is between matt and semi gloss but the grain is really fine so a little wet sanding and polish and clear coat does the trick. Nothing special, no issues at all. A really fun build. Got a first prize in stock at a local show a few years ago. Hope you enjoy.
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