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  1. This one has a mild front grille mod, replaced the hood spears with fake machine guns (?!?) I sold it on the bay some years back.
  2. My wife saw a pink 57 Chevy she liked so I said sure! I'll get you one! Built from the box, used the color nail polish my wife selected. Redrilled the front axle hole to adjust the stance.
  3. This should be the final WIP for this one, it is coming together OK. I took David's advice and sprayed the insert Tamiya TS-17 gloss aluminum. (Have some handy for the B-52 with X-15 from Atlantis, man they are popping out some fun stuff.) A lot of Bare Metal foil, and my old sheets are kinda fragile so that is fun. The Molotow chrome looks about as shiny as BMF, but the pen is clogged so I have to just blob the ink out on a palette and apply with a stylus. (fancy name for toothpick). I see stuff in the photos I'm not really thrilled with, for a quick build with some new techniques I'm satisfied. Regards, Jeff Oliver
  4. This is the type of drills used to make holes in circuit boards. The boards are commonly made of fiberglass reinforced epoxy, which is extremely abrasive. The precision drills turn at way high rpm (10000 or more) and move straight down and up, the drills are strong in that direction, but slight side pressure can snap them. (source: I was a circuit board designer in real life) When (not if!) you break one, you will be glad you have eye protection on. Regards, Jeff Oliver
  5. Need some advice from users of the Molotow Liquid Chrome markers. It worked great on the first day. 1mm size. Shook the pen well, pressed down to feed the ink, applied to the model. Looks pretty good! Now today I cannot get it to feed. Multiple pumps resulted in a blob of ink on my 'palette' but not really coming out of the tip. Is the tip clogged/dried? Do they supply replacement tips? Can I clean the tip with solvent? I downloaded the Molotow user guide, it does not address feed problems. Useful suggestions will be appreciated! Regards, Jeff Oliver
  6. My wife pointed out a pink 57 Chevy she thought looked cool, I said I'll get her one! She supplied the fingernail polish. I used several coats of primer to seal the black body and red (ugh) interior plastic. Rattle can white, then used my Paasche H5 airbrush for acetone thinned color coat. Took it slow to avoid dissolving the plastic. This is the first time I tried a Molotow Liquid Chrome pen. Man there is a lot of chrome on these old cars! Good thing I still have some usable Bare-Metal foil. I guess I'll use the decal for the rear fender areas, not so thrilled about that. Better ideas are welcome! Regards, Jeff Oliver
  7. Also do not be afraid to do a search on this site. Different key words can bring up an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. I have been inspired and energized by the works shown here! And please post your results. Old tricks are good, new dogs with new tricks are great! Regards, Jeff Oliver
  8. Beyond a clean build, this is sanitary! I can only aspire to this skill.
  9. Great to see your fine build of this dragster.
  10. Great to see another box build of the Mooneyes in issue 212! Good work by Tim Kolankkiewicz, with good tips on a couple gotchas this kit has. A tip I would like to pass on about this kit is that the rear axle is too long. It is super easy to whack off the ends then drill through, and use the usual metal axle rod (we have a few spares in the junk box I bet). Also I shortened the injector stacks a bit to squeeze between the frame. I highly enjoyed building this kit! Not too complicated, just enough challenge to be interesting, and such a cool iconic car!
  11. Over 30 years old! I had just gotten a Pasche H spray gun, this is one of the first subjects I painted. I was and am a fan of Texas Pete, the National Hot Sauce of North Carolina! Definite decal yellowing. Not sure to try sun bleaching it, maybe the colors would fade first.
  12. Looks like it has got a few miles on it. Excellent!
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