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  1. wish they would reissue that in scale had two or three of them wish i would have kept them
  2. cedars allways someone with a funny joke lol
  3. who makes the best looking tach tried detail master little tough for this old man
  4. what do you guys use to remove parts from the tree i tried xacto knife with new blade hard to cut
  5. cant seem to find 3/32 rod online is there another size that would work for rollcage
  6. i went with the gtx looks like a good fit thanks buddy
  7. anyone ever tried putting solid wire inside plastic tubing when heating to bend for rollcage. i thought it might keep the tubing from collapsing. i dont care if i have to leave the wire inside
  8. do you think the coronet or gtx would have a wider tube than the amt malibu pro street coronet and gtx seem wider cars in 1/1 the little red wagon has a wide bed i could scratch build tubs if i have to
  9. what kit would provide a good looking four link and nice tubs . im going to build a lowered modern little red wagon style truck
  10. whats the best tip size for painting 1/25 bodies
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