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  1. Well I guess it's ok for some people to enter models they didn't build!!...page 5, the green retro Vette was built by me in 2007, It was in Model Cars Mag in the 2008 feb/march special contest issue page 60, It's been to shows in Cali, Atlanta, Birmingham, Phoenix and won awards. I sold it on Ebay in 2009 and it ends up at this Ohio NNL show. I also seen pic's from another Fotki album which shows the name Gordon Kiselburg under the model. This model has been all over the net and on forums and this joker takes it to a show and enters it....lol FAIL
  2. Hey Tim, doesn't look like I will make it this year, I have too much going on. That show is one of my favorites,and well worth it to fly in from Arizona. I had fun the last couple of years and the swapmeet was the best, see ya next year.........Frank
  3. Matt, those wheels look great....as always your resin parts are the coolest subject matter, and exellent quality............Frank
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    Thank you very much on the comments, I'm glad you guys like it, it's one of my favorite builds...Richie Evans was a great driver and won lots of races & championships in the modified series. Seeing the Camaro in the Talladega museum, it really made me want to build it regardless of the amount of bodywork needed to replcate it. I took alot of detail pic's of the car inside and out, I made the trip back exactly a year later with the finished model and it was cool to photograph the two together, best day ever!!.......Frank
  6. Very nice tribute to Alan and Davey!!......models and base look great!!.........I'm a big fan of Davey and his dad Bobby.............Frank
  7. Very cool Challenger!!...man those cars looked awesome as race cars.....nice work on your model!............Frank
  8. Lookin good Ray!!....and welcome. Nice details............Frank
  9. Just so you guy's know this 74 Camaro conversion kit that Dencon came out with is really exellent, alot of work went into this to make it fit right on to the current 1970 1/2 Z28 & Baldwin Motion Camaro's from AMT. The taillight lenses are really nice also, I'm building one of these at the moment using this kit. Also with alittle work to the rear window of your car body, you can turn it into a 75-77 model....Congrates Matt I'm glad you finally got this kit out to the model community................Frank
  10. Nice Monte Carlo, one of Bobby's coolest cars of the 70's....Those Yesterday's decals are the best, I like them alot...did you use PPP tires on that?.......great job.............Frank
  11. One of Donnies cool cars from the 70's!!....when Nascar actually ran cars that look like what you could buy at the dealership!....nice job on your model, I have been looking foward to building this one too...............Frank
  12. Hey no problem at all, ....I think you just caught Matt at a bad moment, he's not really like that and really takes pride in his products, so maybe he was a little defensive about it, but like I said he takes pride in his product's so go easy on him ok?...........but yeah the hood Matt handed me to rework was pretty rough and the centerline had a curve to it.... I made a new centerline from a thin strip of evergreen plastic to correct that and the front of the hood didn't quite fit well on the newer kit, so to make it easier for those interested in this hood, it was reworked to be a easy fit part with no hassle's...........Frank
  13. Well, I guess I should let you know that the Dencon hood is a new version of that older hood. Like you guy's said the original hood fit's tight on the newer kit body and yes you can get the sides to fit better by sanding them down. But, the real reason this hood was remastered is to make it fit better around the GRILL area, the old Modelhaus hood doesn't fit as nice on the newer kit grill, ..kinda off.... Plus not everyone has that old Modelhaus original hood. Dencon's hood is just a newer improved and readily availible part, that yes I remastered for Dencon..................Frank Here is the old hood center grafted on the newer hood..... Hosted on Fotki Primed and ready to go..... Hosted on Fotki
  14. Awesome Jeryd!! ....that third pic looks like a real car!!....great build and paintwork!!!.................Frank
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