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  1. Well done, since it's your first in 25 years. What will your next build be?
  2. Wow that is one awesome Mustang, there is nothing about it I don't like, great paint, lots of details, super clean build.
  3. I am not shore how long I have been watching this build, it must be a few years and every time I think you added all the details you could you come up with some thing new and amazing, just one thing could you please finish it before I kick the bucket I am getting old, lol.
  4. Well done this mini is so cool, I agree with Harry that interior looks really good.
  5. Outstanding work, don't see these to often done stock. those wheels really make a huge difference, well done.
  6. The center dash wood grain looks good, I really like your engine and the details you added.
  7. Hi all time for an update. The first pics shows the engine with a fresh coat of paint and a few details added along with the automatic trans, in the second pic I cleaned up most of the flash from the body, I think it cleaned up pretty good. The third pic shows that the hood was warped, I tried the hot water method several times but it didn't work for me, the fourth pic shows how much better the hood looks after I straighten it. The hood will still need some work an the engine details are just started. All comments welcome.
  8. Thanks for the comments guys, I should have an update in a few days. I got a few details on the engine and a base coat of paint, I will post after I do a little clean up on the resin body.
  9. No way I could improve on what has been said so far, all I can say is I love it, well done Harry.
  10. Outstanding finish as I new it would be, there is nothing I don't like about this model, it is always a pleasure to see any model you have built.
  11. Hi guys been a long time since I posted a car build, here we go with a 1972 Pontiac Ventura. The first pic is of the Jimmy Fintstone resin body in it's raw state nothing done to it yet. The second pic is the engine as you can see I used several different kits to assemble it so far, the block, heads and oil pan are from the old 1969 firebird, the intake and fuel pump are from the newer Revell 68 firebird and the water pump and timing cover are from the 79 trans am kit. I would have liked to use the entire Revell engine but all I had were a few parts. Should be an interesting build, all comments welcome.
  12. Wow that is a super clean build, well done.
  13. I really like what you have so far, great detail work and lots scratch building, the early can am and sports cars are some of my favorite race cars.
  14. Hi guys for now I am trying to post pic for a test to see if it works, just a test. I don't want to start a build thread unless I can get it to work.
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