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  1. Can't believe I forgot the beer! Let's just say it's in the fridge.
  2. Because I enjoyed the movie so much, It was a natural for me to build a diorama based on it. Dom's garage was only shown in the first movie & was featured in 4 scenes, for a total of only 60-70 seconds. But I thought I could manage it, if I used common sense & my imagination to fill in what I could not see in the film. Right off the top, because I had a few big empty spaces in some basement shelving, I figured to make a large display. Measures 2' wide, 14" deep and 13" tall. Walls and base are foam board. Found the brick wall paper on line. Once the walls and ceiling were done, I started out with the stairs and loft. as that looked as the most difficult. I took my time . The stair treads, risers & railing are exactly as the stairs going to my basement in 1/24th scale. All of it is made of wood as is the shelves and walls of Dom's office. I used strips of small LED lights on the underside of the loft, just as I did on the ceiling. Some things were easy to put in the right place as per the film. The board on the wall holding the fan belts (tiny rubber bands) went to the left of the overhead door. along with a work bench. I've posted a screen grab from the film to illustrate that. On the right side of the opening, as was shown in the film, there is what appears to be a school locker & an old refrigerator (thanx ebay). Behind that stuff, & under the loft, was a bunch of equipment, including an engine hoist which was standing on it's end. I didn't repeat that error. The car is a die cast. I had bought a model charger, but only to use the blown Hemi & 383 Magnum engines, tires and wheels. Dom's office was briefly shown in the film. I guessed that it would be at the back of the shop. Sharp eyed viewers will note the sofa made out of the back seat of the donor charger. Dom and his girlfriend, Lettie, were shown in a short scene sharing an intimate moment on it. I stocked the shelves with boxes & crates made of small blocks of wood. The lights are nice & bright. I had to turn them off to take some of the pics. Taking advantage of that, on top of the shelves I've placed some chrome parts left over from various model builds & a couple small pieces of metal, to reflect the light, to sparkle , making it more interesting for viewers. At least a couple people have commented on it. Thanks for looking, it was a fun project. Questions & suggestions welcome.
  3. Nice. Great looking 'water'. Not much is as impressive as seeing an old battle ship blasting off a broadside.
  4. Wow, what a blast from my past. I was 17 when my dad brought home for me a 64 F85 convertible. 330 ci engine w/ 4bbl. Standard trans, '3 in the tree', which we replaced with a Hurst shifter on the floor. Every teen aged guy ought to have a drop top.
  5. Hi all. Just joined your playground for the second time, after maybe four years absence. At that time I was building a Fast & Furious diorama. Even posted a few pics of it. But I soon deleted them, realizing that I could do much better. So I took the next couple years off as I disassembled what I had built and started anew. It's been done for a couple of years now but I am retired and have other hobbies, but recently I got the cravings to put a few models together and maybe build another diorama. So here I am, admiring you folk's work and looking for tips, suggestions, sources, & ideas. I promise not to take my toys and go home again. I'll post some pics directly to show you what I have created.
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