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  1. Well, here are two good article over at Hot Rod Magazine covering Halibrand wheels specifically...http://www.hotrod.com/articles/1008sr-halibrand-engineering-wheels/ ...and aftermarket racing wheels in general, including some Halibrand mentions: http://www.hotrod.com/articles/defining-hot-rod-and-custom-car-legacy-wheels-part-2/ The first article has some very good info and even better, large images for reference, like so:
  2. GM and Chevy Quality

    Yeah, this one is on the level of the Pinto fuel tank, not a simple "recall" issue. 124 people died as a result of old GM's reluctance to fix a known issue. That is HUGE, and a terrible thing. I own a '95 Chevy Astro (with the 4L60E which filed to make it to 100K miles) so I do have GM ownership experience, and overall it's been good...but that trans issue was a major problem, and most people not as hands on as me would've sent the van to the salvage yard and written off GM vehicles forever. Long story short, name a vehicle and you'll find some who love it and some who hate it...except for Fiat X-19s-- nobody likes those. Here's a decent read/look at someone who actually participated in one of those Chevy commercials: https://jalopnik.com/somebody-from-chevys-dumb-real-people-ads-spoke-out-abo-1795489304
  3. 1/25 Revell Baja Bronco

    The wheels are definitely larger in diameter than those in the first kit, but the tires look kind of funky to me, especially the heavy sidewall ribs. Maybe there's something else coming which will also use these tires?
  4. ^THIS. Get under check for leakage, and it wouldn't hurt to check the fluid level, either, though if the pinion bearings and seal are bad enough to be a bit loose and cause vibration, the fluid level is the least of your worries. This sounds familiar to your issue:
  5. Spyder Caps I swear this was answered once here on the forum, but no amount of Googling would turn up any hits. I want to say it was from a Buick kit, maybe? Some kit included these spider capss!
  6. "just not with this kit" Something went awry between planning and packaging, it sounds like, and magnified a bit by the kit's name emphasizing that particular model of tire.
  7. 1/25 scale surfboards

    I have a set of the three 'boards (and the decals for two of them) from the Revell Surfite kit left. You can see what they look like here: http://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/810/revell-surfite-figure-daddy-roth If those interest you, PM me, please.
  8. 1/24 Monogram Trans Am Pontiac

    Sorry, I can't get a closer look because these pics are all... Maybe Erik can when his kit arrives.
  9. new for 2018

    Looking at the quarterly flyer again, it says "Build as movie version or factory stock", so no custom parts in this one. You'd need the Goodguys to get the custom parts included in the original PM kit, or the chopped custom kit for the other/different custom parts.
  10. Yes, you need more light for sure. Your image also has a "cool" blue tint to it, which can be adjusted, depending upon... What are you taking the pictures with for starters? ^This. Two sheets of 11'x18" paper or posterboard work wonders to focus on the model.
  11. I didn't see much different between the forthcoming Revell Baja Bronco and the existing Revell Ford Bronco kit, but after looking at enlarged images, there are a few noteworthy changes: Hexagonal wheel arches with integral fender flares New tires (anyone recognize them to be a replica of a real tire?) Newly engraved nameplate above the front side marker lights(?) Instruction sheet is up and downloadable: http://manuals.hobbico.com/rmx/85-4436.pdf Pics of the new Baja Bronco and the existing Ford Bronco, for comparison:
  12. I'm looking for at least one pair of the Firestone front tires from the 2012 reissue of the 1/25 Revell '32 Ford Orange Crate kit, as pictured. If you have some to part with, PM me, please:
  13. From some unknown Ford GT500 Shelby Mustang R/C car(?), approximately 1/16 scale (front wheel diameter measures 1.125"):
  14. These are found in the Fujimi (and presumably the reboxed Revell) Ford GT40 kits: *edit* far better image in next post. A few more shots of the wheels found in the Revell '31 Ford Model A Sedan kit. These have some seriously "frosty" chrome plating, but I think they are from an early issue and don't seem to have a crispness later issued wheels don't: