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  1. Beautiful Pontiac Mike. The interior looks awesome, The deep blue body and the red line tires contrast add to the overall looks. I like the colorful seats.
  2. Beautiful truck, the color combo is right on. You can't go wrong with moebius kits.
  3. Your hard work paid off, it's now a beautiful rare model. Impressive work👍
  4. Beautiful vette. I like the engine details.
  5. Beautiful and cool looking, I like the black on black vibe. That 409 looks so neat.
  6. Great models, I also like to model rust , To me, a junk yard is a limitless canvas to get inspiration.
  7. Welcome to the playground Nils. Looking forward to see your work
  8. One of my earlier attempts at weathering. A fine kit with a beautiful inline 6. Build stock (because I'm lazy and old) but happy how it turned out. thanks for stopping by.
  9. That's a great looking ride. Back in those days, aerodynamics were the thing , a far cry from the square boxes of the 80's. This one elegance, beauty and speed. The colors are awesome. Great build David.👍
  10. Thank you all for the kind words. really appreciated. Rusty, for this particular build, I used a mix of Tamiya acrylics yellow/white/brown for the light color, and light brown/hull red/red. I always mix more than I need and keep the rest if I need to repair a boo boo or touch ups. I let the paint cure for a few days and then I clear coat with either mr hobby super clear or Tamiya Ts 13. I lay a couple of mist coats and then I let this set for a week, I found that it seals the paint better and the subsequent coats don't sink as much, giving a better finish. After everything is cured , a light polish with fine compounds for the finishing touch.
  11. Another win James, The engine details are spot on. I also like the chrome headers.
  12. Nice GT 500. Beautiful color. Great job.
  13. Another kit from Italeri. The reason I bought this kit was the box art so, kudos to the marketing dept. I liked it so much that I wanted to reproduce the car on the box but using a slightly darker tone. Quite happy how it turned out. My only gripe about it is the lack of details on the folded top fabric when compared to the box art. I think they could have done a better job considering the level of details of their military kits . Everything else is good though . Luxury cars of that era were truly impressive. Hope you enjoy and as always thanks for looking and commenting.
  14. That a good looking ford Tom. I kept being on the fence whether to build one or not. You just pushed me over to finally commit.
  15. One of my all time favorite pick up . You did a great job on it and the 2 tone color is just awesome.
  16. Great looking T1 . Gorgeous interior details. Right now it's -15 deg celcius up here so that's gonna make my day a little warmer.
  17. Nice and clean Chevy. I like the engine bay. Good choice of color.
  18. Great looking Bugatti. Would like to take a ride in this.
  19. Great looking builds. The outside shots makes them pop. Good job.
  20. Somehow, it looks better tan the original kit which always looked too short to me. I gig the color too. As for the lettering, how hard would it be for AMT/ROUND2 to make decals for mud flaps? great build Alex. 👍
  21. Excellent take on this Civic. Those who snob curbside kits, here's what you're missing. Even though simple, this kit builds up into a very nice replica. I have 3 of those kits and had a 96 civic 1;1 in the early 2000's . I like everything about it.
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