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  1. Thank you all for your kind comments. I like to use a background to put the car in context. Right now up here in Montréal, outside shooting is a no no . Come summer I will try to take more outside shots as I like to use real backgrounds and play with camera angles and settings to make it more realistic. In the mean time it will be inside for the time being. I wish you all a great 2022.
  2. A very productive year indeed. The yellow ford in the first pic caught my eye.
  3. All beautiful and clean. The engine details are so good, they look like they could actually run.
  4. great year Dominik despite your mishap. The white porches really stands out for me and the Buick wildcat. In all a very good year. Bravo!
  5. I love those old classics. Great job on the build and color choice. As Espo said, you would easily spot in in a parking lot. The trim is nice and clean.
  6. Beautiful dusty effects. I did the hasegawa kit but not the italeri but it looks pretty good to me.
  7. What a beautiful group, nicely done . Hard to pick a favorite.
  8. Ok, for those who have expressed concerned about all those cars seen at this old warehouse. I called the cops to investigate what’s going on in this building. However, after a short inspection, it was found that it’s just a bunch of old chaps meeting and babbling about their hobby and models. Crazy, right? A bunch of old folks playing with small cars. Oh well, carry on, nothing to see here, there’s nothing going on here. … or is there?? The cars are MPC’s dodge Monaco . I don’t know how many re-issues there is out there but it’s basically the same old kit. I don’t know about the most recent one though, all I know is that it has new tires and light bar. For the undercover cars I used the excellent cop wheels and tires from Fireball Modelworks. As always, thanks for looking and for your inspiration.
  9. AMT trucks are definitely not easy to build kits.You did a great job on this one. I like the color
  10. That's what is fun with this hobby, your build, your choice. It's a fun looking truck.
  11. That engine bay is absolutely awesome. That is one well build replica.
  12. Good looking builds.You had a productive year.I like the mythbusters chevy.
  13. Beautiful group. Nice background too. I like them all.
  14. This is the major league of modelling, there is a lot of inspiration in these builds
  15. A lot to take in in this group as many of these are a rarity. Great year of beautiful builds
  16. Great variety and beautiful photography. I really dig the charger 500
  17. All beautiful but the C10 gets my vote.The colors and build are great.
  18. So sorry for your loss, we all know we'll experience it but we are never prepared for it. Your models are beautiful and these are no exception, I am biased though since I have a soft spot for Mopars.Thanks for sharing despite your grief.
  19. Really stunning, well worth the effort you put in it. I really need to build at least one cobra. This is very inspiring.
  20. Really nice BMW. This particular model always gets my attention. The wheels look awesome.
  21. Great black finish. Nice display set up idea.
  22. thanks Lee, For this project, I used the salt method, where you lay a reddish brown base coat, I use lacquer then you lay salt over the area you want to rust, you need to wet the area for the salt to stick. when dry, just airbrush your top color, and remove the salt with a stiff brush once the paint is dry. I also use washes and pastel chalk to add texture. I hope this answer your question.
  23. A nice collection for sure, you certainly did them justice.
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