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  1. Casey added a post in a topic AMT International Transtar Reissue   

    Round2 acquired the Ertl tooling when they purchased what RC2 had, but it was mentioned (maybe on the Collector Model blog) they acquired none of the Ertl Agricultural molds-- M-F tractor, farm trailer, etc.
    RC2 already reissued the Transtar II Eagle cabover, so I'm pretty confident we'll see that one reissued in the next few years. The 4300 and KW cabover must've been fairly good sellers fro Round2 to run them again. 
  2. Casey added a post in a topic AMT Cal Drag Combo   

    AMT-10721/25 Petty Team Dodge Dart Sportsman Race Car & Ford LN8000 Hauler Truck   $63.95
    AMT-10731/25 Shelby Cobra Car & 1953 Ford Pickup Truck w/Trailer   $63.95 
  3. Casey added a post in a topic TIRE INFO   

    Sorry, just a pic I pulled from an eBay listing, but the kit was reissued by Lindberg a few years ago. It should be relatively easy to find, though I don't think the tires are the same as the original release.
  4. Casey added a post in a topic AMT 70 1/2 Camaro part needed   

    I may still have parts from the AMT '70.5 Baldwin-Motion reissue, but I'd need another day or two to check.
  5. Casey added a post in a topic MPC 1975 Datsun Pickup   

  6. Casey added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    1/25 AMT '83 Camaro Z28
    Coming in August 2017...

    • 37 replies
  7. Casey added a post in a topic Revell (Monogram) RX-7 Review   

    The Michelin TRX tires might've been the best choice, depending upon which other tires they had to chose from, and how the wheels are sized. Granted, a second set of tires which better filled out the huge flares would've been ideal, but the TRX tires are in fact a true metric tire and debuted in '79 IIRC, so not terribly out of place on a first gen RX7.
     Was that really necessary?     We "olds" will enjoy it, too. 
  8. Casey added a post in a topic WTB swap trade 1/8 tires need directional's or gatorbacks   

    I will measure a few of my 1/8 tires in the next few days and see if any would work with those Halibrand style knockoff wheels.
  9. Casey added a post in a topic TIRE INFO   

    IMC Surf Buggy most likely:

  10. Casey added a post in a topic Does Squadron know something we don't?   

    ^This. The kit number of 85-4322 is the giveaway that is the 2015 kit number for the '29 Model A roadster kit, not the re-released version.
  11. Casey added a post in a topic AMT Charger 500 stripe   

    F-J - I have both the black and white butt stripes from the 6284-8730 issue of the kit. If those are what you're looking for, PM me your address, please.
  12. Casey added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford FD-100 Pickup   

    Don't blame me-- I voted for the Impostor.  
  13. Casey added a post in a topic New added to Round 2   

    I'm assuming this'll be the Monte kit previously reissued by Stevens(?) back in the RC2 days, with new decals and box art?