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  1. Yeah, those images are definitely going to be helpful. I think I can get some old Leach dimensioned drawings, so that will also be really helpful.
  2. Right now I'm leaning towards red with a black interior, simple but still sharp looking.
  3. Thanks Jeff. I am too. I definitely will. Definitely can be, I have a couple ideas on where to find some.
  4. Hey all, picked this up today. Really excited to get this one done, although considering its only my second model car, we'll see how it turns out. Anyway, going to be building this one box-stock. I'm sure it will be a fun project. Got the engine built up tonight, hopefully can get some blue paint on it soon.
  5. Looks great! The red looks super nice. Can't wait to see this one progress.
  6. Thanks Dan. Not quite sure, probably scale drawings (I'll make them if I have to) and styrene, brass. We'll see when the time comes.
  7. Looks amazing! Agree with Jeff, the multi-color scheme really adds to it.
  8. Great build! Will be really cool to see this one come along.
  9. Great progress so far! Looking forward to seeing this come along.
  10. Thanks all. Just got out of quarantine, so hoping to get paint on the engine later this week, that's the last major component to be painted. Meanwhile, I got the cab parts on, interior together and painted and couldn't resist taking some mockup photos. It's starting to come together. Interior is a pretty plain black and tan, highlighted the dash a bit. Not my best work but will be hardly visible when it is complete.
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