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  1. Thanks Bob. Kind of like that Beaumont/Chevelle thing eh? Pardon the eh thing. Funny. I have checked out the group25 website on several occasions.
  2. Thanks for the info Peter. Funny. That Michaels is about 10 minutes from my house. The Midland area is quite the drive to Newmarket.
  3. Thanks Wayne. At least I think so. Don't worry about the Leafs. They will fold like a cheap suitcase in April. Too bad about Paul Maurice packing it in. Appreciate the warm welcome. Time to get building. I grew up in Toronto but now reside just outside of the city.
  4. Thanks Happy & Zippi for the welcome. Thanks Zippi for your thoughts on the Nova wagon kit.
  5. Thank you PappyD340. First car I ever bought was a Mopar. Worked my buns off and bought a 70 Challenger in 1979.
  6. Hi all. Long time model aircraft builder who needs a mojo kickstart. Born in 1961 and raised in Canada so my major love has always been Detroit muscle. If this forum is anything like the model aircraft forums I frequent we most likely have a similar story. Just turned sixty. Built models as a child and early teens and then school, girls and marriage nipped the hobby in the bud. Rediscovered my love of model building in my early forties to help with the stress of work, marriage and being a parent. My wife gave the AMT craftsman Chevy Nova wagon for Christmas. Figured it would be a good starting point for a newbie to car modeling. Low part count to keep me from getting discouraged. Any members out there can point me in the right direction where I might find interior colours and dash images for this vehicle. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Being an avid aircraft modeler I am fully stocked with all supplies including a spray booth and a couple of airbrushes. The work some of the members display on this forum is outstanding. Jim
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