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  1. Interesting that out of all those 'Funny Car' kits, the Psyclon was the only real Flopper.
  2. I think it's also in the Nova Twister/Rat Packer and the '63 Tempest, all labeled as 'Funny Car'.
  3. Looking at the frame in this 'modest' ebay listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/203708050945?hash=item2f6df22e01:g:0a8AAOSwao5hmVz0 , I recognize that frame is also in the Mustang Funny car. Actually a not very accurate round tube frame.
  4. How true. It's like fishing lures, they catch more fishermen than fish!
  5. Cool, nice job! Weathered just right! I always wondered who (or what?) operated that rear machine gun!
  6. I'll be spending a week enjoying (working in😓) the Bloomington area for a week starting the 11th. I found a really nice slot car store but looking more for a Scale Model store (besides Hobby Blobby). Thanx in advance! -Raoul
  7. Received a nice email from Doug Ridge at Round2 and he stated that the 1934 Ford Sunoco decal sheet itself will probably be available sometime in September with the kit itself due out in a couple weeks.
  8. Where is this Order Sheet? I've looked on Round2's site and only find a Replacement Part form.
  9. I'll split the cost with you for the decal sheet! 😛
  10. Am I seeing that right, you turned a hardtop into a sedan?
  11. LOL, it would be a plus! Didn't catch it as a FORD, sorry. 🤣
  12. Just a thought, what about a black strip across the top of the windshield and a Chevy banner?
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