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  1. How much room is there inside the crate with an actual Hemi V8 positioned inside it? I never thought to try.
  2. As far as I have seen, yes, and only in the original (and maybe second?) issues. Perhaps it still exists with the other "lost" IMC Dodge A-100 parts. Nice fit inside the bed of the Datsun, JC. 😊
  3. Not sure if those are supposed to be '57 Plymouth wheel covers or not, but both have a sharp cone in the center area:
  4. Casey

    found item

    Examine the Gopher decal sheets closely-- the few I have looked at up close are kind of close, but not really the same as the 1:1 company logos they replicate. Here was the sheet I was thinking of, Mike:
  5. The Porsche Carrera appears to be the most recent kit from this 2100 Series produced, in 1989, in the U.S.:
  6. How does that help someone find a source for cut-outs?? The AMT #1176 (and earlier issues under the Polar Lights brand) '65 Dodge Coronet has a full exhaust system with turn outs/cutouts:
  7. These (IMHO) almost perfectly align with Atlantis' modus operandi, so IF they have the molds, IF they are in good nick, and IF they can acquire licensing for the multiple manufacturers represented in the Monogram 2100 Series kits, I could see it happening.
  8. The original flyer/ad image is gone, but here are pics of the kit via a completed online listing: Note the rubber blow tubing is missing in the below image:
  9. How many do you need? Please post in the Wanted section further down the forum and I guarantee you'll get at least one response...maybe even some free tires.
  10. While Monogram did label some "foreign" sports cars under the "Exotic Car Series" (Lamborghini LP400s, 1/12 Ferrari F-40, Lotus Esprit Turbo), they were not really part of the series being discussed here, so I wouldn't include the BMW 635 coupe nor the Mazda RX-7.
  11. Sounds like a detail which was never seen as important enough to correct by MPC back in the day. Now we know what to correct if desired. 🙂 Box art could be far worse, or more misleading, or... Honestly, this is just one of those kits where what's in the box is simply the last of the run after things were changed annually. Not the best detailed, not the worst, but if you want to build the last of the big Caprice coupes, this is a good $32 option.
  12. Casey

    found item

    I'm pretty sure there was at least one '90s AMT kit which included that decal. 🤔
  13. I think a list would be very helpful, especially with images directly uploaded to the forum, for reference. Have you looked into the forthcoming Moebius ramp truck body yet? I would think that'd be the most popular subject for the next few months, and that particular ramp truck body seems to have been used by more than one race team in the drag racing realm. Are you only interested in your truck and/or NASCAR team-specific usage/history, or all ramp beds?
  14. Is it correct on the model? Is that piece represented on the A-pillar?
  15. Microbreweries have exploded over the last decade in the U.S. I forget the exact numbers, but where once there were less than 100, there are now thousands. Not a bad thing, as it's wonderful to have options, and there may never be another time like this where one person's specific tastes are catered to by multiple breweries. The experimentation and innovation microbrewers are able to pursue is something not really possible with large, corporate brewers, but both can exist and serve their customers.
  16. Possibly. If so, was it properly protected, preserved, with all inserts intact for 50+ years? 😬 I can't see anyone else but Atlantis attempting to reissue it, so if it exists, and if it's viable, sign me up for one.
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