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  1. So here’s a little update. I have switched from a candy red to Ferrari Rosso #304(original). The candy was nice, but I did the hood& cab think I over sprayed it, as it came out a scarlet/burgundy color, which didn’t fly. I went with OG Ferrari red and happy with choice. 2k clear applied as well. I finished the body mods, except the bed, which I am doing a real wood bed, elevated to hide the frame work, fuel cell and air ride equipment. Fab’d the basswood strips, styrene for bed rails. Hoping to have it open and close. got most of trim done and got some trim in dash to complete. Engine is getting there and mounted. Squeezing that monster into the engine compartment was tight, but made a custom firewall and squeezed it in. Stance is set and wheels are painted and added the redline stripe on tires. That’s all for now , peace out and model on!!!
  2. They call me mellow yellow …. Nice looking bronco and the color is coooool!!
  3. I just used a paper clip and snipped it on each side after sliding thru the drilled holes and the loop at top of the stabilizing bar. For me, it allowed me get it set and move a bit to set, to anchor to the frame. The ones I did were my first attempt, so I think they could be done a little cleaner, but not going backwards. iceman collections and mypartsbox420 on eBay, sell some great aftermarket items, especially the lowered suspension items. I saw someone make the independent suspension arms on the front by bending wire/paper clip to shape with a loop at the top of the arm, to fit the strut(top & bottom). Then bent the ends 90 degrees and slid ends into round hollow stock, that can me mounted to frame. The arms float up and down nicely. I bought the front kit already, and compared the 2 and wire seemed a little thin, but think it works and would be to scale. Iceman collections sells a universal lowered frame that is adjustable in length and comes with entire suspension parts, bags and brakes, if you want to spend 30 bucks and make it easy on yourself.
  4. Sooooo, here is my latest update on my project. I have gained a whole new appreciation for scratch builders. I guess I’m doing some scratch building, modifying for sure. I never realized the time that goes into this hobby. I have made some progress, but it’s SLOWWWWW. I’m cautiously working and spending a lot of time just looking at it and getting my plan set in my head. I’m not a fly by the seat of your pants kind of guy, so trying not to have to do anything twice. This is very satisfying, but anxiety filled when making some cuts to certain important parts of the truck. anyways, got the front end of the truck modified. Narrowed bumper, made grill and light one piece. Cut out the hood vents and added hood supports and primed( Going to frame out grills for the vents & install metal mesh). I have Fab’d the interior center console, dash and made door panels. I am using the bucket seat from kit and adding the center & seat cushions & vent grill. Embossing will go down for carpet, painted Italian red. Interior is going to be Ferrari red leather by gravity colors(Spain). primed the 5.2L ford voodoo engine and will be cramming it into the engine compartment. Couldn’t find the Coyote engine in the 1:1, as I the whipper blower I foundwouldn’t fit right. Had this for a GT4, so said WTH and putting it in. The rear tubs are done, just not welded in place. The bed is not going to follow the 1:1, as I want tho try to incorporate a real wood bed. Got the air ride kit accessories and will be installing. Finally got the front end frame notched and ind air ride mounts set. Got some play to get stance just just right, but that won’t be done for a bit. That’s all for now, MODEL ON…
  5. Thanks a lot, appreciate it. Truth be told I also did 2 armored and 2 planes and a small boat. Autos are where I found my niche. Yes lots of research and homework. Really enjoying the customizing. I have viewed some of your stuff and you are really talented. The mudder you built is bad ass, I think it was a jeep rubicon, but might be wrong. Really good motivation for me to strive for.
  6. I have a plan, but trying to be patient and think it out before making a cut or change. Ty
  7. Thanks, trying to go slow, enjoying this so much. Got an update coming
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