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  1. Very nice! The more parts from as many kits as possible, all the better...in my book.
  2. A fitting tribute...of your special ride. Well done!
  3. Very cool! I enjoyed this thread and feel I am in good company whenever I make a few small technical mistakes or let reality got in the way of mass creativity. Nice jobs!
  4. Let's go to the strip and watch these guys battle it out with all of the cool cars above....
  5. Very cool! My favorite Funny Car era too! Compared to today's "one size fits all" (which are still my fav class of dragsters), cars from this period had a unique, experimental, trail & error nature about them that still makes them fun to imagine, engineer and build. Another great job Claude!
  6. Very cool Hot Rod! Really clean! Love the paint job, decals, and light the blue tinted windows and headlights. Well done!!!!
  7. Claude...you kill me! This is nuts!!! Very cool, up to date, and very well done. Drifting while hanging on to that steering wheel reminds me of driving the porcelain bus when I was learning to drink!
  8. Nice job...in one of my favorite colors!
  9. Sweet! Nice paint job and a creative wild ride!
  10. Lots of memories and proud moments I'm sure. Well done, great looking model!
  11. Very cool. When style was in style! Well done!!!!
  12. I posted this one a few months ago, but was never happy with the choice of wheels. I wanted to keep the original AMT 1:25 scale Dodge Viper RT/10 donor kit rubber, but never cared for the factory Detroit Wheel & Tire wheels. I monkeyed around with some ENKEI92 wheels leftover from a Scirrocco, shaved them down, press fit them into chrome trim rings, and added knock-off spinners. They looked OK, but not the best for this crazy drifter. Plus, I really can't stand fake knock-offs on 1:1 kit cars. So, I took another dive into the parts bin and came up a set of wheels from Lindbergh's '38 Ford Custom Van. But the low profile rubber was way too small in diameter. I finally got around to hogging the originals out, and shaved the flange off the back side of the wheels so they'd sit properly in the meaty Michelin's. I think it looks much better now. Thanks for looking
  13. Thanks for the excellent shots of this epic build. Amazing! Can't wait for your next update.
  14. Very cool! Nice job!!! Really like the overall look and nice job on the weathering.
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