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  1. The hemlock of my namesake has to do with a species North American trees of the pine family. These trees are in heavy use on my virtual model train (Trainz) layout.
  2. Somebody planted the notion in my head for using a scale in another thread here. Sounds like a good idea to me. The postal scale is not nearly sensitive enough though. Oh, here it is:
  3. I already got some pipettes, some plastic pill cups, some AIDS gloves and those blasted Paasche cleaning brushes, darnnit! I use Reynold's parchment freezer paper to line the booth. Now, I'm awaiting my new digital reloading scale.
  4. The paint cup seems messy to deal with. I like the convenience of the siphon bottles. Looking at the spray pattern in the video, you can tell how refined the atomized paint particles are. Just millions of tiny particles. It seems like the airbrush is like a surgeon's scalpel. A precision instrument.
  5. I found this video and 35 psi used by Andy X for my airbrush model. 1/2 the paint is enamel and the other 1/2 lacquer thinner. He is using Number 3 needle and that's what I plan to use. If some experienced Paasche H users were to chime in here that would be very helpful. Even an experiment needs an educated starting point so one is "not sailing his ship all over the sea without a compass".
  6. OPHIR Super Power Airbrush Spray Booth Kit Portable Paint Spray Booth with Filter LED Lights. I tested the unit and it vents fumes fine out the window. I hooked up my Paasche H to the compressor and set the compressor regulator to 20 psi. But when I squeezed the trigger, the regulator pressure gauge on the compressor immediately dropped to zero and the compressor motor suddenly kicked on again. If I hold the airbrush trigger open continuously and dial up the regulator, I can get it hold at 20 psi steady while the motor doesn't kick on often. Is this how pressure is supposed to be adjusted with the airbrush firing a full steady current of air as the regulator is set to the prescribed psi reading? I've been told that 20 psi is optimal for spraying enamels. Should clear or dull top-coat lacquers be shot at higher pressures like 25, 30 or 35 psi? I think the idea is to have the pressures high enough without spider webbing, orange peel or splatter. I believe lacquers like higher pressures than enamels. I plan to use this booth for gluing my models together as well was airbrushing them or hand brushing small parts. It will vent out paint, thinner and cement/glue fumes and proved an excellent LED lighted work area. I can clean up my airbrush and hand brushed inside this ventilator too. This booth is as handy a tool for modelers as a bench vise is in a workshop.
  7. I have to now try to sell that "paint booth tent" I have. It was over $60 with shipping and tax a year ago. Is there a good marketplace for second-hand hobby equipment?
  8. No, the strong winds of Oklahoma blow that stuff far away in a heartbeat. Most neighbors around here keep windows shut and run the a/c. During the summertime, I was rattle-can spray painting some custom window sill boards as platforms to my put my animal figurines on for window dsiplay and a custom window panel for my portable air conditioner exhaust hoses outside my front door on my porch. I also sand and do small woodworking projects out there on a small folding table. No complaints from the landlord or neighbors about that. They just don't want me to put up a tent thing out on the back lawn of the complex even for just a half hour. People let their dogs kr@pp out there without picking the doo up but the landlord seems to do nothing about that. I could just spray my models out on my porch sans tent but they won't be very neat unless both wind velocity AND dust fallout is nil. Spraying low-value wooden objects out there is not such a sensitive issue with a minor breeze and a little dust and some fine sandpaper to neaten up informal painted wood projects painted in flat white. earth-tone or black paints. You just can't airbrush models out in any amount of wind or outside dust. Oklahoma is a wind-swept dust bowl.
  9. I have limited space and need to think portable to the max. I would like a wider booth since I will be painting an assembled airplane fuselage up to 13" in length. My idea is set it it up on a stiff steel wire through the paint booth to rotisserie it over and over while painting it longwise. The turntable wouldn't seem to work well for a long assembly like an aircraft fuselage or a ship or boat hull. For smaller parts, I like to hold them in my hands while painting them so they can be moved around easily. I wear an AIDS glove on my non-painting hand and use blue FunTack putty to hold parts to wooden hobby sticks as a handle. I have a shallow cardboard box with holes in it to use it as a rack to hold wet painted parts. I put the sticks with the parts stuck to them through the holes to use it as a stand. The improvised rack goes inside a big deep carboard box as a dust cover. That reusable blue FunTack putty is a real great tool for model buiding. I'm sure a cor body can be "rotiserried" while painting with a long wire too.
  10. My apartment manager says I'm not allowed to use one of those portable paint booth tents outside my unit. They are a hassle to set up and take down repeatedly anyway. Weather also doesn't always cooperate too. I figure having one of those nifty little folding electric fan booths will vent the nasty fumes out the window while I sit comfortably inside my living room all winter long with the television on. I plan to use both lacquers and enamel paints for the airbrush. I'm not an acrylic user. Aerosol paint cans aren't recommended for these tabletop hobby booths anyway. Fire/explosion hazards. I suspect the ventilation equipment can also vent model cement fumes out the window as well. Does any person here use such equipment and/or have to deal with doing this hobby as an apartment dweller? Are there any such hobby booths one can recommend? What's the best way to keep such equipment clean and maintained? I understand they use replaceable filters. Here is but one example of a hobby booth with window kit; there are so many of these booths out on the market, it's confusing to pick one.
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