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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Pat, I'm pretty sure that's the one I saw. Thanks to you for inspiring me to do it . This car looks so nice like this. Would be fun to see one done for real. thanks for sharing.
  2. I think the one I saw was yellow or light orange i can't remember for sure. It was at least 4 or 5 years ago. Anyway, yours looks just as cool. I wonder why Ford did not offer a fast back option for the cougar, it looks so natural in this configuration. I guess someone at ford did not want to compete directly with the Mustang unlike Camaro and Firebird. Thanks for sharing your take on the cougar. Proof that I am not the only one who likes this iteration of an already nice car.
  3. Welcome to the forum Phillip, looking forward to see your work.
  4. Finished this last week. New box of an old kit . Glad they re-issued this , the prices for an old kit on e-vil bay was out of budget. Simple kit that builds without any major issue. I built it to match the beautiful box art. hope you enjoy.
  5. A few years ago, while browsing this forum ,I stumble on a nice "what if" kind of build of a 69 eliminator fast back and it looked so right. I don't remember who did it but if you recognize yourself, thank you for inspiring me to build my own. I swap the top and back from an AMT 69 mustang and voila. This is how this car should have been build IMHO but you don't have to agree. It came out t better than I thought it would since I am weary of attempting extensive surgery like some of you do. Since it is a relatively simple mod and that I wanted this so bad, It got me going. As always thanks for sharing.
  6. Beautiful build and a rare sight. I like the goodies in the back.
  7. Awesome build. Great job on the details, it looks authentic.
  8. Great build and nice take on the Louisville. Everybody who build this kit including me fells your pain when it comes to the hood/cab fitment. Still, it builds up to a nice model in the right hands. You did a great job on it. 👍
  9. Always nice to see these old ladies getting build.You did them justice.
  10. Cool looking rod. Nice color choice.
  11. Glad to see a completed model of " the red tomato " as referred to in the show. Nice build and yes, Fireball makes excellent stuff. Having build this kit, the only flaw is the decals, they are translucent and the red bleeds thru. I wish revell would correct this. Nicely build and thanks for sharing.
  12. Creative take on re purposing body parts. Cool looking rod
  13. thank you all for your kind comments. Jim, I don't keep track of time on my builds, but if I had to guess, I spend about 2 hrs / day 4 to 5 days a week so It would be around 50 to 60 hours for this one. Less time if the kit is familiar (muscle cars AMT,Revell ,etc). A big rig kit will take much longer since I am less familiar with big trucks. regards,
  14. Nice build , we don't see this kit often, great to see one so nicely build.
  15. Nice build with lots of details. Nice color choice too.
  16. Nice and clean build. I like the seats.
  17. I bet a lot of fire chief would like to get that ride. Cool idea.
  18. Nice bird, blue on blue is a nice idea.
  19. A classic kit of a classic car. I like to build those old monogram kits. Tamiya metallic green clear coated with ts 13. All stock from the box. The only thing I would change would be the wheels and tires. Having used some of Fireball Modelworks wheel and tires for other projects, his stuff is first grade. Fun fact, a few days after I finished this model. I was taking a walk and while waiting for the light I saw a real super bee same year and same color. That made my day. Seeing these is a rare event especially up here much less a car you modeled a few days before. as always , thanks for looking.
  20. Everything about this is just great. I love the way it looks. Well worth the effort you put into it. The engine , weathering and the weighted tires only add to an already realistic model.
  21. Simply gorgeous, nice details all around and great photography. The outside shots have the real thing to it. AA+ 👍.
  22. Another box stock look build. I wanted to change the wheels but decided to keep the ones in the kit. Like almost any monogram kit, this one had no fit issues. The colors I use to look like the box are Tamiya pure white and light blue. I never was really fond of these trucks back then, but over the years I came to appreciate their historical and sentimental value so I had to had at least one in the collection. thanks for looking.
  23. That's what I would call a comeback with a bang. Obviously you did not loose any of your talents. Great model and welcome back.
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