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  1. I have the Acme decals to trade. I could use a V8 manual tranmission from any Moebius F100 kit.
  2. Ville,

    Love your lifted Mobius 1970 F100.  I'm building a similar 1966 version.  Would you be interested in an email exchange to describe how you performed the lift?  Thanks for your time and consideration!


    Garry (USA - retired Ford engineer and modeler, 1/24 & 1/25)

    1. Jurva


      I only have two photos of the lift.

      In front I added square tube where you attach the spring. Spring if from the parts bin. Also made plate where you can attach rear of the trailing arm.


      Same thing done to rear leaf springs. Plates to the front mounting points. Rear shackles are a find from hobby store jewelry section.


      Hope this explanation gives you some advice how to lift your Ford.

    2. BadJuju


      Jurva - thanks ever so much!  This is a great help!  Once I decide what to do, I'll share it, including photos.

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