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  1. Sorry I piss so many of you off, JUST TAKE ME OFF OF THIS SITE...
  2. You can make a profit building model cars $$.. I did it for 20 years, but keep your day Job... Take a picture of a Real Car then build the Model.. In the pictures these were Built for people at Car Shows... Go to Car Show and Show them what You can Do..I did this in the 80s and 90s..(73 Now) I use real auto paint mix 4oz and get 4oz of Harder it only take 4-5 drops of harder....go to a paint shop and they will mix the paint - using the paint code..My cost about 25 to 30 dollars sale for 50 or 60 dollors..make a Little Profit..Sometime I would get 4or5 cars or pick ups to do..I will show some more pics later...Your going to BUILD models anyway..Thanks for Looking Paul
  3. Does anyone Build models and sale them. THANKS
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