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  1. The '71 Olds 442 hardtop will be out until 2022. Revell's European 'site has the '81 Camro Z/28, '66 Malibu SS, and '37 Ford Pickup listed for 9/2021 release, but I would expect that means in Europe, not the U.S. Add a few months until they are seen stateside: https://www.revell.de/en/products/new-products/novelties-09-2021/1981-z-28-camaro.html
  2. The Monogram Chevy S-10 Waverider custom version has two bed-mounted speaker boxes:
  3. Wow, that is bizarre. It looks like the same engine parts were included in other Resto Rod series kits, too, such as this '66 Mustang: Here's a 427 FE-series for comparison:
  4. All of the John Bogosian designed wacky car series kits were new in '72, I believe. Some shared a chassis, suspension, and engine, with specific accessories added on the match each car's theme. More info here: http://www.showrods.com/home_page_links/alpha_list.html The sibling Aqua Charger Depth Rod was reissued a few years ago.
  5. They appear to be Ford FE-style cylinder heads, where the intake manifold make up the inner third of the cylinder head, so to speak. Is the Pro Street style chassis pan really included in this kit, as shown in the instructions?
  6. 1971 sheet: https://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/1450/amt-115-1971-ford-pinto ...but looks like no bumper guards for the '72: Pretty sure I have this ridiculous hood if you need one.
  7. It looks proportionate to my eyes, so, yes, do it. Now, about that excess rear overhang...🤔
  8. Suddenly, the IH tractor and matching trailer doesn't seem so bad: RAT FINK 1990 FORD UTILITY BUCKET TRUCK 1:34 SCALE DIECAST (DUE OCTOBER 2021) SKU : AW296 Regular price $67.99
  9. Which LHS? Was up there a few weeks ago, and didn't realize Fondy still had a LHS.
  10. I recall 20+ years ago, on the rec.models.scale Usenet group, someone was pushing the then-new(?) ELO (Easy Lift Off) paint remover, and asked me to try it and provide feedback. Well, I tried it on both Testors Gloss Red oil-based enamel and Duplicolior lacquer, and it worked okay on the Testors paint, but didn't have any affect on the Duplicolor, so, call me skeptical of any "new" paint stripper (though I applaud the O.P. for nor stooping to "NEW!!!!" levels and excessive exclamation). I have always had great success with Easy Off oven cleaner (lye, basically) in the yellow can when needed. Easy to find locally, and strips everything. That will continue to be my go-to.
  11. Plenty of safe, effective, tried, and true methods here, readily available:
  12. Not sure that is exactly the case (kit design follows existing phantom box art), but I have to believe (re?-) using the "original" box art for the future release is part of the plan, and a naturally that means the parts inside closely match. We know the wheels will be different, at least in the first issue, so the vintage box art will need to be tweaked a bit, and I don't recall Jamie mentioning the body will specifically be marked as a GarWood unit, so no ide if the optional stripes will be included.
  13. Yes, it looks funny, but not really close in proportion nor shape to any then-current Camaro Funny Car. As Mark mentioned, this was a universal style chassis, which also appeared under similarly ill-proportioned Ford Maverick and a '69 Mustang Grande'(!!) bodies, too, so not terribly accurate from the get go. Here are the instruction sheets for both the Maverick and Mustang F/Cs to get an idea of what you'll be getting: https://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/1309/revell-1216-maverick-funny-car https://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/261/revell-1209-mustang-funny-car Well, they don't HAVE to run everything, but IMHO, this particular kit was a less than ideal choice, but I'm assuming it was chosen due to the Jungle Jim licensing they currently have, and the mold didn't need a ton of work to be viable. The body on these three F/C kits are halfway to being in the Deal's Wheels caricature series in all honesty, and there are major inaccuracies all around. Well, hopefully anyone considering this kit will do a quick bit of research to spare themselves some future disappointment-- I feel it's that poor of a kit.
  14. "H1440 Jungle Jim Camaro -- Tooling was updated. Restored Hemi Engine and back wheels were resized. New rubber slicks and front tires. Kit also also includes optional ford engine. Updated decals and new box art." I'm trying to find something nice to say about this kit, but, words fail me. 🤐😬
  15. While the link is still viable, here's the image directly uploaded: The forthcoming 1/25 AMT #1201 '63 Chevy II Nova 400 Wagon kit will include an inline Chevrolet six-cylinder engine, like the original, but not quite exactly the same.
  16. There were both static and slot versions. More info here:
  17. I can't blame you for not going through the trouble of correcting the rolls. Just disappointing MPC didn't do it correctly in 1968.
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