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  1. Casey added a post in a topic Jo-Han Maverick and Comet Pro Stock kit comparison   

    Kinda close to the real car...maybe?  

    I would guess the Rapid Randy version was exactly as Mark surmised, with the paint scheme housed from Sandy Elliot's P/S...ehem, Comet:

  2. Casey added a post in a topic Talbert Detachable Lowboy trailer Kit   

    Looking at the number of undercuts on every piece of I-beam used to create the master, I'm a bit surprised anyone decided to take the project on. No knock against the builder, but that many undercuts is a recipe for failure when it comes time to remove the cast part from the mold. Making the trailer in three larger sections is great for strength, but it's not practical to make from a casting perspective.
  3. Casey added a post in a topic LF: Resin '69 Camaro SS hood to fit Revell kit.   

    Just as Mike said above:

  4. Casey added a post in a topic LF: Resin '69 Camaro SS hood to fit Revell kit.   

    This, but the kit isn't that easy to find, and you'll still need to mod the hood to fit the Revell "glue kit" '69 Camaro body.
    I want to say R&MCoM makes this hood, though...might have to call or send them a letter and ask.
  5. Casey added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    1983 Hurst Olds registry
    February 12 · Well I went to Revell models yesterday in Elk Grove and saw the test shots/ model build of the FE3-X and the 83Hurst Olds model. He let me take pics but asked I not publish them . But trust me looks really really cool, they have a few adjustments to be made , but looking really good. It's was neat holding a model of my car in my hand .
    The 83 Hurst will be released first as a solo kit in Jan/ Feb 2016, followed by the FE3-X / 85 442 combo model . I'll keep you posted
  6. Casey added a post in a topic JoHan Maverick Pro Stock Grabber 

  7. Casey added a post in a topic The Take-A-Turn Torino Project   

    Can we get an update, please? 
  8. Casey added a post in a topic Touch Tone Terror kit   

    It was shown at Toledo or similar as a future release, but like the Lindberg "Lawman" kit, I'm not holding out much hope we'll see either one in the near future. I think Round2 decided to get rid of all the excess Little Red Wagon stock they had first, so maybe in another year or two we'll see the TTT return.
  9. Casey added a post in a topic What's Coming in 2016?   

    I wouldn't be surprised to see any (and eventually, all) of the AF/X, etc. style cars released by Model King re-issued by Round2. They've already re-issued the '65 Mustang AF/X car, '69 GTO F/C, and the '73-ish Challenger is due out in November, so the '69 Camaro F/C, Falcon AF/X, and Cougar F/C can't be too far behind.
  10. Casey added a post in a topic What's Coming in 2016?   

    Yes, exactly like I said in the original post-- my predictions.
  11. Casey added a post in a topic What's Coming in 2016?   

    I would definitely be in line for one of these. 
    Forgot about that one, but I'll temper my anticipation for the time being. I fear it would lean closer to Revell's '70 Challenger R/T-T/A than to their '68/9 Charger kits, which, if true, would be unfortunate.
    I forgot to list the MPC '84 GMC 4x4 pickup, too. That's a slam dunk sales home run for Round2, even without a Silver Screen sub-label.

  12. Casey added a post in a topic Stock Model A Wheels Ideas?   

    Post an ad in the Wanted section here, or keep your eyes peeled on eBay or swap meet. Most people, myself included, are more than happy to get rid of them.
  13. Casey added a post in a topic What's Coming in 2016?   

    Just guesses taking everything into account. Anyone who knows for sure couldn't say, so the rest of us plebs are left to guess. 
    We've seen other AMT/MPC kits which Model King had a hand in recently reissued by Round2, so I don't think it's a stretch to suspect a few more will follow. The '39/'40 Ford Sedan, MPC Jeep Commando, and '64 Comet all fall under that category, so I guess we'll see if any of them happen. Round2 has released the '40 Ford Coupe and Sedan Deliveries, too, and it's been a few years since the Sedan was last out.
    It seems Revell is putting a little more time and money into some of it's Tom Daniel reissues, doing some backdating instead of simply straight reissuing some of his kits, so why not the Poison Pinto? It wasn't massively modified when was reissued as the Pinto Street Rod, and it was last out in 1995 or so as part of the SSP, so it might be a candidate.
    I got the feeling from Brett's comments (and from the late-ish 2015 release date of the '29 Roadster) the Model A coupe won't arrive for at least a year, but we'll find put eventually.

  14. Casey added a post in a topic What's Coming in 2016?   

    I figured that was a fairly safe beet since the '40 coupe and sedan delivery have both been reissued in Original Art series boxes semi-recently, too.
    I was thinking the Monogram 1/12 '67 427 Vette kit, but probably not until 2017 at the earliest?