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  1. Does Lex have website or face book page? Thx.
  2. Great built. I thought of doing a jet funnycar myself. What kit did you say the jet engine came from? Thx.
  3. I hope you plan casting and selling them. The work is outstanding.
  4. Great looking body. Would like afew of them when your done.
  5. Great looking body. Are you going to sell them, got to have one!!!
  6. Where do I go to get one of these bodies? Do they have web site? Thanks.
  7. Hows the plug coming for the new body? I would like one when they are done.
  8. Did you finished this body? Are you going to cast them to sell? I would like to buy a few of them.
  9. Here are more pictures of the car. Some one should cast a body.
  10. Wayne, If you make a few changes to it, you could cast it then. I would also want one.
  11. Does anyone have pictures of his 67 nova roadster funnycar? Any pictures and information would be great help. Thanks.
  12. Great looking body! Are you going to make them avaible for sale?
  13. Are you going to cast resin bodies of it? I sure would like a few of them if you are.
  14. Chuck, Will you do custom 1 off decals? Your decals look great.
  15. Does any one remember who made decals for this funnycar? If so are they still available.
  16. Which kit did you start with? I would like to do one myself. Great job!
  17. Who;s body did you start with? This is going to be a great build.
  18. Very cool truck. Are you going to make the bodies available for sale?
  19. Here are pictures of the vette Bill Kuhlmann built to sell. Maybe this mite help you.
  20. Great looking body. Are they for sale? I would like to get a few if you are. Please let me know. Thanks.
  21. Nick, Yes can you check to see how many Bantam bodies he has, and please let me know. Thanks again. Don..
  22. Does anyone know if Perrys Resin is still open? I have send numerous e-mails and called the phone number thats on his website. But with no luck. I would like to get a few of his Bantam altered bodies. I hope someone can help. Thanks, Don....
  23. Does anyone know who makes a resin body of Dick Jesse,s Mr. Unswitchable 67 GTO funnycar. If so, do they have a website? Thanks..
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