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  1. The L60-15(?) AMT Goodyear Polyglas GT tires would probably work in 1/24 scale, as the stock tires for a '70 Chevelle SS are only 14" anyway. The MRC tires are nowhere close to stock, no matter which (M/T Indy Profile, Firestones. etc.) you choose.
  2. From a Completed ebay listing:
  3. You are correct. I posted it in the wrong topic, and just corrected it.
  4. Via Atlantis' facebook page: Atlantis Toy and Hobby "Here is our all new 1/25 scale tire tooling. This will be used on the Mooneyes kit and many others"
  5. There was no engine in the first, curbside release, and I don't believe the parts layout for the full detail #1201 kit has been shown publicly yet, so I don't think anybody knows where the individual parts are located in the overall parts layout of the mold. No, that was a different trailer, the Service Trailer. The AMT #1202/1201 '63 Chevy II Nova kit(s) is (are) all new, with nothing carried over nor re-used from the original, thus, the trailer and accessory engine are also new. I agree, and would think this was planned early on is the kit's development. The trailer would be era appropriate for many kits in the Round2 tooling bank so it would be unwise to permanently twin it with the Chev II Nova 400 Wagon mold.
  6. If you don't use the "unread content" option, you can choose to read whichever topics you wish, without ever encountering any you don't. Just use the "Mark forum read" each time you depart, then new topics since your last visit will show up in bold. Why chose an option which includes areas of the forum you have no interest in reading?
  7. *edit* Wrong topic, moved images and info here:
  8. The '71 Olds 442 hardtop will be out until 2022. Revell's European 'site has the '81 Camro Z/28, '66 Malibu SS, and '37 Ford Pickup listed for 9/2021 release, but I would expect that means in Europe, not the U.S. Add a few months until they are seen stateside: https://www.revell.de/en/products/new-products/novelties-09-2021/1981-z-28-camaro.html
  9. The Monogram Chevy S-10 Waverider custom version has two bed-mounted speaker boxes:
  10. Wow, that is bizarre. It looks like the same engine parts were included in other Resto Rod series kits, too, such as this '66 Mustang: Here's a 427 FE-series for comparison:
  11. All of the John Bogosian designed wacky car series kits were new in '72, I believe. Some shared a chassis, suspension, and engine, with specific accessories added on the match each car's theme. More info here: http://www.showrods.com/home_page_links/alpha_list.html The sibling Aqua Charger Depth Rod was reissued a few years ago.
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