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  1. World's fastest piston powered vehicle

    450.9 mph https://jalopnik.com/danny-thompsons-challenger-ii-set-the-piston-driven-lan-1828282279 Been following for to years now, and bought the t-shirt a few years ago to throw a (very) little support behind the effort. This year, salt conditions were right, so happy to see this finally happened. Hopefully the Thompson family and team were able to fully enjoy the moment.

    Thanks for the info, Chris. I'm gonna sit this reissue out and wait for the 'next' full top, regular Scout issue with the full doors.
  3. Why Can't I Post?

    I'm not specifically asking about this particular time, but in general, do you usually compose the body of your message elsewhere, then copy and paste it into the reply box here on the forum?
  4. '30 Ford Touring car; need photos

    Is that front seat half maybe the rear seat part? Keep in mind this kit was actually a Monogram kit, designed in the '60s, so it's been through a few changes and variations over the years.
  5. Why Can't I Post?

    Are you creating the content on Notepad (a notepad?), then copying and pasting here into the reply box?

    That can't be true. The Ertl issues have Goodyear Tracker A-T tire with a massively hogged out inner/rear sidewall, while the AMT branded reissues from the RCS era included some very plain looking all season tires. Unless Round2 acquired the tire mold for this particular tire (and I don't think they were ever used on any other kits by Ertl?), they probably didn't include the Goodyear Tracker A-Ts. I would guess they have modified the wheels (and maybe the wheel backs?) to fit one of the more standard AMT off-road tires, such as the former Gates Commando XT tires included in the Chevy Blazer, Chevy Van kits, '65 El Camino, etc. Hopefully someone who purchased one is willing to share pics and details with us here.
  7. Thanks for posting those pics, Bill. Those look like a good starting point, but still need some work. The Shapeways rearend looks too hard-edged and/or 'machined' to my eyes, like it was carved on a CNC machine from a single piece of material-- very few smooth curves, and the center section looks perfectly hexagonal: I think this is a problem with many parts or things which are created from a computer program-- it'll get the part 90% of the way to the end, but it needs some very fine tuning (if by machine) or a human touch to get the details correct. Maybe that 90% is close enough for some or most people, but all of the 3D printed items I've seen still don't have the same surface finish as a part with was molded from a polished mold.
  8. Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

    Forgot about the Double Header!! trailer set. They wouldn't even need to change the box art, either.

    Sorry, no pics, but the decal sheet looked good from the silhouette image on the box bottom-- two bodyside panels, some gumball style numbers, sponsor decals, etc., but no factory style stripes. It appears a small sheet of clear acetate(?) is provided to use for the windshield, which I'm hoping isn't a sign that the full top and the transparent "glass" insert is lost or need work to be put to use in the mold. The grill is the one pictured on the box art, but no idea which tires are included.
  10. Yes, I think it's one of MPC's better (and maybe the best?) 1/16 scale kits. Definitely nicer in the the details than the recently reissued 1/16 MPC '79 Pontiac Trans AM, and AMT '64.5 Mustang and '55 Nomad. Round2 hasn't reissued it yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to see that happen within the next few years.

    Much like the Revell Jeep Honcho, it's a good starting point, but so much work is still needed due to design simplification or error.

    A few more newly listed reissues: AMT 1141 - 1/25 1940 Ford Coupe AMT 1142 - 1/25 1972 Chevy Nova SS "Old Pro" AMT 1143 - 1/25 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS I would bet on full retro box art for the Old Pro Nova, and fauxback '70 style box (ala '70 Monte Carlo and '70.5 Camaro) art for the '70 Chevelle.