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  1. Round2 didn't acquire any Ertl agricultural kit tooling, so, presumably, the Ertl tractor, plow, and farm wagon kits would be in that group. Yes. Use the search word 'ghost' with this and it'll come up:
  2. Has anyone with definite knowledge confirmed the '63 Chevy II Nova wagon IS the wagon mentioned in the Round2 video?
  3. The most recent re-issue was a limited release (not a huge number of kits produced) and prices are in the $40 or so range now, so it might be best to build your kit and enjoy it. Other than newer radial tires and new decals, the kit has changed very little:
  4. How bad is your vision behind those mirror shades, Dale!?? 😜 This is another one of those kits which was never great from the start, what with the promo style everything-molded-together suspension, frame, and unibody-ish design. Best to paint everything underneath flat black and never lift it up off the tires once completed. I still think scratchbuilding a ramp bed is the better option, but I understand the appeal of something close enough right out of the box for some. I do like the odds of seeing the Open Road slide-in camper semi-soon, too, now that this kit is forthcoming.
  5. Really not the best kit of a ramp truck, especially the "tandem" rear axle, which is glued directly to the frame rails, and right over the molded in spare tire. 🤦‍♀️
  6. AMT-1219 1/25 1972 GMC Jimmy AMT-PP28 1/25 Semi Truck Tall Tires Pack MPC-885 1/25 1972 Chevy Racer's Wedge
  7. Front end (inner fenders, etc) of the unibody into the body shell first, then spread the fenders a bit where they touch the rocker panels, then spread the rocker panels to allow the rear inner wheelhouses to slip inside. Last, attach the tail panel and hope it stays in place. 🙆‍♀️
  8. Ray, can you measure the wheel diameters and widths, please? I will check in my 1/10 tire stash and see if anything will work.
  9. How wide is "wide"? The reissued AMX has only one set of stock style tires (with a narrow whitewall insert IIRC) and a pair of slicks, so you may not want to buy one just for the tires. Can you measure and post the wheel measurements, please? I will check the 1/20 tires I have to see what fits.
  10. AMT-1251 1/25 1953 Studebaker Starliner Car in Collectible Tin $39.99
  11. Looks like it's out, or at least some early birds are already parting them out:
  12. 1972 Chevy Vega Pro Stock "Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins" Item Number: MPC877 Scale: 1:25 *Expected by: 8/15/2020 MSRP: $31.99 Price: $29.95 Qty: Coming Mid-August 2020 Manufacturer: MPC Model Kits MPC 1/25 1972 Chevy Vega Pro Stock/Bill Grumpy Jenkins Tower Stock# MPCS1025 • Manufacturer Stock# MPC877 Early Aug
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