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  1. I do not remember the name but there's Rail Road X-ing signal in the parking lot, 2 or 3 slotcar tracks and a scale drag strip in the back! Some really old/out of production kits, it was a little slice of heaven!
  2. See, this is why I only wanna build drag cars..... ALL THAT INTERIOR STUFF! LOL, just kiddin around, this is freakin awesome esp. that front spoiler, beautiful work!. The 'only' thing I see being off is the front seats need to move forward some, there's no foot room for the poor rear seat passengers! HA!
  3. Sorry to Hi-Jack the thread but what wheels are those?
  4. Hey no problem. Custom Caps and Wheel Pack AMTPP021
  5. I think AMT has a wheel pack with some chrome reverse wheels in it.
  6. Mucho Imprezo! Don't know if you've seen this as you seem to have found a lot of really great 1:1 shots, just thought I'd throw it out there. You can really see the differences between the original and the clone. https://www.drivingline.com/articles/the-mooneyes-dragster-cloning-our-heros-3-of-3/
  7. Thanx Zippi. It was one of the Holy Grails when I was a kid and never got around to building. Next up is a Blue Printer MonkeeMobile I picked up at a huge model store in Minneapolis a few years ago. Missing the windshield but that shouldn't be too hard to reproduce.
  8. Long time lurker, decided to join as I have questions... lotsa questions, mainly about my lack of painting skills. 66 years young, built a LOT of models back in the 60s/early 70s and am getting back into it. Looking forward to participating in the great discussions here! -Raoul Here's my first attempt after many years.
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