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  1. At the risk of taking this topic even further down the rabbit hole, here's a vintage aftermarket wheel ad showing some zero or positive offset wheel made by Per Spec Industries, which look very similar to the Hands wheels found on the various AMT kits mentioned above. They appear to be four-lug wheels with a slightly flared or raised lip around each window, too:
  2. I wanted to add this image that a forum member posted of his Mom's(?) car a while back, as it appears to be a Sport Coupe with the 350 V8, steel wheels, base wheel covers, narrow whitewalls, and a white vinyl top.
  3. There it is in the 1978 AMT catalog: Were there specific parts which were warped? I want to say I recall the hood being mentioned by some forum members?
  4. Don't forget AMT also released an AMC Pacer wagon kit which included the AMC inline six engine, too, pics of which can be viewed here: http://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/149/amt-t219-pacer-custom-panel
  5. The Cal Road Runner wheels were discussed in this topic, Jack: And the Corvair GMX wheels here:
  6. Buick Formula Five wheels are what most refer to as Buick Rally wheels, like so: Not sure who made the wheels for GM, but Motor Wheel Corp or similar seems reasonable. I bet if you poke around on some Buick forums you would find the answer.
  7. The Revell version (including the late '90s SSP reissue) included Mobil decals, like so. Might be worth trying to find that decal sheet?
  8. Welcome aboard, Bill. It's never too late to start building, and most of the thing you know and have experienced in the 1:1 scale vehicles will translate to scale models as well. You probably already have a keen eye for which parts and kits in general are accurate and true to their 1:1 counterparts, so I'm sure you already have plenty of knowledge to share here.
  9. If you're using Round2's site as a guide, you'll be at least six or seven months behind. Their site is not up to date at all, and many kits they've released aren't shown nor mentioned there, but their retail arm, Autoworldstore.com , is slightly better. An internet search will pull up multiple sources for future, current, and past kit releases, so you can cross check and verify. Kits which are announced/shown do occasionally get cancelled, but very rarely after new box art is created and sent out.
  10. I think the SOHC Hemi parts are only included with the '70 Coronet Pro Street kit.
  11. I'm like you. Once I get to the point where I no longer have the desire to work on it, I trade, sell, or part it out. I'll never build everything I have ideas for, and completion isn't the end goal for me, so better to acknowledge you'll likely never finish something if you see no realistic chance of that happening.
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