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  1. Oh for sure I have seen the Iceman collections stuff. Killer items. I was curious if I was gonna go a different route. I'm still thinking of going the "easy" route. But thank you for the help.
  2. This thing is the most insane thing I've seen in a while. The amount of fab work is awesome. I wish I waited on my for gt lemans kit to do something similar. But man keep it up. I can't wait to see how this gets finished.
  3. Ok so I have been seeing this on a bunch of scratch built pieces. But my question is what are you using to pin the 4link together? I'm assuming that it has movement to it still? I'm going to be starting a custom Ford as well and wanting to make sure I have some ducks in a row.
  4. Hello, I am trying to find someone to make me a few decals for a kit I'm building. The kit if the 2017 ford gt lemans and I'm trying to replicate the new Holman moody livery from ford. I have the paint job done but I'm not sure if there is anyone that can help me.
  5. I am going to use a 426 hemi. But Im trying to decide whether to do stack injection or like an old roots style supercharger with twin carbs.
  6. So much detail to look at. My brain can't process it. But man it's a killer looking drag car. I strive to reach the level you are at. Keep up the good work.
  7. This is the most amazing detail I have seen. You make me wanna do a odd car to build into a pro mod
  8. I used the front axle from the kit and decided to make shim posts to make it do what I wanted it to do. Not 100% correct but it has the right look.
  9. Ok so I decided to have a go at this model I picked up from wal mart. It's a 41 Plymouth coupe that will become a Gasser. I started with making the suspension. Upon further looking into it I noticed the front end didn't have the height I was looking for. I even robbed from my other kits. The front end is from a 53 ford f100 as is the custom front bumpers that I'm turning into traction bars.
  10. I have been reading this post from start to finish. The scratch building is amazing. I was always wondering how I would do this for my build I'm doing. This will make things way easier for me to accomplish. Your work is impressive to say the least.
  11. Ok so been a little while since I updated. Was on a cruise with my wife so I have had a chance to get back to some more work. I wasn't really happy with the outcome of the first rendition of the turbo headers. So I did a lot of research for making them myself. So I took a stab at them. I'm liking the way this is going now. Still need to shorten them to make them work with the rest of the idea I have in my head. This is what I'm trying to get the right look for the engine bay. I'm hoping to get around the the c notch soon. But I may have to wait until sometime in the next year since we don't have a hobby shop within 1.5hours from me. But we are getting a hobby lobby built in my town. It won't be done until next year.
  12. Man this is the most in depth I have seen. If I ever go into building an engine up like this I will research the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH out of this. Very quality pics and detailed info.
  13. Ok guys I got the bug to do a full custom build. I do plan on a c notch for the rear end and do as many custom touches I can. I have started with the powerplant first. I am using a 426 hemi from a different kit. And was toying the idea of a big single turbo or going with twins. I've also been toying the idea of a pikes peak style build, roll cage big back wing for down force that kinda thing. This was the start of the engine mock up i gave the shot of making the headers a forward facing style. But they look a little high up the motor to work right.
  14. Thank you guys. The color was actually a rust oleum color I was going to use for the aftermarket wheels of my own car. I think it's very close to a factory color. I'm very happy with it. Just have some fine tuning to do to it to finish it up.
  15. Hey guys I have been working on this 1968 Dodge charger for a while now. It's not 100% done yet. But it was my first model build in more than 10 years. There is a few minor things I can do to finish it properly but I'm hoping my next one will be big time. This is with the finish paint work.
  16. Hey thanks. I have seen a ton about 3d printed parts available. And it just so happens my wife works with a guy whose making me 3d printed parts for my build. So glad to have people like that to be able to make my dreams on my build a reality.
  17. Hey guys my name is Chris. I used to build model cars all the time but stopped for some time. I have since gotten back into it and looking to build a full custom truck. I just recently got finished with a all stock 68 charger. I'm looking for as much info as I can in regards to making custom suspension and frame work for my new build and look forward to all the advice I can get from you guys.
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