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  1. https://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/456/mpc-ramchargers-dragster-transporter
  2. If you are willing to go with the nicer (IMHO) ex-Monogram 1/32 '82 Camaro Z/28, it was recently reissued by Atlantis (who now owns the ex-Monogram mold) and should be available for $25 or so: https://atlantis-models.com/model-vehicles/?sort=featured&page=2
  3. Atlantis Toy and Hobby Coming Soon: Tom Daniel 1/32 Funny Cars all new artwork and decals. Thank you to Tom and Kelly Daniel. Look for these to be released in July
  4. Being reissued later this year, kit number 1329:
  5. While the 1/24 Monogram '55 Chev and Badman two share much, the devil is in the details, so to speak-- different wheels and tires, exhaust, and the Badman version has a unique front spoiler, the grill opening-mounted Moon fuel tank, and wheelie bars which the Street Machine version does not.
  6. Being reissued in 2022, kit number 14540, pics courtesy of @Phirewriter from 2022 NNL Milwaukee:
  7. Still hopeful. 😊 Would that fit on the smaller Fireball 500/Corvette trailer? I don't think it'd fit inside any standard pickup bed.
  8. I suspect the ex-Renwal molds all went to Atlantis, at least those they wanted. Atlantis has released a handful (maybe fewer) ex-Renwal kits, so it would be worth your time to send Atlantis an e-mail and ask them. I think the last Renwal kit Revell re-issued, a decade ago, was the 1/32 Teracruzer:
  9. Has anyone here created (or might be consider creating) a older style galvanized metal garbage can and lid set? I would think once the AMT Garwood Refuse truck debuts, one could have no trouble selling quite a few of them. 🤷‍♂️
  10. AMT-1170 1/24 Reefer Semi Trailer (Re-Issue) $135.95 TBA
  11. Wishful thinking on my part, so keep your fingers crossed for 2022 or 2023. I doubt there's a whole lot more yet-to-be-announced from Revell for 2022 after this latest group.
  12. No, that was debunked when the rat Roaster debuted. @Brett Barrowdid a rather comprehensive comparison of the differences, IIRC. The Rat Roaster was designed using new tech, not old school 1/10 master buck and pattern work.
  13. That was posted a few months ago, and iIRC, was fan who stopped by the Round2 offices while on a road trip, or similar.
  14. This bodes well for the 1/16 IROC-Z being reissued semi-soon, too. 😊
  15. Another nail in the coffin that is the Blazer version, but good news none the less: 1978 Chevy Blazer PulldozerItem no. 14532
  16. Excellent, I would say. 😁 1999 Chevy Silverado Custom Pickup Item no. 14538
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