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  1. Got the chassis built up and ready to be stretched, couldn't help myself and maybe got a touch carried away with the details, but oh well. Looks good sitting mocked up. Also had to let it sit on the wheels. Gonna look sweet.
  2. Got the main bodysides cut out tonight for the trash body. Modified some plans for a 25yd body down to a 20yd body, thanks to Jeff for the designs.
  3. Started work on the body sides, using some 0.030 styrene I had on hand. The bottom pieces are for the Autocar build.
  4. Looks awesome! those 2 hole Budds look really cool on this truck.
  5. Thanks! I was thinking that, they aren't quite as big
  6. Here's my second garbage truck WIP, I picked up this R685 kit recently. This is going to be similar to Jeff's (gotnitro?) build, and a huge thank you goes to him for help with body plans. Attached is a picture of the truck I'm using for inspiration, and I might build the slightly older version of the packer body like the truck in the picture. Anyways, started assembling the wheels, engine, and interior over the past couple days. Going to start on the trash body soon. This should be fun!
  7. Thank you! Also got the final assembly pretty much done on the cab/chassis, needs a small bit of paint touch-up, and any bits I forgot will be added after the body is built.
  8. Didn't mean to let half a year get by, but this project got away from me. Getting back to work on it now, got the chassis pretty much done, just needs final assembly which I've been working on. Gonna make this a curbside model, so the engine is crudely painted. Getting ready to start on the Leach body. If anyone has any scale drawings they'd be willing to share, that would be appreciated, and if not I can make my own.
  9. Yeah, those images are definitely going to be helpful. I think I can get some old Leach dimensioned drawings, so that will also be really helpful.
  10. Right now I'm leaning towards red with a black interior, simple but still sharp looking.
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