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  1. Very cool! Love the drags. My kind of car!!!!!
  2. Very cool! Nice build....love the subject matter.
  3. Wow...very cool! Amazing creativity in a lot of those wild and wacky mind blowers!!!!
  4. Viper motor, chassis, power train & suspensions. XKE hood bulge, Speedster bumps, Batmobile windsheild and reshaped tail. Giant wing for serious drifting. Name - what a viper and jaguar have in common. Fun creation, but not wild about the wheels...at the moment.
  5. Wow...beautiful. A worthy tribute to your pal.
  6. As a follow-on to the "honor our veterans" theme I created a wild scratch-built Altered dragster named 12 O’clock High. I had a great time inventing unique items and including some nostalgic features - like the vintage looking WWII aircraft nose art, olive drab paint job with kills and bomb raid decals, a polished aluminum wing section with exposed rivets, replica 500 lb. bomb fuel tank and D-Day stripes. Thanks for looking... Donor Kits & Parts 62 Corvette – AMT 1:25 scale Body truncated at the firewall, narrowed approx. 10” scale inches at the tail end and pinched 14” just forward of the cockpit. To keep as much of iconic side scallops as possible - moved them back 12” (scale) to just forward of the modified rear wheel openings. The passenger compartment filled-in with sheet styrene and blended into where the stock windshield would have been Team Scandia’s Purple Sequent Top Fuel Dragster - Revell 1:25 scale 500 cu. in. HEMI Goodyear Racing Slicks & Weld Wheels Windscreen Butterfly Steering Wheel & Hand Controls Trojan Horse Mustang II Funny Car - AMT 1:25 scale Chassis Seat & Dash Panel Drag Team Dbl Dragster Kit – AMT 1:25 scale Front Wheels & Tires Monogram B-17G Flying Fortress 1/48 scale Fuel Tank (500lb. Bomb) Scratch-built / Modifications: Engine Dual MSD Magnetos w/ Red Spark-plug Wires Pro Tech Supercharger 3pc Pulleys & Belt Fuel Block, Fuel & Oil Lines scratch-built w/ AN Fittings Chassis: Logghe chassis from Trojan Horse kit w/ scratch-built roll cage, engine mounts and fuel tank (bomb) bracing from styrene rod Driver Seat w/ 5-point Racing Harness “Posable” Front Suspension scratch-built Coil Over Shocks front & rear scratch-built Misc: Top & Side Wings – sheet styrene & rod Parachute scratch built balsa wood & masking tape Wheelie Bars – scratch built from some other kit, styrene rod & masking tape Paints: o Tamiya Olive Drab (TS-5) spray - Body o Tamiya Pearl White (TS-45) spray - Body Scallops o Tamiya Clear (TS-13) spray - over Pearl White o Testors Dullcote (1250) spray - over Olive Drab o Testors Gloss Black (1247) Chassis o Testors Flat Black (1249) spray - Under body & D-Day Stripes o Testors Flat White (1258) spray - D-Day Stripes o Tamiya Dark Gun Metal (TS-42) - spray o Tamiya Bare Metal (TS-12) - spray o Tamiya Titanium Silver (TS-88) spray - Engine Block, Transmission & Rear End o Testors Brown (mix) Driver Seat o Rostellum MetalicFinish Chrome for Front Suspension, Linkage, Front Wheels - spray o Molotow Chrome – pen o Dupli-Color Metalcast Red & Blue for AN Fittings – spray o Testors Med. Silver – brush o Testors Gloss Red – brush o Testors Flat Black – brush o Testors Gloss Black - brush o Testors Flat Bronze - brush o Custom Ink Jet decals Build Time: 3 months
  7. Well done Mr. Moto. Nice builds and crazy creations! Very cool!!!!
  8. Lobo2me


    Great rust and weathering...well done!
  9. Nice job...love the interior!
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