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  1. Thanks for the hints on what kind of material is used. Great work on the scratch built winch.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I’ll hit up Yuko’s favorite craft stores and her box of odds and ends to see what is there. I can only aspire to reach your level of detailing. Awesome work. Thanks for the advice on the “look”.
  3. This forum has some awesome talent that is making me want to improve. An awesome feeling. I’d like to improve my detailing skills on the engine and undercarriage. What do you use for the various lines, hoses cables and belts? And clamps, where do you find clamps at 1/24,1/25 scale? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Stay safe and enjoy.
  4. Glad to hear shipping over the big waters isn’t a problem. And that it is relatively fast is a bonus.
  5. Time isn't an issue since I don't have plans on building this kit till my skills improve a lot more. I'll preorder from Model Builders Warehouse as I don't know who Harold is, or how to contact him, though I suspect he is the maker of the kits. Thanks for the information.
  6. Here is my latest model with one of Yuko’s earlier made shops. The scale is off, but I think it still looks cool. But then again I am biased. Thanks for looking. Stay safe and enjoy!
  7. Hello, Here is my version of the Hasegawa Volkswagen Type-2 Pick-up Truck. It went together well and was a fun build. Still making a mess of the smaller details with my clumsy fingers. I like the colour scheme but Yuko said the lighter blue should be white instead. Ah well. Will get it right the next time. Interior is the colours as the exterior though none of the photos show it well. Thanks for looking. Stay safe and enjoy!
  8. Thanks. That was one of the sites I checked. I’ll just keep going back and hope they have some in stock one day. Enjoy!
  9. Hello, I’d like to know where I could get a HRM 1964 COBRA DAYTONA COUPE 1/24TH SCALE like the one posted by Venom, Mr. Atkinson, here. The places I’ve found on the net have all been sold out. Way beyond my ability at the moment, but I’d like to put it on the shelf as a goal t work toward. Take care, stay safe and enjoy!
  10. Thanks. That must have been why I had a hard time finding reference photos for a ‘65.
  11. I think all of the 1/32 scale kits I’ve posted (4) have the box In the background. I’ll keep doing that in the future as well.
  12. Thanks. The ARII kits are pretty easily found in Japan. As for the tires, too tall and too skinny. They are the same tires on all the ARII 1/32 kits.
  13. Cobraman “You should not have any problems with it at all.” Thanks. I was a little worried about how to paint the body, or if I should even try.
  14. Undercarriage needs the paint to be smoother. No idea where the dots are coming from as they are not dust particles.
  15. This is the last 1/32 scale kit I’m building for a while. They are fun to build but hard on the old eyes. Was happy with the paint (thanks for the advice on getting a glossy finish.I will eventually get the look I want.) until I tried adding the chrome trim, then my fat fingers got smudges all over. Not very good at masking either. Seems I can’t get the tape to stick well enough to stop some paint from running under. And advice welcomed. Thanks for looking. Stay safe and enjoy!
  16. Thanks for the reassurance. Will add the "extra missing" step on the next go around.
  17. Always open to trying new things. Looks very interesting. Might give it a try in the future when I get enough confidence to try an air brush. Thanks for the link.
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