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  1. Need help finding engine test stand thread

    This will pull up that topic.

    What the heck does this mean?: "we don’t want to make the same mistake for our third release as we did with the first two"
  3. General For general model car hobby or 1:1 automotive related topics ONLY. I think it was only issued twice, and last in 197...3? I doubt they made 50,000 each production run, either, so they are definitely not common by any means. I think I paid $40+ for an built version over a decade ago, and lucked into an affordable Lil T'rantula. It would be neat to see all of the Monogram caricature kits return, but we'll have to wait and see/hear. I doubt Atlantis has even finished going through everything they acquired yet.
  4. Not everyone is excited, but it's not difficult for people with empathy to understand that while this kit may not appeal to them, there are other kits which Atlantis may reissue in the future which will. For those not familiar with the Monogram Lil Red Baron kit, it's basically a caricature version of the classic Tom Daniel-designed Red Baron kit, and one of two dozen or so kits in the series of caricature kits released the early '70s:
  5. Goodyear Tracker A-T tires?
  6. Yeah, there have been originals and reissues available since those were new, with people charging various amounts for them. Dave Van posted this on the Coffin Corner forum, so I guess we'll wait to hear what Atlantis has to say when they are ready to make an announcement: "On OCT 25 Atlantis will publish a list of the kits they will produce the first 6 months of 2019..."
  7. I would agree it looks very similar to this vintage Italmeccanica supercharger:
  8. garage

    Yes, use basswood instead of balsa.
  9. Brookfield Collectors Guild


    I honestly thought they came pre-painted. Round2 (or the Forever Fun group, being more specific) offers pre-painted figures, and Round2 has even posted images of the factory in China where there items are hand painted on their Collector Model blog, so I didn't think it was a huge stretch.

    From the pictures? I didn't see it stated either way on the box(es), and the parts are all shown finished, so I assumed they come pre-finished. Does it state somewhere on the box that they parts are unfinished?
  12. Keep your fingers crossed. The Ghost of the Red Baron kit doesn't exactly have a high parts count, and I do wonder if Atlantic has permission/licensing to use the vintage Monogram logo for this reissue, too? I guess we'll find out in a few months.
  13. Who knows, but this is a good example of why people hope and wish a certain mold still exists, even if it seems unrealistic to do so. Agreed, though, this announcement is great news and will make a lot of people very happy.