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  1. I can remember this documentary during the grunge era. Seems like a million years ago now.
  2. Chameleons - Tomorow Never Knows. Beatles cover.
  3. I scratch built the surfboards on the left. I'd much prefer to let the professionals do the heavy lifting. The ones on the right are from Texas 3D Customs.
  4. Bongwater - Ride my See Saw. Moody Blues cover.
  5. After many months the boards on the left are what I have so far. the 2 on the left are from Texas 3D Customs. All will need some kind of paint.
  6. Just for comparison sake. My scratchbuilt thrusters are on the left the Texas 3d boards are on the right.
  7. Just unboxed som goodies from Texas 3D customs. I highly recommend the modern short boards. Nice job on the fins Charles. Also got some big and little 5 slots and Goodyears for an up coming street van I have in the works. Some boggers and another winch bumper. 👍
  8. Big 1/16 amt '57 Nomad should look good with the proper stance. The supplied Cragar S/S mags a d street tires will look good with some white lettering. As for color, I'm leaning towards metallic black with a silver and black interior. With this mpc 1/16 Firebird kit, I can modify it somewhat.
  9. These came today. Both massive 1/16. I'm thinking of doing the Nomad as a street machine. The Cragar S/S wheels and street tires are really nice Got a can of black metallic for this one. I'll be using both sets of front seats as well as the tires, console, shifter, headers and some speed parts. If you can use the rest of the kit, shoot me a PM . I like everything off road. Kits, tires,parts. Also some 1/16 stuff.
  10. Casy makes some cool wheels that will fit those tires. I used some on my 1/20 Highjacker van. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?item=265522726182&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m3561.l2562&_ssn=forward_resin
  11. I was of that generation that used to run home from school every day to watch Monkees re-runs. A few songs stick out that I actually felt were good. She was one of these songs. Originally written by Bobby Heart and Tommy Boyce.
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