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  1. Throwing in the towel. Need some advice

    Pack em away in till you are ready to start building again.
  2. ACME Club "Back to the 80's" challenge

    Perfect representation of the 80's
  3. From the mind of a 9 year old...

    Your daughter has an 80's soul to her because this is something you would have seen in the 1980's plastered on every car mag cover... It's wicked cool!
  4. Deuce T

    Nicely done.
  5. Anyone Make A 55-57 GMC?

    Well that sucks, like big time!
  6. Anyone Make A 55-57 GMC?

    It will be on the 2Do list.
  7. I Only finished one in 2016!

    You finished more kits than I did last year! Beautiful build by the way
  8. Vote for the winners of our Online Model Car Contest

    Taking way to long to load. You would do a whole lot better by making those full size images into clickable thumbnails
  9. Procrastinating / Builder's "block"

    What Harry said 100%
  10. Pierce-Arrow Watercolor Painting

    Thank You Harry for the comparison. When i painted that picture i didn't know anything about Andrew Wyeth but in the past couple years i have learned a lot about him and willing to learn more when i have time
  11. Pierce-Arrow Watercolor Painting

    Thank you Bill.
  12. Pierce-Arrow Watercolor Painting

    This is a quick watercolor painting of a Pierce-Arrow i did my senior year of high school over 20 years ago.
  13. 1/25 Revell '29 Model A Roadster 2'n'1

    i was just thinkin to myself what kind of monster that old Doc would muster up... i need a case of these right along with a case of each the other model As and all their 32s for starters
  14. Replacement windshield heat formed

    i did this once in the 90s to make a new rear window for a 1964 fury. instead doing the way you did it i made a two part mold out of bondo and then press the new window out