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  1. The AMT Fruehauf beaded trailer van is a 40' trailer.
  2. Which 1:1 pickup bed are you trying to replicate? The DM kit is generic, so look at detail images online of how the real bed planks and hold down strips (pe pieces in the DM kit) are used, then do the same in scale. I recall seeing some pickup beds with the hold down strips standing a bit proud of the wood planks, so you may not need to recess the strips much or at all.
  3. That early Monogram box art is great. "No Painting Required", then showing six variations, each in a different color...🤔
  4. It appears the front tires are generic radials, is that correct? I couldn't make out the detail in Chris' video, but they look too wide for an early '70s P/S car.
  5. A look at Monogram's Morton Grove, IL, factory, circa 1962: https://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/1499/craft-march-1962-monogram-article Hat top to Bill E. for posting the pic of Roger Harney, which got the ball roliing.
  6. Look for it in 2026, after the remaining 23 variants of the Ford pickup have been released...and the '64 and '65 Chevy IIs, and...
  7. As Mark said, take those box art illustrations with a grain of salt,.. Here's the original(?) instruction sheet, so you can see which parts were included: https://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/470/1950-ford-convertible-trophy-series
  8. I would expect exactly that, especially since the surboard and roof rack pieces from the '65 Chevelle Surf Wagon kit were all-new and separately molded from the rest of the kit, as seen in hpiguy's video review:
  9. I did the same to use with the Revell '41 Chevy pickup...well, the cab and engine from the '41, at least. Hasn't progressed at all, and the Blitz isn't on the same level as the Revell '41bin most areas, but they will work together just fine after some work. The Blitz's engine seems huge to my eyes, but I'm not all that familiar with what it represents. Fortunately, the '41s engine is excellent, and will likely pass for what you are planning.
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