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  1. Wow. Real nice. Did you cast this resin yourself? If not, can you share where it came from?
  2. Great pics. Diggin' the back ground. I have several of those Moog posters, last one being the 2019. Can't actually mention name of driver who won. My son, a bright lad, has found several of these great posters from many bygone years.
  3. What's the likelihood that those actual tire marks on the driver's side door were created after the chequered flag fell? You know, Gordon getting to feel the love of all his rivals and contemporaries during the cool down lap. Racin' hickies. I propose this in consideration that Indy is hardly the sort of track where incidental body contact is likely. It sure ain't Martinsville.
  4. Great work Gerald. Did you use that Johan Super Stock Dodge kit, shown in the initial post, to base those header castings from?
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