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  1. Truly amazing work! Great subject matter as well. I love the working lamps, street lights and headlights . This diorama is going to be phenomenal. 👍
  2. Thanks! Check out the finished product in the finished motorcycle/other section. I misspelled it there too. 😆
  3. Still coming down the home stretch. I got out that big box of shrink tubing to try to simulate roll bar padding. I bought it from Harbor Fraight many years ago. Could have come out better. I'll say this, next time I'm using a better paint brush for those fender extensions. That was a minor disaster.
  4. Great color. Love the Sportster tank. The exhaust is nice on this one too. 😎
  5. Thanks for that tip Mark. I let it sit for like 2 days and was glad to see how little scrubbing it took to get it completely off. Thanks!
  6. I had painted the seats the same sandalwood color as this top, but it just didn't look right so I went back and did them in satin black. The stance is a little higher than stock because I located the rears under the leaf springs rather than on top. The winch bumper came from one of those tomb Rader modern jeeps. The winch is from one of those1984 GMC pickups if I remember correctly. Still needs a bit of paint detail.
  7. Jeep seems to be coming down the home stretch . Had to do some choping work on the body, frame and radiator in order to fit this small block. Still need to work out the headers, exhaust and detail work.
  8. Looking nice Steve! Love the vinyl top.
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