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  1. Your daughter has an 80's soul to her because this is something you would have seen in the 1980's plastered on every car mag cover... It's wicked cool!
  2. You finished more kits than I did last year! Beautiful build by the way
  3. Taking way to long to load. You would do a whole lot better by making those full size images into clickable thumbnails
  4. Thank You Harry for the comparison. When i painted that picture i didn't know anything about Andrew Wyeth but in the past couple years i have learned a lot about him and willing to learn more when i have time
  5. This is a quick watercolor painting of a Pierce-Arrow i did my senior year of high school over 20 years ago.
  6. i was just thinkin to myself what kind of monster that old Doc would muster up... i need a case of these right along with a case of each the other model As and all their 32s for starters
  7. i did this once in the 90s to make a new rear window for a 1964 fury. instead doing the way you did it i made a two part mold out of bondo and then press the new window out
  8. Congrats on your win specially from Buffcon. usually majority of trophies at that show are reserved for the club members who put the show on.
  9. Thank you I will work on getting this finished up and off to the caster Point well taken! vents will be included and i am only mastering the hood. Sean Stacey if he wants will be the one doing the casting and selling and he does take paypal. i have done a couple other parts in the past that he now carries and his castings are clean thanks for the comment on the chassis. its been a pain in the butt but its my own doing by modifying it from what it was originally going to be
  10. Sad but a pure accident unlike what a lot of people seem to think
  11. like the title says would anyone be interested in a '66-'67 nova hood with the '67 chevelle scoop built in? let me know so i can get it finished and off to the caster i will eventually be working on a bullet proof rear end in 1/25 and parts to the 1/16 General Lee (pro touring AM Max-G Frame or stock undercarriage, engine bay, interior etc) sometime later this year or next when i have the time. if anyone is interested in those please let me know specially on the General if you want pro touring or stock parts
  12. beautiful job and i love that color.
  13. Old formula its worth even more now. you could go on you Caribbean vacation and get a Maserati... model.
  14. not fake just a very misleading title by the producer
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