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  1. Thanks for the advice all. And jaymcminn for the summary. appreciate it very much. stay safe and enjoy!
  2. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, your choice. How do you apply decals on no smooth surfaces. I am building an old Tamiya motorcross rider and have to apply decals to his jersey which is molded to look like it has wrinkles. How do I do this? Thanks for reading. Stay safe and enjoy!
  3. Ok, thanks for the information. I'd be happy with a downloadable PDF, if that counts for anything. Stay safe and enjoy!
  4. Exotics_Builder: Thanks for the Tamiya product listings. I can easily get them here in Japan. TooOld: thanks for the explanation. It is appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the information. I'll try this on the next set of decals. Sadly these are already bits and pieces. Tried to find Sovaset, but it is not available in Japan. Any other brands of similar products I could look for? Stay safe and enjoy!
  6. I just picked up an old kit at a hobby shop that was closing down. The kit is a Tamiya KTM 250MX. Kit Number: 1451-1200. While I know the kit isn't a car kit, the problem I am having, other than bad eyesight and unsteady hands, is similar. When I tried to apply the decals they "crumbled" when I tried to slide them the paper backing onto the plastic. I soaked the decals for several minutes before trying to place them. Am I doing something wrong? If yes, then how do I overcome this problem? Thank you for taking the time to read this. Stay safe and enjoy!
  7. Next question is: Is there a downloadable version so I can read the magazine without having to be connected to the Internet? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Stay safe and enjoy!
  8. So I figured it out, sort of. I think. You have to go to the Renew/Login page of from Subscriptions. Then enter your account number and postal code. Hope this helps other newbies who may have the same problem. Stay safe and Enjoy!
  9. Xingu: Thanks for flagging this for the Admin. Admin: Thanks for looking into this for me. Looking forward to seeing the magazine. I am an international subscriber from Japan, if that makes a difference. Postal code is 464 0850.
  10. I know it’s is a simple question, but how do I see the magazine after I’ve subscribed? last week I subscribed for one year digital. How do I get to see the magazine? sorry for the ignorance. stay safe and enjoy!
  11. Thanks for all the great tips. It is appreciated. stay safe and enjoy!
  12. I've read a few posts on paint stripping of older models to be repainted, but how do you deal with the glue bombs. The early kits you built where each part received its own tube to secure it to the next. How does one overcome that mess. Thanks for reading. Stay safe and enjoy! Edit: Can't spell.
  13. It is decent, but more effort on my part could improve the times a lot. I'm just a bit lazy. ; )
  14. Thank you. The best I've managed was 13.25. Most of my other times were closer to 14. With a better driver and race tires I'm sure it could go a little faster.
  15. Hello, I'm looking to purchase a few back issues that have "specials" on painting and engine detailing. Which ones should I get? Thanks, Conchan
  16. Thanks for the welcome. I am a bit overwhelmed at the information provided, but it will be fun exploring.
  17. Thanks for the welcome. Yes, it is a great way to enjoy my free time. I've posted some photos of my car in the reference section under 1969 Chevelle . Hope you enjoy the photos.
  18. Here are some photos of my 1969 Chevelle. A work in progress. It has a Ken Duttweiler built 502 with an Arizona Speed and Marine EFI.(Am in the process of changing the electronics to Holly so it is easier to tune.) The transmission is a 4L-80E and the rear end is a Currie Enterprises built 9" Ford.
  19. Hello, I live in Nagoya, Japan and used to build models way back when I was in elementary school. Stopped when I got into Junior high school. Recently, I've gotten a tenured position at a local uni and have some free time so I've decided to try modeling again. My daily ride is a Kawasaki Zepher 1100 and I have a '69 Chevelle with a warmed up 502 for special days. My main hobby is a Japanese glaive art that I've been doing for 30+ years. It is a nice way to hit people with sticks. Here's an example of what I mean. I also read a lot, fantasy, sword and sorcery, grimdark, graphic novels and manga. I ran across this site by pure accident, but it looks like an awesome place to learn things. I want to learn how to build bikes and cars that look awesome. haha. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Stay safe and enjoy!
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