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  1. Why haven't all three topics discussing the same kit been merged into one?
  2. Sorry, I'm only looking for the specific kits I posted images of. Here's one more on my want list: 1/25 Revell (and sometimes Monogram) '55 Chevy Bel Air Hardtop - modern tool:
  3. Maybe you could post a reply to the existing pinned model kit instruction sheet topic, and keep all the sources in one place?:
  4. Up for trade is this dead 1/25 scale Jeep Gladiator pickup project. Lots of pics of the current state here: Starting with the Pink Poison reissue of Revell's Jeep J-10, I removed all the crude frame braces and molded in compromises, added a new tubular crossmember (like the real truck) and blocked the frame rails as best as I could. There is a slight twist to the frame, but it's pinned in the front where it mates with the front valence panel, so I think this will keep it mostly square when assembled: The engine is a mix of Revell 1/25 Cadiilac (seriously) parts as well as others, in an attempt to make a convincing early AMC V8 engine. I'll let you decide how well I did so far, but the block heads, and oil pan are all assembled, with locating pins protruding from the heads to give a positive mounting location for the (resin) AMC valve covers. The intake manifold still needs to be created, as well as the pulleys/belts, but the water crossover is present. Trans is needed, too. Transfer case from the 1/24 Monogram Jeep CJ is present: Work on one Dana axle has started, as seen above. The cab has been modified heavily with a near rear wall, small rear window opening, and (closer to) correct ribbing added. I modified the interior floor, to, getting rid of the tub style for separate side panels...which still need to be scratchbuilt. The floor piece fits very well into the cab piece, and has been test fit with the frame to ensure a good fit. Those three elements are in good shape, but adding some locating pins would be a good idea: Lots of work on the bed, too, as the box stock bed is too short. New floor has been started using ribbed styrene, but wheel housings are yet to be completed. Some wheelhouse pieces to use are present, but scratchbuilding them would be the best option. Please see the linked topic for more bed pics: Nicely chrome plated grille and bumpers, which may or may not have been done by Revell...not going to debate it here. Windshield and rectangular headlight lenses for the late style grille are present, new rear cab window will need to be created by you: PM me, please. I'd like to receive one of the below kits in trade. Nothing started, please. Open and parts loose is fine, as long as it's complete with nothing painted, glues, etc: 1) 1/25 Revell '37 Ford Pickup Street Rod Special Edition: 2) Revell 1/24 '36 Ford "Car Show" issue: 3) Revell '32 Ford Sedan Street Rod:
  5. Check it out for the last time. 😁 I'm moving on, so please, no replies. I'm only replying to add images.
  6. Comparing images of the real Mail Box Chopper with the MPC kit, one can see just how vastly different most of the parts are. Perhaps MPC was satisfied with "close enough, it looks like a hot rod trike" at the time. Here's a good look at the orignal(?) issue, especially the decal sheet mentioned earlier in this topic: http://motoblogn.blogspot.com/2013/03/ed-big-daddy-roths-mail-box-chopper.html
  7. Here's the original instruction sheet for the AMT '49 Mercury Coupe kit, so you can see what is original and what's been replaced with parts from another kit (such as the rear steel wheel and slicks, as Mark mentioned): http://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/222/amt-1949-mercury-trophy-series That does appear to be the box stock rearend/leaf springs, though:
  8. I doubt we'll see that until 2021, but I'd be delighted to be wrong. Don't forget about the Tom Daniel Baja Bandito kit. From the tomdaniel.com website, last updated in late October 2019: Still some issues to resolve, but the revised BAJA BANDITO is supposed to be available in July. Stay Tuned
  9. My 53222 zip to 10101 (New York) , 2 pound package, $10.30 for USPS Priority My 53222 zip to Wilmot, New Brunswick, Canada, 2 pound package, $37.05 Sending if First Class to Canada means the package is uninsured, and if you take it to USPS to ship it, tracking is not available. Not a good idea. Cost is $17.25 To the UK? $57.25 or $24 for First Class. Trading a project for a kit (just as an example), then spending another $17 on shipping doesn't make much sense economically, unless that kit has a $20+ value, is hard to find, etc.
  10. I understand. Looking froward to reading that info when it comes out, no matter in which medium it appears. 😉
  11. Use eBay, and use succinct, accurate descriptions. Trust me, people will find what they are looking for if you have a good listing title and description. It's tough to beat that worldwide market, and you can get plenty of free Priority Mail shipping boxes from USPS in advance.
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