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  1. Another look at Kris Morgans chopped Olds. Going to build a tail dragger with mine. Thanks for the Olds Bro...........
  2. Love the look !!!!!!!!!!! Nice job.
  3. Sully

    41 Chevy Gasser

    Here's my take on an old gasser. This is what she looked like before weathering.
  4. Jesse, Here's a few pics of one I did a few years ago. I used the back half of the 67 Chevelle and mated it to the front half of the T-Bolt. Hope this helps a little.
  5. Jeff, She looks Bitchin !!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I knew it was going to look that good, you might have had to pry it from my hands. :lol: Glad to see her finished. Sully
  6. This is the lowest price I have found, and Ron is a good person to deal with........... Sully http://www.ebay.com/itm/360429766360?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649
  7. Flyers back up..............sorry guys I must have deleated them in my Photobucket........... Sully
  8. Here's a little inspiration for ya Jeff. Not the correct year, but still an old bathtub runnin the strip.........
  9. Thanks for posting the pics of the Toledo show Howard. It was good to meet you,and I hope to see you again next year. Sully
  10. My two cents worth Jeff is to start cutting................ A flip front would look cool. Even if there never was one done, I say go for it...... and still with the injector stacks sticking out of the hood.. Sully
  11. Norm does them . I saw them at Toledo this weekend. Sully http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/1/2/1/after-market-source/replicasminiatureof/
  12. Thanks for sharing the pics Pat. I'm glad to have finally met you. Super cool guy !!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you next year. Sully
  13. Thanks Gregg............will do! Sully
  14. Good lookin start Jeff. I can see some injecter stacks sticking out of the hood. Maybe your next one do an A.W.B. Sully
  15. Nice work on both models, but most of all, a very nice tribute to your brother....... Sully
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