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  1. Thanks for the reassurance. Will add the "extra missing" step on the next go around.
  2. Always open to trying new things. Looks very interesting. Might give it a try in the future when I get enough confidence to try an air brush. Thanks for the link.
  3. Thanks for the link. I’ll give the Tamiya version a try on the next model.
  4. Thanks for finding the missing step! it is greatly appreciated!! stay safe and enjoy!
  5. Thanks for the information. I’ll try and find it here and give it a try.
  6. To Peteski, Steven Gunthmiller, and Ace- garageguy, I apologize for the misleading title. I am trying to find out what I was doing wrong and how I can make a very glossy, paint job. The “smothered in honey” reference was to the shine/gloss of the paint rather than the thickness of the paint. Again sorry for the misunderstanding. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Stay safe and enjoy!
  7. I would really like to be able to paint a kit that has a deep, deep gloss to it. But can’t seem to get it to work. 1. After taking care of the mold lines, etc., I sand the body lightly with 400-2000 Tamiya paper. 2. Spray one light coat of primer (either Tamiya or Mr. Hobby) remove imperfections, grit, etc. to the best of my ability. 3. Respray lightly to cover sand marks. 4. Spray a base coat of the final colour and let dry. 5. Spray a secondary coat of final colour that looks “wet”. (maybe it isn’t “wet” enough?) and let dry for a day or two (Tamiya Spary TS-???) 6. Spray two or three coats of clear with a 15-20 minute wait between coats. (Either Tamiya or Mr. Colour) 7. Polish with Tamiya polishing compound (Coarse, Fine and Finish) Is there something I am missing or doing out of order or just plain wrong? Thanks for reading. Stay safe and enjoy!
  8. Thanks. They lack a lot of details that the larger 1/24-1/25 kits have, but I find they are just fun to build. Hard on the eyes though when trying to paint the dash, emblems and such.
  9. A very fun build that I enjoyed putting together. No major mistakes. I am happy with the undercarriage and am slowly building confidence in that one are. Still a long way to go but getting there, however slowly. Interior is sub par in my opinion: Too much painting outside the lines caused by unsteady hands and poor eyesight. Body color is a chromatic (?) craft color (オーロラグリーン Northern Lights Green) that Yuko had some extra of. I like the looks but need to improve my skill in applying it. Thanks for looking! Stay safe and enjoy!!
  10. Overall not a bad build, but not a good one either. Tried a two tone black interior, which doesn’t show up in the photos and drilled out the rims. Might be getting better at the foiling, but still can’t figure out how to do the small letters/emblems. The windscreen was a major clusterf**k which prompted me to ask how to instal clear parts in the FORUM. I will be trying many of methods suggested on future builds. Am most pleased with the undercarriage. It is simply done but I am happy with the results. Thanks for looking. Stay safe and enjoy! P.S. Wife doesn’t have any dioramas this scale. Sorry.
  11. Wow! Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to my query. It is greatly appreciated. I never knew there were so many alternatives. I’ try and find the products recommended here and give them a try. Again thanks for all the help. stay safe and enjoy!
  12. What’s the best way to install clear parts, windscreens, headlights, etc., without causing fogging or leaving unsightly glue residue behind? I’ve been using regular Tamiya Cement. Thanks for the help. Stay safe and enjoy!
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