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  1. Rereleased Chevy Impala SS

    A-ha! You have no answer for the hood tie down!!! Excessive use of exclamation points aside, I was trying to point out that there is nothing misleading about one panel of the box which features a drawing. There's plenty of information available regarding what is found inside the box if one puts forth the effort to look.
  2. Old AMT Kit Instruction Sheets

    Were the AMT blueprint style instruction sheets included with all 1969 kits? I have a few blueprint style instruction sheets from annual kits, as well as one from the Cinder Bug kit, plus the 69 foot-long Camaro sheet is printed in black, not blue, ink: Unfortunately one would need a huge flatbed scanner to scan these sheets.
  3. Wheels needed

    Top wheel is from either the 1/24 Monogram '70 Plymouth GTX or the '69 Pontiac GTO "The Judge" kits. Middle wheel might be from the AMT '49 Mercury, but the image quality is too poor to make out much of anything.
  4. Rereleased Chevy Impala SS

    I don't recall any complaints when Revell didn't include three complete car kits in this release, nor when no hood tie-down was found inside the box.
  5. No idea. It seems to be Robert's pattern that early test shots are produced in color, then sold on eBay. I never bought one of the Futurliner castings he offered, so maybe someone who did can provide more info regarding how it works.
  6. Rereleased Chevy Impala SS

    Most of us understand mistakes are sometimes made, but we also realize there is a difference between artistic license and gross misrepresentation. Nobody is intending to mislead in this case. If that's not clear to you, don't buy the kit until you do some online research to verify what's inside the box matches your expectations. There's no excuse in this day and age for not being an educated consumer.
  7. Clear glass- MPC 1966-67 Dodge Charger

    I'm assuming the Thunder Charger uses the same "glass" as the stock '66-'67 Charger, and Bill would be able to use the "glass" from the semi-recently reissued MPC '67 Charger kit?
  8. A Suggestion to discuss...

    What happens when a transaction doesn't go as planned? That's where the problems arise, and who's going to volunteer to solve the problem to everyone's satisfaction? Are you volunteering to spend your free time listening to people complain a kit was missing two parts, or one of the wheels was painted, the decal sheet had a water stain, the kit was built and not factory sealed as stated? Having been through many of these very issues with members previously (and that's only with trading), I can honestly say you are taking an overly simplistic view of how things would really work. Now, every transaction is not going to be a mess, but those which do go badly are a pain and a huge time drain for whoever takes on the responsibility for enforcing the transactions...see where this is going? If you're willing to volunteer your time to police all transactions, it might just work, but once you commit, are you willing to stick it out no matter what? eBay works great, and it's not very expensive, plus you can reach millions of potential buyers around the world. eBay provides the rules, enforcement, and regulation for transactions. This forum is not designed to do that, simply put, not do I feel it should be. eBay has more than filled the need, and the fact that billions have used it successfully seems to speak for it's own success. Is it perfect? No, and I'm sure we'll get people chiming in who swear Satan himself started eBay to consume honest, God-fearing modelers souls, but again, its success is hard to deny.
  9. Not an issue when buying a Daytona kit fortunately.
  10. It should be out very soon, within the next 30 days or so I would think. It was listed as an April release, so early May or so.
  11. What did you get today?

    Please, no foot pictures. I picked up a few kits Sunday-- two to re-sell (1/16 Vette & Rat Roaster), two AMT '62 Catalinas for parts, and two Revell '32 Ford Sedans because they aren't coming back any time soon and I want to eventually build one:
  12. Just buy the older versions. They'll be virtually the same as the future reissue. The photoetched parts from the Pro Modeler version were included in another previous reissue if you really must have those, too.
  13. I'm hoping after some more fine tuning (like correcting the front vents, which are way too big) we'll see this in production with a separate unibody floorpan/frame. Stock up in those inline fours and sixes now.
  14. Looks like the '72 Polara won. https://www.ebay.com/itm/resin-1-25-1-25th-1972-72-Dodge-Monaco-4-Door-sedan-police-w-bonus-Polara-Rare/282929367908?hash=item41dfe78b64:g:fkwAAOSwskha1pNR