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  1. Round2 for 2018

    AMT 1/25 1980 Toyota SR5 4x4 Pickup (snap)
  2. oldsmobile cutlass

    This is why you should always search before asking...the answer might already be out there:
  3. ? https://www.eagledist.com/the-testor-corporation-kiln-red-metallic-te2704.html You want the 1/2 ounce Model Master glass bottles, correct?
  4. Name those parts #4

    Do a "Completed Items" search on eBay, and you'll likely get some hits with images...see top right of below image: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Super-Rare-Vintage-AMT-1976-Chevy-Nova-1-25-Scale-Model-Car-Kit-T472-/273224889345?nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=TdL1tcmxwBcP8l%2FjiXzKD5svIiw%3D&orig_cvip=true
  5. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    I think all AMT/Ertl kits were molded in grey, but that's a good question for the Question & Answer section...or worth a search to see if it's been asked previously.
  6. http://www.collectormodel.com/round2-models/4373-kat-chat-totally-tubular-tires/#sthash.8ExQRfHq.dpbs Looks like the "Wild" wheels are the 5-spoks from the MPC '67 Charger? Hard to tell, and there's no larger image available:
  7. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    That kit did have the vertical orientation on the box top panel, but was in a standard box. It is a Trophy Series kit, though.
  8. Should be available within the month of June:
  9. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    I like them, too, but from a retailer's point of view, I would guess they are not nearly as fond, and would prefer a standard sized box. The vertical box does stand out, especially when the top panel is in the upright position, but the parts are really crammed into the box, even for the older style kits originally designed to fit inside the narrower boxes. The recent Customizing Boat would've been a good choice for reissue inside a narrow box, too, as the parts count is fairly low and there's not a lot of mass to the kit's parts. Perhaps if one of the Jr. Craftsman kit is resurrected the narrow box can be used.
  10. Autolite inline carb pictures

    Is the 1/24 Monogram '70 Boss 302 Mustang the only kit which contains this carb (carbs?)?
  11. actual 1/43 scale display cases wanted

    I have these two N.O.S. JO-HAN SHO CASEs:
  12. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    There seem to have been a few different boxes sizes, and my guess is box size and shape was dictated by how the parts were organized in the mold, and how they could be broken down into smaller pieces after removal from the mold. Maybe it's a 'chicken or the egg' type thing regrading box size/shape vs. part layout? AMT did reissue the '59 El Camino in the 'vertical' box as part of the Buyer's Choice program in 1997, and maybe another kit or two?: Round2 seems to have tried a few different box sizes, some with Original Art prints, some without, but the forthcoming '39/'40 Ford Sedan looks like it'll be in the standard box instead of a wider, flatter box which Round2 used for previous Original Art series kits.