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  1. Nice work on that Nova! I had a 1:1 1967 Nova Wagon in the 1980's when I was living in Michigan. The car had documents that indicated time spent in Utah. So relatively rust free right? Within three years there were rust holes through the top of the fenders near the windshield/cowl area. That happened no matter what I did to try and prevent it. It was white with blue interior. I changed it to red with black interior. Added Cragars. Six banger with the Powerglide. Reliable, and looked cool. I love wagons. But it was so loud on the expressway I could not hear the radio. I learned about inexpensive cars with it. Long forgotten the buy and sell figures. I'm building two of the AMT '66 Novas right now (no idea how that came about). In doing research for colors and details I'm starting to think it is really a '67. The trunk chrome is '67 and a quick look at the grille makes me think that is true also? Anyone care to verify that? Also the rear window trim detail seems a little soft. At any rate I'm impressed with the under-hood detail, interior and the engine. Thanks for the heads up on the too tall carb!
  2. Nice paint! I was going to comment on the great decal work (my eyes went straight to the red in the pictures). Then re-read your post. Excellent effort on the Humbrol white! Nailed it.
  3. Some builds from awhile ago. I have some recent pics but I lost my grip on media storage 😏. The shoebox Ford is recent.
  4. I live in the SW but will soon be moving back near the Big Lake (Michigan). I build 1/25 scale cars, 1/144 scale airliners, and sometimes......ships 1/350. But I'm solid into cars. Box stock kit bash and the only thing I' afraid of is a resin kit bash that turns out disjointed after an honest effort.
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