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  1. AMT 1:25 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona (USPS Stamp Series Collector Tin)
  2. It appears there was a considerable amount of reorganizing and reworking of the mold. The (now transparent) tail lights have an entirely new runner around them, as do the small lenses, as seen in this screenshot from Jon's video: Here's what the stand-alone tail lights looked like in the Waverider kit: And how the other transparent parts were laid out in the Waverider kit:
  3. There's a very nice (IMHO) set of semi-modern BFG radial tires included with the 1/25 Revell Ford Raptor Snap Tite Max kit, but they are 17". Some clear, large images in this member's build here:
  4. This was changed years ago (I would say at least a decade ago?) because sellers would list an item for $.01, then charge a shipping cost which would bring the total cost of the actual item up to a more realistic value. For example, a 1/25 Revell '70 Hemi Cuda for $.01, plus $24.99 for shipping. It was a loophole which eBay closed, so I can't really blame them.
  5. I would recommend modifying a set (or multiple sets if necessary) of photoetched plug wiring looms, so they closely match the real thing. If you measure carefully, anchor each piece solidly, and match the O.D. of the wires to the I.D. (well, allowing for an interference fit at least) you should be able to replicate what you desire. *edit* Alternatively, consider using a soft rod instead of coated wire. It will bend, yet retain its shape better IMHO. You'd need to coat or paint each wire before installation, but since they need only pass the visual test, it matters not what's inside.
  6. Welcome back to the hobby, Ron. The easiest, most efficient way to way to search this forum is detailed here: Using the search term "JoHan molds" will return multiple hits, such as this:
  7. 100% false. What is your source for that information? Category Insertion fee Final value fee*- See: Notes for basic fees Standard fees for most categories, including Music > Records, eBay Motors > Parts & Accessories, and eBay Motors > Automotive Tools & Supplies. For vehicles, see our Motors fees. First 200 listings free per month, then $0.35 per listing 10% (maximum fee $750) Books DVDs & Movies Music (except Records category) 12% (maximum fee $750) Select Business & Industrial categories: Heavy Equipment Parts & Attachments > Heavy Equipment Printing & Graphic Arts > Commercial Printing Presses Restaurant & Food Service > Food Trucks, Trailers & Carts $20 2% (maximum fee $300) Musical Instruments & Gear > Guitars & Basses Free 3.5% (maximum fee $350) Select Clothing, Shoes & Accessories categories: Men > Men's Shoes > Athletic Shoes Women > Women's Shoes > Athletic Shoes Free if starting price**- See: Notes for basic fees is $100 or more 0% if selling price***- See: Notes for basic fees is $100 or more 10% if selling price***- See: Notes for basic fees is less than $100
  8. It appears the old Goodyear Steel Belted Radial tires are no longer included, having been replace with some blank sidewall...Goodyear Eagle ST tires? The Goodyear GT Radials? Hard to tell in the video. And the Super Bees captured inside the bumblebee tail stripe are both facing the correct direction again, too.
  9. You might be interested in bookmarking this 'site, too: https://model-motorcars.myshopify.com/collections/small-parts-hardware/bolts
  10. And if you're missing one front wheel and tire, no problem: Maybe skip the fender skirts and ultra tall roll bar idea, though. 😬
  11. Google search turn up kit number 85-2811, then using what I posted above: http://manuals.hobbico.com/rmx/85-2811.pdf
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