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  1. Not into racing saloons as a rule, but i think this looks really good. Very well done, it looks a quality build.
  2. Beautifully built mode. Love it. There is a You tube video of Kimi Raikonen demonstrating a 159 at Silverstone and the car does look bigger than a 158. Maybe that Kimi is only small as well !
  3. Oh wow, what a lovely build. It just makes my day to see this. Even after watching the Goodwood Revival !
  4. Very nice , the care taken on the interior, the wheels and the paint finish all add to a nice model .
  5. Love it. And the pictures are great.
  6. Again, another outstanding model. looks spot on. lovely.
  7. I thought it was real ! i kept scrolling down looking for the model ! Very well done.
  8. That is one really cool truck. Love the deep red, the wheels the stance. Worth all the work that must have gone into it.
  9. Wow, What a great model, paint colour , stance, look just right.
  10. Thats a great model, it has presence. I like the colour.
  11. Lovely model , well photographed, thanks.
  12. A magnificent model. The first picture is a joy to see. A lovely way to display the finished model, especially after all the work you must have put in. You must be very proud. I am sure inspirational to a lot of people. Thankyou.
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