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  1. airbrush addict added a post in a topic AMT Jaguar XJ220 "True fire" pre-race car   

    Wow, love the colors!!!
  2. airbrush addict added a post in a topic 79 Camaro Z/28   

    Nice car!! I never liked the t tops either.

    I have a black 79 non t top z28
  3. airbrush addict added a post in a topic Older 70 Baldwin Motion Build   

    Thanks guys.

    Yes, I painted the flames. Usually I clear with PPG urothane.

    I'm working on a 66 Chevelle Wagon now. Going to try Testors enamels this time.
  4. airbrush addict added a post in a topic 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS   

    Amazing detail!!! Interior is awesome.
  5. airbrush addict added a topic in Under Glass   

    Older 70 Baldwin Motion Build
    I built this one a few years back. Time hasn't been good to this one. I tried future for the clear coat and it yellowed in places. Rear end is sagging also.

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  6. airbrush addict added a post in a topic Li'l Gypsy Wagon - Kitbash   

    Awesome detail..
  7. airbrush addict added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Polished aluminum look
    I've been looking for some weld racing drag lite rims. However, I can only find them in resin.

    They need to look like polished alimunum.

    How can I acheive a polished alimunum look on resin wheels?
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  8. airbrush addict added a post in a topic O.T. Any advice on this situation?   

    Find a solution to keep your current job untill you can find something else. Have you reached out to friends or even other parents that use the same day care? Surely someone you trust can take them for you.

    Unfortunatly I am in the same position as your boss. I've had to lay off 2/3 of our employees and move our A team members to other jobs, etc. We even have office employees working on our assembly line. We have cut hours, cut our salaries, even instituted a food bank program so our team members can eat!!

    The reason why I bring that up is because your boss sounds like a schmuck. He definitly could have handled the situation differently. He probably can't change your hours, etc. However, he could have done it in a more acceptable manner.

    Do all of the managers at that company deal with employees like that?? If so, they need to change!!!

    Here's another idea, can you drop them off at an employee of the day care's house?? I used to do that with my daughter. They would even take her home if I worked late. Of course, I had to trust them 1st!!!

    Good luck...
  9. airbrush addict added a post in a topic 55 on a diet   

    Your flames look great!!!

    Have you looked at coastairbrush.com?

    They sell the HOK colors in very small quantities.

    I've seen guys use Auto Air transparents as well. First they lay down transparent white, then shoot transparent red oxide over that. Then they shoot another set of flame licks over that using transparent white. Then they go over the white with transparent yellow. Then they mix the white with a little yellow and create hot spots.

    Richard Markham used this process in the black vette in the following gallery:


    Either of these might be worth looking into.

    However, you created an awesome flame job with 1 shot!!
  10. airbrush addict added a post in a topic Here's my first attempt at painting True Fire   

    True fire isn't easy at this scale..

    You nailed it..

    Can't wait to see it cleared.
  11. airbrush addict added a post in a topic Real or Model #60 FINISHED!   

  12. airbrush addict added a post in a topic Real or Model #58 FINISHED!   

    I have seen this elsewhere so I'll keep my trap shut!!!

    If I hadn't it would be a tough one to figure out!!!
  13. airbrush addict added a post in a topic how old are you??   

    I just turned 40. My 64 year old father still builds. My 14 year old son builds.

    My wife and remainder of the family fully support us...

    As a Dad of a 14, 16, and a 20 year old, I thank God everyday that my kids don't come home drunk, stoned, pregnant, etc...

    They have safe interests SO FAR. Model building is a safe interest.

    What are your parents concerns?
  14. airbrush addict added a post in a topic 1959 Cadillac "Helldorado"   

    WOW!! That is amazing!!
  15. airbrush addict added a post in a topic Should I quit modeling?   

    My mom loved it when I was home building models...

    I wasn't out street racing, getting tickets, etc, which is what I usually did back then..

    My kids don't get out much either...

    I thank god they are staying out of trouble!!!

    Maybe your mom will realize that some day...