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  1. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Doesn't look like there is much in the way of optional parts:
  2. Hendrickson Paymaster

    Hendrickson is still around: https://www.hendrickson-intl.com/ https://www.tfltruck.com/2017/12/truck-rewind-tesla-semi-1975-hendrickson-paymaster/ β€œThe Paymaster was a truck ahead of its time. Major truck manufacturers told Dean his design would be impossible to build, so he did it himself. After building the first two, Dean granted a license agreement to Hendrickson International of Chicago, Illinois, who produced ten Paymasters in the 1970s.” – – tenfourmagazine.com
  3. Photo downloads

    That image is 3024 x 3024 pixels square...that's huge. The forum automatically sizes images to fit the screen or page from what I recall, but you could save a lot of wasted space by cropping the image before uploading it.
  4. 1975 Monza Wipers--Better Shots 12/18/2018

    Olivia Newton-John approves.
  5. Newb e to airbrushes

    Follow the below post, using "airbrush" as the search word. There must be at least 30 topics on this forum alone discussing airbrushes-- which is best, which pressures to use, how to use them, how to...etc.
  6. I have a pie-crust style slick with a separate styrene whitewall and a 5-slot wheel (I believe all three are a matching set) and an unknown hood from some compact Pro Stock style car whichi I could need some help indentifying. I can't find a match for an AMT nor MPC Pinto nor Vega. The AMT Nova and Ventura hoods are shown for comparison below. The slick is just a tad shorter in height than the 1/24 Monogram pie crust slicks with the separate sidewall (with M&H lettering, etc.), but the sidewall on the mystery slick is smooth:
  7. Not sure which decals and box art will be used this time around, but the below (original issue?) would be a good choice.
  8. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    AMT 1129 -- 1/25 1977 Ford Pinto AMT 1134 -- 1/16 1955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible MPC 916 -- 1/25 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Polar Lights MKA33 -- Fantastic Flames Decal Set
  9. AMT 1132 -- 1/25 Double Header Tandem Van Trailers AMT 1133 -- 1/25 Peterbilt 359 Wrecker Truck AMT 1144 -- 1/25 '53 Ford Pickup Truck - Coca-Cola AMT 1145 -- 1/25 '40 Willys Gasser Pickup Truck - Coca-Cola
  10. gravity colors

  11. Just want to reiterate that I first blasted the seats with Easy Off oven cleaner, which did remove 75% of the paint, so maybe that made it easier for the alcohol to remove the rest? Either way, flat black is the most stubborn of paints it seems.
  12. Your favourite Box art

    More like one person. Round2 is not a big company by any means, and they do sub-contact box art work, like the above '60 Starliner, which was done by Brad Leisure: http://www.horse-powergraphics.com/category-s/1904.htm
  13. I agree they are most likely from an MPC kit. Here are a few more, with #25 being the same as #6 from the group image in post #1, and the yellow Piranha dragster seat for size/scale comparison: I think #26 is from the AMT '65 Mustang AWB/Street Freak kit, and #27 is from the "Rat Packer" '65 Chevy II AWB kit.
  14. Thanks for the correction. Was the V8 from the JO-HAN '70+ Eldorado actually the Olds V8 from the Toronado?