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  1. I’m fixing to start the decal work and finishing touches on the Torino. This is only my 4th build so I’ve got some learning to do. Can you put clear coat over decals? And if you can, what is the safest way to do it? Thanks! P.S - Tamiya TS-94 is such a cool color in person.
  2. It did! I’ve seen videos of people doing this and I think I might try it next time I do a rust build. I’ve done dry brushing but never the salt method.
  3. I’ve rusted the body and frame, mismatched some of the panels, and cracked the hood and other areas. Any tips to weather the seats?
  4. You can also use Google translate if needed. You can look through the camera and it translates it in real time.
  5. What kit is the merc? Looks nice. Great builds!
  6. I don’t really have any advice on rust builds besides just don’t try too hard. I’ve always been an artistic person so I just painted what I thought would work and it came out like I hoped. The base color is the darkest primer I have, then I just used testers mini paint jars to brush the rust in. I used a paper towel to take some of the paint away and brushed a very light layer of dark brown first. Then I added some more serious light rust accents to the edges by patting a brush straight down to make little dots. I used a paint pen for the letters. The fender marks are actually brush marks in one direction, but idk how I feel about them. Any thoughts? (If you read this essay through) I thought they might look like raw, rough metal, but maybe not. edit - also idk if you were asking me or repeating the wuestion, but either way thanks for the advice.
  7. I’m starting a new project while I’m waiting for some paint to come in. I decided to make a worn and rusted build. I’m putting some service parts like bumpers and lights, but keeping everything else stock to make a well used daily driver. Any advice on making rust builds?
  8. Almost done with the mustang, just need to buff out some of the paint imperfections.
  9. The lighting is weird on the wheels. I think the black is just reflective enough to look like defective paint on camera. But I’m new so I’m also not the best at paint. Thanks for the compliment!
  10. Yes the blue is Tamiya PS-59 (dark metallic blue). It looks good in person too. It’s a good kit, but I don’t like how the suspension and sway bar go together on the body.
  11. Now all that’s left on my first ever build are final details, some more decals and mirrors. Criticism is welcome. And maybe some good old school JDM kit recommendations pls.
  12. I’m new to this hobby and I’d like some constructive criticism or extra supplies that I might benefit from.
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