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  1. I wasn't happy with the current paint and wheels so I changed then out
  2. Did you paint those strips on or did you use decals and setting solution ?
  3. Had this one for a while and decided to turn it into a race truck
  4. Some of you wanted to see the motor up close here it is
  5. I have had this kit for a while and decided to do something with it. I'm using a oval track car frame and using some wheels I made. I'm also using a resin 3d printed motor I bought
  6. This is tamyia ts- 41 with an automotive paint called clear effect over it
  7. This was a stock scania r500 but I decided to turn it into a race truck
  8. Just finished this instructions said to use a matt clear but I used a gloss.
  9. I started this 32 Ford about a week ago I bought custom wheels for it and plan on putting a big blower on it.
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