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  1. 1978 Chevy Blazer Pulldozer 1/24 Revell (megahobby.com)
  2. Thanks Carl. My suspension kit from Texas 3D Customs came yesterday. So, I guess I could start a second Baja bug. The wheels are still not here so this project is moving at a snail's pace. Working on the stinger exhaust now. Using the one from the Manx kit. This kit is good for parts for the Baja bug.
  3. My dad's house is in Jupiter (he's up here in PA for a wedding). He said he called his neighbor, and his reply was "What Hurricane." Guess they dodged a bullet.
  4. Since my wheels haven't arrived yet, I figure I could at least give you a look at the tires I'm going with.
  5. Cortez the Killer - Buffalo Tom and J Mascis. Neil Young cover.
  6. Mike C.


    I also have lots of those parts.
  7. Thanks Dirk. I'm quite pleased with the way it came out too. If my wheels would ever get here, I could get moving on this project. Tires came yesterday. Gotta finish that interior and engine. Suspension is all ready to go.
  8. Man! Sorry to hear you got such a bogus deal. May I ask who you ordered it from?
  9. Husker Du - Makes no Sense at All. Live
  10. Crimson and Clover - The Velvet Underground. Tommy James and the Shondells cover.
  11. Storm just increased to a category 4. Winds 2mph less than a category 5. This is gonna be a big one. 😮
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