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  1. Hello Lee, I do have one, but it is currently snowed in in my storage unit. Not sure what I want for it, but if you have a little patience, I am sure we can work something out. Jesse in Laramie
  2. You might notice from my nic I live in Wyoming. My lovely wife and I drove to western SC to celebrate Christmas with her family. I have not found a hobby shop of any quality in Wyo yet. So as long as we were travelling... I looked at the "Buy the magazine here" section of the site here. I found a shop in Easley SC, which was not really out of our way. It was (and still is) Hobby Connection in Easley SC. We stopped in... I bought 3 cans of Tamiya Spray paint, and best of all Issue 211 of Model Cars. I wanted to hold an issue in my hands before subscribing, so... Mission Accomplished!! I will subscribe upon my return... They had a decent selection of kits, not bad for Christmas eve, and plenty of paint and supplies... That is my report, and that leads to Merry Christmas!!!
  3. Brief update...I bought the parts set on Ebay. Alas, it is not complete... I am trying to work up a trade on a complete kit, but I actually got married on Friday, and have not had time to dig through the storage to come up with trade bait...I will though... Thanks to every one that has responded!! Jesse in Laramie
  4. I need a 68... or resin parts to convert Monograms 69. Or an MPC glue bomb. I know Monogram made a poorly done hotrodded 68 that came with some decent Torque thrust wheels, which I also want. 64 through 67s are plentiful, 69 through 72 are also. I NEED a 68.
  5. Maybe everyone knows this, but I didn't until an artist friend hooked me up with this stuff nearly 20 years ago. I use a product called " The masters brush cleaner and preservative ", which can be found easily on amazon or art supply houses. I clean my brushes with the appropriate thinner, then dip them in water and clean them according to their io instructions. I cannot tell you how long they last, as I have not had to replace any. great product, not affiliated in any way
  6. I am Jesse from Laramie. Formerly from DC, so glad to see MAMA is still functioning, was a member long ago. Been building for a very long time, cars mostly, and 1/48 prop powered aircraft. Have not had the space to build very much in about 10 years. Now I do, and am trying to un perish my skills. Getting there....Foiling things still makes me swear. Any way, glad to be here and part of the community!!
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