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  1. Same for me. No issues using it with other brands.
  2. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone has used the rapid thinner with metallics and if it makes the chrome any shinier? I understand how it flashes off quicker, just looking for results people have had. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Marc
  3. I am a frequent flyer to Craft-tech and Hog Heaven. Time machine is close to. I think I may go Xmas shopping for myself at Hobby emporium. Try to support brick&mortar if possible. PV Hobbies was 2 mins from house, but I was too late. Will check out the the twin cities shops, as I sometimes around the rt.2 corridor for work. Have a good one
  4. Thanks for the 411. Will keep it in mind, pretty cool they are in Mass, if I ever hit the lotto…..$$$$$
  5. Hey Charlie, thanks for the hello. I live in Agawam. I appreciate the heads up about wings & wheels, west Spgfld. Will see what I can find out. Lowell is interesting, but can’t commit, as that’s 2 hrs one way for me. I have been wanting to visit the Hobby Emporium in Tyngsborough, so maybe kill 2 birds, will see? Are there any good shops up in Fitchburg/Leom/Gardner area??
  6. Hello Happy Grumpy, aka Mario. Would luv to see some of your collection. Take care
  7. Hello, My name is Marc and I have just taken up the hobby again in Jan 2021, as a Covid Hobby. I built a few models as a kid, but nothing crazy. I have fallen in love with American Muscle, Ford/Cobra are my favorites. Fell in love with the cobra 427 in my teens, reading an article about owners taping a $100 bill to the dash. They would run a 1/4 mile and if the passenger could grab it, it was theirs. The curves of the car are amazing. Anyway, I did a few armor vehicles and didnt enjoy like I did building a automobile. This is my first love in modeling. I have just completed model number #10, since Jan 2021. (2 armor, 2 planes, 1 small boat and 5 cars) Each has gotten better, but have so much to learn. I have viewed many of the boards, the work bench and under glass boards. You guys do some amazing builds/work. I am attaching a picture of my last build. Scales finishes Ford Lead foot gloss enamel and Eleanor black stripe gloss enamel. Alclad dark/black chrome. The contrast of gloss/metallic stripes and flat grey looks good to my eye. First time striping a car and just eyed it. Probably not the correct method, but not to bad using the plumbers eye, 👍. Hope to enjoy the hobby even more with some other like minded modelers. Take care and hope you say hey. Marc
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