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  1. RCScaler

    Mud Trap

    Great job yet again! 😝 The mud looks super! The contrast of the dry to wet areas of dirt look pretty realistic! well done!!!! 👍🏼 😎
  2. Everything you create just blows me away!!! Looks so realistic, and great job weathering the truck! 🤯😎
  3. New die cast chopper for the garage!! 😁
  4. This is so realistic! I love what you’ve created here, Fantastic job!!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼
  5. Oh, forgot I also finished all the horizontal fire blocking studs too! 😎
  6. More done… handmade paper towel rolls, scale trash in garbage, scale cardboard boxes, wood bench, torch tank cart from plastic scrap/coat hangers/and toy car wheels, roll up door setup with 3 open/shut options, out door planter boxes!! I just can’t stop it’s too much fun!
  7. Hahaha! Yes he’s a few inches short! I’m in search of a better replacement! And thanks, this is the first time I’ve endeavored this deeply into dioramas and Im enjoying it so much. It’s great to get all and this positive feedback from everyone aswell! 😁😎
  8. Added a shelf and a workbench! 😎
  9. Any thoughts, tips, or tricks would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! 😎
  10. Hello everyone! New to the forum and new to the diorama hobby! I’ve been into RC cars, car models and the scale realism of them since I was a young boy, and now I’ve decided to take things a bit further with building a ‘somewhat’ 1/10 scale garage! I say somewhat because I didn’t try to scale everything to 1/10 but did the best I could with materials I could find around the house and things bought inexpensively from a hardware store. The entire thing is mostly made of wood and some vinyl stickers. Hoping to learn more as time goes by, like how to make realistic looking concrete and bricks instead of just using stickers! I’m posting this in the finished dioramas, but I keep thinking of more I can do to it lol, can’t slow down a creative mind! Will post more pics as I add more!! Thanks for looking!!! greg
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