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  1. Looks like this kit is available now...anybody purchase one yet?
  2. Jeff, I have this 75% assembled parts pack Allison if you're interested. Part #21, the front half of the magneto, was consumed by the carpet monster, but everything else is present, with most parts prepped for primer:
  3. Yes, that's the one, and just happened to have the kit/pic handy at that time. What was interesting to me regarding the three color Atlantis image I posted were the three separate sprues, one for each color. I had never seen the different colored parts laid out on top of the mold half, and it makes things much clearer how both opaque and transparent parts can be part of the same mold base, as well as different colored opaque parts.
  4. Here are a few more pics of the Sonny & Cher parts courtesy of a completed eBay listing:
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